Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A City View

The view from the balcony was always interesting. The city’s parks were just visible in the distance providing a backdrop of bright spring greens between buildings. Even the ever present sound of the bustling city was subdued from this height. As I stood, drinking coffee and watching people milling around like colourful ants, I cast an eye over the other buildings around me. The towering glass structure nearest had only recently opened and it was still a novelty to see lights on in the windows though most of the building was currently dark.

A flicker in the corner of my eye caught my attention as a light came on in one of the rooms opposite. It was in one of the new apartments that contained little furniture besides a large leather sofa, a huge plasma TV and a massive four poster bed that looked very out of place in such a modern building. I was beginning to wonder why the lights had come on when the door opened and a couple walked in. He was wearing a suit and she was wearing a short, brightly coloured dress that left little to the imagination even from this distance. Unable or unwilling to look away I watched as she stopped in the middle of the room while he walked around her, inspecting her the way a mechanic would a new car. He said something and she released the fastenings on her dress, letting it fall to the floor.

I felt a guilty thrill as I watched her step out of the dress and stand beside it, naked, while he picked it up and laid it neatly on the sofa. Taking something from his jacket pocket he approached her and reached up to stroke her cheek affectionately. He fastened the object, clearly a necklace of some kind around her neck and stepped back allowing me a clear view. I admired her body through the window, as she stood subserviently, dressed in nothing but the black collar he’d given her. I felt my body betraying excitement at viewing the illicit scene but I stayed still, letting the action unfold before me.

He led her through to the bedroom where she climbed onto the bed and lay on her back in the centre of the mattress, arms and legs outstretched towards the bed posts. Transfixed I watched as he opened a concealed door and took out a handful of silk scarves. Laying them on the bed beside her with almost reverential care he proceeded to tie them one at a time between her outstretched limbs and the posts. She lay, silent and serene as he deftly tied her. In his hands he held a final scarf and he kissed her tenderly on the lips before fastening it over her eyes.

Wondering what he would do next I kept watching, my arousal growing as I spied guiltily on her bound and helpless form. The man returned to his concealed cupboard and extracted a small wooden box that he took over to the bed. Taking his time, I assumed he was talking to her as he began to take objects from it. From my distant vantage point I couldn’t make out the objects and I briefly considered grabbing my binoculars to get a better view but I knew that if I moved they'd see me and the spell would be broken.

The man began to massage her breasts, rubbing and squeezing them. I could see clearly what he was doing as he pinched her nipple and pulled it, stretching her breast upwards. As he released it his other hand reached in and applied something metallic that I guessed had to be a clamp. Her back arched at the sensation as he squeezed and tugged on it, checking it was firmly fixed in place before repeating the process with her other nipple.

I maintained my position but began to rub my stirring cock through my trousers, enjoying the show. The next object he extracted from the box was clearly identifiable, a large purple vibrator. He fiddled with it, adjusting the settings until he found one that he was happy with and began to run it over her body. Starting at her neck, he moved the tip of the toy across her body, making her muscles tense so that she visibly pulled against her bindings. Working methodically, he worked down her body, circling her breasts with measured care before removing the clamps and applying the vibrating tip to her sensitised nipples, amplifying the sensations as blood flowed back into the tender flesh. Her back arched as intense sensations shot through her like a bolt of electricity.

The toy continued moving down until it reached the smooth flesh just above her thighs. He seemed to hesitate, bypassing the obvious target of her pussy, teasing and tickling her thighs instead. I smiled as she squirmed, pulling the scarves tight as she tried to wriggle away from his touch but failing. When he finally applied the toy to the slick entrance of her pussy I could almost hear her cry out as her thighs tried in vain to clamp tight around the purple shaft. He’d tied the scarves well and they held her legs immobile. She had no way of physically stopping him as he manoeuvred the toy until it slipped easily into her. With the toy ceaselessly vibrating inside her he stood up, kissed her on the lips and left the room. I watched, impressed at his discipline as he sat on the sofa and switched on the TV, leaving her writhing around the toy on the bed.

Turning from the cityscape I entered my apartment and went into the bedroom. Throwing open the curtains I flooded the room with bright light.

“You’ll never believe what I’ve just seen happening across the road, Kitten. It’s given me a few ideas and I’ll tell you all about it once I’ve released those bindings”

Monday, 17 November 2014


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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Take a look around

I had a guest spot on the excellent Voella website the other week but thought I'd share it here as well.

