Friday, 31 October 2014

Trick or Treat

This is the result of an interesting project for me. It was my first attempt at writing with someone else and I think it went pretty well, but you, the reader, are the real judge of success .

The first part of this story is a collaboration between myself and Amelia J. Hunter . We each then wrote different endings to fit with the trick or treat theme. Amelia chose trick, leaving me with the delightful treat. I hope you enjoy our stories.

Trick or Treat
I stagger around the corner with the sound of the night’s events still ringing in my ears. My clothes are tattered and torn, the long skirt fit for the bin and the low-cut top held together by the string I’d weaved into it only a few hours before. No one had commented on the holes in my orange and green stockings yet I wasn’t bothered, we had all been dressed ridiculously and were at the party for a good time. 

Just before the clock struck midnight, I had begun to feel odd. It could have been the drink given to me by a passing Dracula or maybe the food I’d been picking at, but I knew it was my time to leave. Not wanting to cause a scene, I left through the back door and started the short walk home.

As I turn the corner and walk alongside the tall hedgerow, I catch glimpses of a strange house through the gaps in the foliage. An opening exposes an unfamiliar building that must have been hidden from view all the many times I’d passed this way before. In the darkness, my eyes are drawn to the light emanating from a large downstairs window, the warm glow is somehow inviting and I stand motionless, transfixed like a rabbit caught in headlights. Unable to move, I watch as a silhouette of a man appears against the light, he moves to the middle of the window before stopping and turning to face the outside world, as if aware of my presence. I should duck out of sight and carry on walking home but I can’t. I feel a pull within me, a yearning to enter this strange house where the man with hidden feature awaits amongst the shadows.

Before I know what I’m doing I find myself standing in front of the imposing mahogany door. I knock three times and it swings slowly and silently open. I wait, expecting someone, but there is nobody. The only light is from the room to the right of the door and curiosity gets the better of me, so without waiting for an invitation I cautiously enter the dark hallway. A loud-ticking clock dominates the gloomy space, its grandeur and features fitting the d├ęcor and aged surroundings perfectly. My footsteps echo on the wooden floor as I’m drawn towards the lit room. The walls are dancing with light from the fiery flames that rage in the large open hearth. I step nearer the warmth radiating from the crackling wood and it is only when someone speaks that I realise I am not alone.


 Turning towards the deep and seductive voice, I see a man sitting in a fireside chair. He has only said one word, but it is enough to send a shiver through me. He must be the silhouette I’d seen at the window and I somehow feel that I should be scared, but I’m not.

 “Few people have seen me standing at that window, and of those, not many have been compelled to knock on my door and fewer still have dared to enter as you have".

 He towers over me as he leaves the chair and walks slowly around me. I feel as though I am being minutely inspected, but I stand my ground, unafraid. I see the reflected light of the fire flickering in his eyes as he leans in to whisper in my ear. I hold my breath in anticipation.

 “Considering today’s date and your curious attire, I have a simple question to ask.” He said.

 My throat feels dry and my head starts to spin. I need to think. I need to leave, but my feet are firmly still.

 “Trick or treat?  Pick one if you dare.”

[ this is where you have a choice. Read on to discover my treat, or follow the link to discover Amelia's Trick ]


“Treat.” I answered without thinking.

“An Excellent choice” He says, a chilling smile filling his face. “Come with me.”

Without waiting, he strode out of the room and along the dark corridor towards an imposing red doorway. He reached out and grasped the enormous handle before turning to look at me.

“I hope you’re ready?” He said. “I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy this treat.”

With that, he turned the handle and threw open the door. Light poured from the room and it took a few moments for my eyes to adjust. My mouth fell open in shock as I struggled to comprehend the sight in front of me. The room was large, far bigger than seemed possible to fit within this house and it was full of beautiful, naked people, shamelessly flaunting their perfectly-toned bodies. In the middle of the room stood a fountain spewing an endless cascade of what appeared to be red wine. I rubbed my eyes, scarcely believing what I was seeing.
I wasn’t aware that I’d stepped in to the room until I heard the door slam behind me. I turned to leave, but the man had vanished, as had the door, leaving nothing but a blank wall. Turning to survey the room once  more, I noticed two men heading in my direction, their muscular, oiled torsos glistened as they approached.

