Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A lonely day in Paradise

Despair tugged at the corners of his mind, sucking the energy from him. His limbs felt heavy and he lacked the motivation to move despite the glorious vista in front of him. The view was perfect, soft yellow sand, clear blue sea and the deep unbroken azure sky that only exists near the equator but he just couldn't shake his oppressive mood. He wondered how long it would be until she arrived, he hated being alone, especially in a strange place. He closed his eyes and felt the sun warming his body, hoping that somehow the heat would help.

The sound of water being disturbed caused him to open his eyes and search for the source of the splashing. His heart soared. Standing ankle deep in the shallow water was the one person guaranteed to lift his mood. The first smile of the day lit his suddenly animated face, all trace of sullen grey banished instantly by her appearance. He absorbed every detail of the view, the water beading on her skin, the tiny rivulets of seawater cascading down her body as she brushed her long wet hair from her face. He watched a bead of moisture run down her neck and vanish into her cleavage, briefly hidden by the tiny bikini she wore before reappearing and continuing its path down her tanned body.

A spark of lust ignited in his brain and he leapt from the sun lounger, all trace of heavy limbed depression banished by the need that consumed him. He sprinted the short distance across the sand and into the sea, his feet throwing plumes of water into the air in all directions as he raced to hold her. His arms reached around and engulfed her in a bear hug, crushing her tight against his chest. Her body felt perfect in his arms, her wet skin cooled his sun scorched flesh and he gazed down into her upturned face, pausing to revel at the matching emotion reflected in her eyes. As their lips met he closed his eyes and surrendered control to his body. He felt his passion rising, his cock swelling against her, restrained only by his thin shorts. The sodden material of her bikini top pressed against his chest and he felt her nipples harden, poking through the flimsy cloth and making her arousal clear to him. The swell of a wave pushed against their legs, causing the sand beneath his feet to move and he felt his weight shift. Unable or unwilling to release each other, they toppled into the water, continuing to kiss as they rolled in the shallows.

The water was warm, and only served to heighten their passion. He knew his erection would be painfully visible if he were to stand up now. Releasing his grip on her, he paddled awkwardly out to deeper water, only stopping when he could stand chest deep. He turned, feet planted firmly in the sand and pulled her towards him. Her feet couldn't reach the sand so she wrapped her legs around his waist and her hands behind his head. He held her easily, the water adding a helping hand as they resumed their kiss. His hands cupped her buttocks and he pulled her in tight, feeling her breasts press against his chest.

Acutely aware of his swollen cock, he felt her grind her bikini clad pussy against him. It was too much to resist. Releasing his hold on her arse he tugged his shorts down, letting them float slowly down his legs. Slipping his hand between their bodies he found the small triangle of her bikini and teased it sideways, holding it clear of her pussy while she shifted her weight and eased the tip of his cock inside before beginning to thrust.  They moved as one, lips locked together in a kiss and hips grinding against each other in slow, deliberate movements, the water resisting all attempts at speed. Her rhythm faltered as she neared her climax, smooth thrusting replaced by a more urgent, staccato motion that caused waves between them, sending water spouts up and into their faces. She broke the kiss and buried her face in his neck, nipping the tender flesh as her legs clenched tightly around his torso, he felt the muscular spasm of her pussy around him as she came, causing his cock to convulse and empty the contents of his balls into her. His eyes closed and his legs trembled with the effort as pleasure filled his being, banishing his despair to a long forgotten memory. Now that she was finally here he felt complete, he could finally relax and enjoy this paradise.

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  1. Now that sounds like the perfect day in paradise :)

    Rebel xox

  2. So dreamy and complete rapture! Love it!