Unless you’re reading this on a computer, there is a very good chance that many people around you are currently doing exactly the same thing; looking at their mobile phones. Such is the nature of today’s society that we all spend an increasing amount of time gazing at the screen on our phone or tablet and less time engaging with people face to face. In fact, some people spend so much time absorbed in their portable, virtual world that they can begin to panic if they become separated from it. Scientists have even given this a name apparently - Nomophobia, the fear of not having your mobile phone within reach and charged, ready for use.
On the face of it, this is a very bad thing. Spending time ignoring the person next to you and concentrating instead on a tiny sliver of electronics must be harmful to society, mustn’t it? But I find myself wondering if it is really a bad thing or just a change. What are we actually doing on the phone and is it harmful?
I find it very hard to give a single answer to these questions. On the one hand, direct interaction has definitely reduced, but on the other we now have instant access to people all over the world. This of course is the dichotomy of modern communication: We are in constant contact with all of our friends wherever we are and whatever we are doing and yet we actually talk to them less.
The answer to “what are we doing” is almost impossible to answer. Each of us is doing something different: reading, interacting on social media, chatting to a friend or simply looking up the next train. Some of us even write on our phones in some very random locations - I once wrote a particularly steamy story on a ferry while the person next to me read a book. One thing we are all doing is escaping the present situation. Whether we are disappearing into the fantasy world created by our favourite author or simply catching up on the gossip with a friend, we are all using our phone as a portal to where we would like to be. In many ways it means you never have to be lonely anymore. Even if you suffer the ignominy of the dreaded “table for one”, good company is never far away. That has to be a good thing.
However there is a downside to this always connected mentality. It can be very hard to stop and actually listen to the person beside you. How often have you been sat beside someone, trying to hold a conversation only to find them not paying attention because they are gazing longingly at their phone or caressing its screen? Annoying, isn’t it? I would like to suggest that we should all make a conscious effort to occasionally put our phones away and actually pay attention to one person, the one nearest you would be a good start.

Here's  a link to the original post. I highly recommend visiting the VoElla site as it has some excellent material on it.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Trick or Treat

This is the result of an interesting project for me. It was my first attempt at writing with someone else and I think it went pretty well, but you, the reader, are the real judge of success .

The first part of this story is a collaboration between myself and Amelia J. Hunter . We each then wrote different endings to fit with the trick or treat theme. Amelia chose trick, leaving me with the delightful treat. I hope you enjoy our stories.

Trick or Treat
I stagger around the corner with the sound of the night’s events still ringing in my ears. My clothes are tattered and torn, the long skirt fit for the bin and the low-cut top held together by the string I’d weaved into it only a few hours before. No one had commented on the holes in my orange and green stockings yet I wasn’t bothered, we had all been dressed ridiculously and were at the party for a good time. 

Just before the clock struck midnight, I had begun to feel odd. It could have been the drink given to me by a passing Dracula or maybe the food I’d been picking at, but I knew it was my time to leave. Not wanting to cause a scene, I left through the back door and started the short walk home.

As I turn the corner and walk alongside the tall hedgerow, I catch glimpses of a strange house through the gaps in the foliage. An opening exposes an unfamiliar building that must have been hidden from view all the many times I’d passed this way before. In the darkness, my eyes are drawn to the light emanating from a large downstairs window, the warm glow is somehow inviting and I stand motionless, transfixed like a rabbit caught in headlights. Unable to move, I watch as a silhouette of a man appears against the light, he moves to the middle of the window before stopping and turning to face the outside world, as if aware of my presence. I should duck out of sight and carry on walking home but I can’t. I feel a pull within me, a yearning to enter this strange house where the man with hidden feature awaits amongst the shadows.

Before I know what I’m doing I find myself standing in front of the imposing mahogany door. I knock three times and it swings slowly and silently open. I wait, expecting someone, but there is nobody. The only light is from the room to the right of the door and curiosity gets the better of me, so without waiting for an invitation I cautiously enter the dark hallway. A loud-ticking clock dominates the gloomy space, its grandeur and features fitting the d├ęcor and aged surroundings perfectly. My footsteps echo on the wooden floor as I’m drawn towards the lit room. The walls are dancing with light from the fiery flames that rage in the large open hearth. I step nearer the warmth radiating from the crackling wood and it is only when someone speaks that I realise I am not alone.


 Turning towards the deep and seductive voice, I see a man sitting in a fireside chair. He has only said one word, but it is enough to send a shiver through me. He must be the silhouette I’d seen at the window and I somehow feel that I should be scared, but I’m not.