“Welcome” they said in unison “Which treat would you like first?”

“I think there may be some mistake” I began “I don’t think..”

“No mistake” They interrupted “you chose treat?” 

I nodded dumbly

“Then you’re going to enjoy this. Now, let’s get you out of those clothes”

I tried to protest but suddenly, and without knowing how, I was naked. My tattered clothes had vanished. The two beautiful men each took one of my hands and led me towards the throng in the centre of the room. Seemingly from nowhere a large round bed appeared and I began to feel very aware of my nudity.

“Here. Drink this” one of the men said, handing me a large goblet of wine.

I took a sip. It was delicious. I hadn’t realised how thirsty I was and drank the remainder in one swig. I felt a comforting warmth filling me and I relaxed as they eased me down onto the bed, flat on my stomach. One of the men started to massage my back while the other began at my feet. Their hands were highly skilled and I felt my fear melting away with the tension in my muscles as they worked my body. I tried to get a better look at the other people in the room. I was shocked to realise that everyone I could see was engaged in one sexual activity or another and some were involved in several simultaneously. I watched the couple next to me, her breasts bouncing enticingly and a look of sheer ecstasy on her face.  The mixture of the attentive hands caressing my body and the exciting view were beginning to have an effect and I felt myself growing very aroused.

The hands began to stray further. The man massaging my back started to extend his motion, his fingers reaching further down the side of my body with each stroke, enough to brush the side of my breasts. Each caress sent ripples through me, making my nipples swell. The other had moved upwards, tracing a lazy circular path up my calves and across my inner thighs. Just as his fingers were beginning to brush the damp entrance of my pussy, they both stopped.

Before I could speak, two pairs of hands slid under me and I was rolled over on to my back. Looking up, I briefly saw two smiling faces before the men dropped to their knees and began kissing my breasts. They moved as one and the sensation of their synchronised mouths on my nipples was exquisite. I felt the tender buds stiffen in their mouths, responding to their hungry tongues. A gentle blast of hot air on my thighs was followed by a tongue beginning to lap at my aroused flesh. I cried out in surprise and pleasure as three mouths worked together to satisfy me. A familiar tingling sensation raced through me, my cheeks flushed pink and I cried out loud as the first orgasmic ripple filled my body.
I felt the bed shift as they moved. A mouth pressed to my lips and I parted them to welcome the probing tongue, tasting myself as we kissed. I sighed as a finger slipped inside my pussy. It was joined by a second, and together they began to thrust while a thumb began to play with my clit. It felt wonderful and became even more intense when both nipples were pinched hard simultaneously. The grip was firm and unyielding and on the verge of being painful, sending electric spikes screaming through my nerves. The grip relaxed and the hands began to knead my breasts in time to the thrusts of the fingers inside me. I surrendered to the sensations and rode the current of pleasure as all three played with my body.

Breathless, I lay still while they moved around me again. Hands reached under my shoulders and I was eased to the edge of the bed, my head hanging over the edge. I felt my knees being lifted and eased apart, followed by a weight between my thighs. A cock was being pressed against my sodden pussy. I could feel how large he was as he slowly eased inside me, stretching me wide and filling me completely. I gasped, and was rewarded with another cock, thankfully smaller, being pressed into my mouth. They began to fuck me with synchronised movements and I was soon lost in sensation as they both thrust into me from opposite ends. Another orgasm quickly tore through me and they both withdrew the moment I came, choosing not to finish in me.

Content, I slowly opened my eyes and lifted my head. The bed was surrounded by men now, all watching me with their aroused cocks in their hands, slowly stroking themselves. I watched open mouthed, as they masturbated, gradually increasing their pace until their hands become a blur. There were so many of them, it was hard to know where to look. I held my breath as they collectively slowed, paused and then climaxed as one, showering me with ribbons of hot sticky cum from every direction.
I closed my eyes to protect them and felt the temperature drop suddenly. Startled, I opened them again and found myself sitting in the middle of a dark patch of wet grass, naked and alone. There was no trace of the house or the men but my clothes were in a pile beside me. I was suddenly very cold. As I hurriedly dressed I heard the church clock strike once. It was an hour since I’d left the party feeling woozy and I suddenly felt very sober.

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