Tuesday, 1 July 2014

the festival car park

"I know it's around here somewhere..."
"It is a big car park, but you must have some idea where you left it!?" She said, an edge of frustration creeping into her voice.

Somewhere in the distance the next band were starting to play, the bass was thumping through the trees, giving a hint of music  but not enough to hear it clearly, like the sound from a teenager's car stereo as it drives past. We'd already seen two bands this afternoon but were both feeling horny and decided that we could make better use of our time together than staying for this particular group. The car park was actually busier than we'd hoped with scores of people milling around but that wasn't really the immediate problem. Our biggest single challenge was finding my silver Mercedes in a car park full of thousands of silver cars parked in mind numbingly long rows.

As we frustratingly searched the rows of vehicles, a heat haze shimmered from the sea of bodywork and I was beginning to dread the temperature inside: Maybe it would be better not to find the car until later in the day when it had cooled down a little? The thought was dispelled the moment I looked and saw her beside me. I blinked and resisted the urge to pinch myself to check I was actually awake. She was the reason we were here and all thoughts of abandoning the search for my car instantly vanished as I felt the familiar need growing in the pit of my stomach. 

A recognisable shape in the distance caught my eye and I started in that direction, hoping this was it. As we drew near the car detected the keys in my pocket and the indicators flashed a greeting, simultaneously lowering the windows and letting the superheated air inside escape. 

"There you go, I knew it couldn't be too far" I said triumphantly as I turned to face her.
"Just as well", she answered

Her arms wrapped themselves around me and she planted a hungry kiss on my lips, her tongue looking for mine. She tasted of the fresh strawberries we'd been eating a few minutes before and I kissed her back with the barely contained passion that she evoked in me. It was breathless and urgent. We both needed this. I reached behind me and groped blindly for the door handle as she raked her nails down my spine, making me shiver despite the heat. My fingers found the door release and we practically tumbled inside. I was glad I'd had the foresight to leave the front seats as far forward as they'd go. The leather was hot on my back as she pulled the door closed behind us and straddled me. I could feel the damp heat of her crotch on my thighs as she fumbled with the buttons of my shirt, our lips still locked in a kiss.

The last button gave up and my shirt fell open. As she began to kiss my neck and chest, I reached for the window buttons and activated the motors, sliding the dark tinted glass upwards to give us a little privacy. Her hands moved down, working on my belt and the buttons of my shorts. I lost track of their progress as she bit my nipple, sucking it hard, forcing my attention on the ministrations of her mouth. I felt my cock throbbing beneath her as it sought to make its presence felt and be free of its current cloth prison. As she released the final, straining button and slid her hand into my shorts I reached up and cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples tightly between my fingers and smiled at the reaction it provoked. Her eyes closed and she wriggled appreciatively on top of me as I squeezed. Her hand closed around my swollen shaft and she began to stroke me slowly but firmly. I was in no mood to play and far too excited to last very long if she continued to do that.

I struggled to a sitting position and swivelled around, my back pressed against the hot leather seat. Knowing my intentions, she released her hold on me and placed her feet on the floor, lifting herself off of me just enough to let me slip my shorts down, the fabric pooling around my ankles. The seat was hot on my naked buttocks but paled beside the heat I felt as she lowered herself onto me, my cock slipping easily inside her aroused pussy.  A shadow passed over us and we froze as  a couple walked beside the car. They were oblivious to the action inside and had soon passed by without a second glance.

Her dress was loose enough to allow my hands to explore her delicious body as she straddled me. I eased them upwards from her thighs to her back by way of her firm buttocks, relishing the feel of her curves the way a sculptor caresses marble. My climax was far nearer than i would have liked and I knew I didn't have long. My hands closed on her breasts and I squeezed them in time to her rhythm. I could feel her pussy clenching my cock with each thrust of her hips, as though she had an extra hand gripping me as she moved. Her nipples were swollen and hard wired to her groin. Each squeeze sent a fresh blast of electricity along her nerves and caused her to clench tighter around me. Her eyes closed with pleasure, I felt a fresh flood of warmth fill my lap as a small orgasm rippled through her.

I watched her respond as she felt my cock swelling the final few percent inside her, preparing to explode. A contented smile spread across her face and her eyes opened, her turn to watch my face. I felt my balls tighten impossibly as they prepared to empty themselves. Her weight shifted as she changed her angle and I felt myself somehow even deeper inside. The raw heat and her clenching pussy erased any last vestige of control and strong spasms ripped through me as my cock convulsed, firing salvos of thick creamy cum into her. As it pulsed, the tip of my cock hit the magic spot that heightened her orgasm and I felt her thighs tremble around mine as our combined climax rocked the car.

She relaxed her grip, kissing me and rested her head on my shoulder, hand stroking my chest as my cock deflated inside her. Voices surrounded us as half a dozen people walked past the car, unaware of the deliriously happy and sated couple watching them go by.


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  1. It is always so pleasurable so start my day with a story from you. A delightful smile crosses my face as some very fond memories surface after reading your sexy hot story. Hmmmmm