 “Few people have seen me standing at that window, and of those, not many have been compelled to knock on my door and fewer still have dared to enter as you have".

 He towers over me as he leaves the chair and walks slowly around me. I feel as though I am being minutely inspected, but I stand my ground, unafraid. I see the reflected light of the fire flickering in his eyes as he leans in to whisper in my ear. I hold my breath in anticipation.

 “Considering today’s date and your curious attire, I have a simple question to ask.” He said.

 My throat feels dry and my head starts to spin. I need to think. I need to leave, but my feet are firmly still.

 “Trick or treat?  Pick one if you dare.”

[ this is where you have a choice. Read on to discover my treat, or follow the link to discover Amelia's Trick ]


“Treat.” I answered without thinking.

“An Excellent choice” He says, a chilling smile filling his face. “Come with me.”

Without waiting, he strode out of the room and along the dark corridor towards an imposing red doorway. He reached out and grasped the enormous handle before turning to look at me.

“I hope you’re ready?” He said. “I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy this treat.”

With that, he turned the handle and threw open the door. Light poured from the room and it took a few moments for my eyes to adjust. My mouth fell open in shock as I struggled to comprehend the sight in front of me. The room was large, far bigger than seemed possible to fit within this house and it was full of beautiful, naked people, shamelessly flaunting their perfectly-toned bodies. In the middle of the room stood a fountain spewing an endless cascade of what appeared to be red wine. I rubbed my eyes, scarcely believing what I was seeing.
I wasn’t aware that I’d stepped in to the room until I heard the door slam behind me. I turned to leave, but the man had vanished, as had the door, leaving nothing but a blank wall. Turning to survey the room once  more, I noticed two men heading in my direction, their muscular, oiled torsos glistened as they approached.

“Welcome” they said in unison “Which treat would you like first?”

“I think there may be some mistake” I began “I don’t think..”

“No mistake” They interrupted “you chose treat?” 

I nodded dumbly

“Then you’re going to enjoy this. Now, let’s get you out of those clothes”

I tried to protest but suddenly, and without knowing how, I was naked. My tattered clothes had vanished. The two beautiful men each took one of my hands and led me towards the throng in the centre of the room. Seemingly from nowhere a large round bed appeared and I began to feel very aware of my nudity.

“Here. Drink this” one of the men said, handing me a large goblet of wine.

I took a sip. It was delicious. I hadn’t realised how thirsty I was and drank the remainder in one swig. I felt a comforting warmth filling me and I relaxed as they eased me down onto the bed, flat on my stomach. One of the men started to massage my back while the other began at my feet. Their hands were highly skilled and I felt my fear melting away with the tension in my muscles as they worked my body. I tried to get a better look at the other people in the room. I was shocked to realise that everyone I could see was engaged in one sexual activity or another and some were involved in several simultaneously. I watched the couple next to me, her breasts bouncing enticingly and a look of sheer ecstasy on her face.  The mixture of the attentive hands caressing my body and the exciting view were beginning to have an effect and I felt myself growing very aroused.

The hands began to stray further. The man massaging my back started to extend his motion, his fingers reaching further down the side of my body with each stroke, enough to brush the side of my breasts. Each caress sent ripples through me, making my nipples swell. The other had moved upwards, tracing a lazy circular path up my calves and across my inner thighs. Just as his fingers were beginning to brush the damp entrance of my pussy, they both stopped.

Before I could speak, two pairs of hands slid under me and I was rolled over on to my back. Looking up, I briefly saw two smiling faces before the men dropped to their knees and began kissing my breasts. They moved as one and the sensation of their synchronised mouths on my nipples was exquisite. I felt the tender buds stiffen in their mouths, responding to their hungry tongues. A gentle blast of hot air on my thighs was followed by a tongue beginning to lap at my aroused flesh. I cried out in surprise and pleasure as three mouths worked together to satisfy me. A familiar tingling sensation raced through me, my cheeks flushed pink and I cried out loud as the first orgasmic ripple filled my body.
I felt the bed shift as they moved. A mouth pressed to my lips and I parted them to welcome the probing tongue, tasting myself as we kissed. I sighed as a finger slipped inside my pussy. It was joined by a second, and together they began to thrust while a thumb began to play with my clit. It felt wonderful and became even more intense when both nipples were pinched hard simultaneously. The grip was firm and unyielding and on the verge of being painful, sending electric spikes screaming through my nerves. The grip relaxed and the hands began to knead my breasts in time to the thrusts of the fingers inside me. I surrendered to the sensations and rode the current of pleasure as all three played with my body.

