Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Ride on the Night Bus

Catching the signal from one of her friends, Angela brushed her skirt, took a deep breath and walked towards where he was sitting.

She made her way along the aisle, stepping carefully to match the swaying motion of the coach as it sped along the dark motorway and to avoid disturbing the sleeping passengers. He beamed a welcoming smile at her as she came closer and slid towards the window leaving a space for her to sit beside him. They whispered in conspiratorial tones, flirting and giggling in near silence save for the hum of tyres on tarmac and the occasional snore from somewhere nearby. As they chatted, he idly stroked her leg. His touch on the exposed flesh above her knee sent electric ripples of sensation through her and each stroke of his hand aroused her a little more. She could feel nervous butterflies taking flight in her stomach and a growing warmth between her thighs as she lost herself in his eyes and they spoke easily about nothing in particular. His hand began to stray further from her knee, easing beneath the hem of her skirt and across her smooth, soft thigh. She placed her hand on his leg and his froze instantly, waiting to see whether she wanted him to stop or not. The answer was immediate, her hand continued along his leg and into his crotch, her palm stroking the bulge she could feel through the fabric of his trousers and detecting the almost instant swelling she triggered. His hand moved rapidly along the last few inches of her leg and was soon stroking the neatly trimmed hair that his fingers encountered. If he was shocked by her lack of underwear he hid it well, tracing lazy spirals through the short curls of hair. They kissed tentatively at first but rapidly intensifying, tongues meeting and duelling as their hands explored each other.

She shifted in her seat, parting her legs as wide as she could, welcoming his touch and his probing fingers. He wasted no time and was soon touching the smooth, slick entrance to her pussy. The extent of her arousal was obvious to his touch and his practiced fingers parted the wet flesh as he buried his finger deep inside her. His finger pistoned smoothly in and out as his thumb pressed against her swollen clit causing waves of pleasure to race through her in time to his motion.

Determined not to be outdone, she teased the buttons of his fly open and her hand wrapped itself around his engorged cock as it sprang free of the fabric. It felt hard in her hand, closer to a hot steel rod than living flesh and she longed to feel it inside her. She stopped the kiss and buried her face in his neck, nipping it with her teeth before lifting her lips to his ear and whispering a barely audible "Fuck me, now".

"Are you sure?" He mouthed, "You'll have to be silent"

By way of an answer she reached for his belt and released the buckle, followed by the only remaining button holding his jeans in place. He lifted himself up from the seat and smoothly tugged his jeans down, leaving them gathered around his ankles. The coarse nylon seat would normally be irritating against his backside but he barely noticed. She stood, quickly glancing around to check that everyone was still asleep and noticed her friend's curious look. Grinning, she gave her a quick thumbs up before turning to face him. He'd moved to the centre of the seat, making space for her to climb on top. She looked down, admiring the view of his cock briefly before straddling him and slowly lowering herself onto his swollen shaft. She revelled in the sensation as she took his rigid organ inside until finally she felt the rough hair of his balls press against her. She could feel the throb of the engine and wheels vibrating through him as she rode his cock as quietly as she could within the confines of the seat. The thrill of being in such a public place combined with the motion of the coach caused her arousal to build rapidly and she felt her orgasm growing. A moan escaped her mouth and he clamped a hand over it to remind her to be quiet. She ground herself onto him in time to the limited thrusts he could make in the restricted space. Her thighs began to tremble as a first ripple of ecstasy coursed through her and she clenched tightly around him whilst continuing to writhe on top. Sensations filled his mind as her hot pussy grabbed his cock tightly as if it concealed a third hand and drove him over the edge of control. His balls tightened and he felt his shaft swell impossibly, almost uncomfortably, before it spasmed violently, filling her with his hot cum. He buried his face in her neck to avoid any noise and clenched every muscle as she rode the last pulses inside her, slowly coming to a stop.

They stayed motionless for a while, the vibrations of the coach washing through their satisfied bodies as he slowly deflated inside her, their juices pooling in his seat.

Opening her eyes she saw the man behind look at her. He winked and closed his eyes again, returning to sleep. She stood, kissed her temporary lover on the lips then walked back up the aisle to her friend, all the time aware of his cum oozing down her thigh and his eyes following her.

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  1. I recently was on a couch but haven't seen anything as sexy as this ;)

    Rebel xox

  2. Now that is some coach journey


  3. Now that is a horny story!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  4. I've just finished, but not published a short story about the Victoria Line. What is it with trasport! ;-)