Breathless, I lay still while they moved around me again. Hands reached under my shoulders and I was eased to the edge of the bed, my head hanging over the edge. I felt my knees being lifted and eased apart, followed by a weight between my thighs. A cock was being pressed against my sodden pussy. I could feel how large he was as he slowly eased inside me, stretching me wide and filling me completely. I gasped, and was rewarded with another cock, thankfully smaller, being pressed into my mouth. They began to fuck me with synchronised movements and I was soon lost in sensation as they both thrust into me from opposite ends. Another orgasm quickly tore through me and they both withdrew the moment I came, choosing not to finish in me.

Content, I slowly opened my eyes and lifted my head. The bed was surrounded by men now, all watching me with their aroused cocks in their hands, slowly stroking themselves. I watched open mouthed, as they masturbated, gradually increasing their pace until their hands become a blur. There were so many of them, it was hard to know where to look. I held my breath as they collectively slowed, paused and then climaxed as one, showering me with ribbons of hot sticky cum from every direction.
I closed my eyes to protect them and felt the temperature drop suddenly. Startled, I opened them again and found myself sitting in the middle of a dark patch of wet grass, naked and alone. There was no trace of the house or the men but my clothes were in a pile beside me. I was suddenly very cold. As I hurriedly dressed I heard the church clock strike once. It was an hour since I’d left the party feeling woozy and I suddenly felt very sober.

Monday, 8 September 2014

A Handful of Fun

I stood in the doorway, transfixed, afraid to breathe in case I made a noise that disturbed the scene before me. She lay naked on the bed, lost in her own world as she caressed herself. The voyeuristic thrill I felt surprised me as my eyes soaked up every detail and followed the motion of her hands as they moved across her delectable curves. Despite the fact we'd been married for years it felt somehow wrong to watch her pleasure herself. It was something I'd never witnessed before and it had my pulse pounding and my groin throbbing within seconds.

I watched as she rubbed her breasts, stroking them with a circular motion that caused her nipples to swell visibly, flushing the gorgeous deep pink that I knew so well. A strange jealousy filled me, I wanted it to be my hands caressing her, and feel her body respond to my touch. I could almost feel the weight of her breasts in my hands as my imagination supplemented the information from my eyes. My body responded instantly to the sight of her increasing arousal and I felt my cock start to swell in anticipation. The urge to disturb her and join in was hard to resist but I was enjoying the sight too much to interrupt the very intimate scene unfolding before me. She teased her nipples, running the palms of her hands over them before pinching them hard between her fingers, causing her back to arch and her head to turn in my direction. I froze, expecting her to see me but her eyes were closed and she seemed oblivious to my presence. My gaze followed her right hand as it strayed across her stomach, lazily tracing the fine silvery stretch marks that she'd worn with pride since carrying our son. I held my breath as her hand disappeared between her thighs and heard the soft sigh escape her lips as her fingers reached their destination. I imagined the warm, slick wetness that they encountered and tightened my grip a fraction as if mimicking the sensation.

Acutely aware of my own arousal, I stayed silent and curled my fingers around my shaft, moving my hand slowly and barely grazing the skin. I stroked my cock in time to the motion of her hands not wanting to achieve climax any time soon but relishing the feeling of my hand around it. On the bed, she raised her knees as her finger probed deeper. I wanted to move inside the room, to watch as she pleasured herself, to learn from her but from my vantage point in the door I could only listen to the sound of wet flesh and see the almost pained expressions of pleasure cross her face.

Her fingers increased their pace and her thighs clamped involuntarily around her hand, back arching gracefully as she pinched her nipple hard. The breath was coming harder and faster now and I could see the tell-tale pink blush spreading from her cheeks to her shoulders as she neared climax. I continued to stroke my cock gently, each touch sending an electric current racing through me which felt incredible but I knew I needed something more, and soon. A sigh escaped her lips as the first pre-orgasmic ripple rolled through her. I watched intently, curious to see if she’d stay at that level, riding the small waves of pleasure that I knew she loved me giving her with my tongue or if she’d go for a bigger climax. She began to move her hand rapidly and I had my answer, rubbing her clit at a frenetic pace far faster than I’d be comfortable with before slowing and plunging her fingers inside her wet pussy, causing her thighs to clench as she bucked her hips against her hand, each change in pace eliciting another sigh and bringing a fresh blush to her cheeks. She alternated between the two motions with increasing vigour, my own pace mirrored hers until a spasm wracked her body and I froze, holding my breath as she cried out I saw her back arch clear of the bed, the muscles of her arms and legs squeezing hard as a bigger climax filled her. She paused momentarily, riding the wave and waiting for it to subside so she could continue.

Her hand resumed a slow caressing motion and my gaze crept up to her face. Her eyes were wide open and she was looking at me, smiling.

"I'd ask how long you've been there, but from what I can see, you've have been there a while" She said, "Why don't you come in so we can both get a better look"

"I enjoyed that" I said

I walked in and stood beside the bed, looking down on her hungrily. I was tempted to slip between her legs and bury myself deep inside her as I normally would, but this was something different, something we hadn't done before and I was curious to see where it would go. She looked up at me and smiled before spreading her legs wide and continuing to play. My gaze was drawn to her hand and I watched as she used two fingers to spread the entrance to her deliciously inviting pussy open while the middle one rubbed her clit. I stroked my cock as I watched her fingers move, rubbing and dipping into her sodden flesh.

"Why have I never watched you do this before?" I asked

"I don't know... but I love watching you stroke your cock. I want to watch you as you cum"

"That" I said "Shouldn't be too difficult to arrange"

I could feel her gaze focus on my groin as I switched hands to give her a better view of my fingers sliding along the swollen shaft. Knowing she was watching so intently was a huge turn on and I could feel my balls tightening as my cock swelled so hard it felt like hot steel against my palm. Her fingers continued to play. The soft wet sound as she rubbed her clit interspersed with the occasional slap of skin on skin as she plunged her finger inside was intoxicating. When she pulled her hand away and licked the glistening juices from her fingers it was more than I could stand and I became aware of my cock beginning to throb, each stroke making it feel more sensitive in my hand. I closed my eyes, unable to focus on anything but the ecstasy radiating outwards from every movement.

A familiar feeling was building inside me, the pressure of an impending orgasm made my balls ache and feel over-full as they squeezed tightly against me, readying themselves to be emptied. The pressure was unstoppable now and a wave of cool pleasure filled me, hairs standing up on end, my stroke faltered as every muscle tensed in anticipation. I opened my eyes as a streamer of hot white ejaculate sprayed from the tip of my cock, falling carelessly over her stomach. I kept stroking, slow, deliberate motions that sent electric current racing through me as I milked more of my sticky cum from my now over sensitised dick. Each spurt of fluid painted a fresh line over her body, creating pale streams across the landscape of her body from the swollen buds of her nipples to the short curls of her pubic hair.
She looked up at me, a big grin on her face as I bent over to kiss her lips. Her arms and legs wrapped around me and she pulled me down onto her. I felt my rapidly cooling cum squishing between us as our bodies entwined.

"I can tell" she said with a giggle

“it seems only fair that you get messy too” She said with a wink

I tried to give her a stern look, and reprimand her but I failed miserably and we both collapsed in giggles, arms around each other, kissing like teenagers.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

something different

I was asked recently to write a poem by a friend on twitter. After some thought, I came up with this:

Wednesday, 23 July 2014


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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

the festival car park

"I know it's around here somewhere..."
"It is a big car park, but you must have some idea where you left it!?" She said, an edge of frustration creeping into her voice.

Somewhere in the distance the next band were starting to play, the bass was thumping through the trees, giving a hint of music  but not enough to hear it clearly, like the sound from a teenager's car stereo as it drives past. We'd already seen two bands this afternoon but were both feeling horny and decided that we could make better use of our time together than staying for this particular group. The car park was actually busier than we'd hoped with scores of people milling around but that wasn't really the immediate problem. Our biggest single challenge was finding my silver Mercedes in a car park full of thousands of silver cars parked in mind numbingly long rows.

As we frustratingly searched the rows of vehicles, a heat haze shimmered from the sea of bodywork and I was beginning to dread the temperature inside: Maybe it would be better not to find the car until later in the day when it had cooled down a little? The thought was dispelled the moment I looked and saw her beside me. I blinked and resisted the urge to pinch myself to check I was actually awake. She was the reason we were here and all thoughts of abandoning the search for my car instantly vanished as I felt the familiar need growing in the pit of my stomach. 

A recognisable shape in the distance caught my eye and I started in that direction, hoping this was it. As we drew near the car detected the keys in my pocket and the indicators flashed a greeting, simultaneously lowering the windows and letting the superheated air inside escape. 

"There you go, I knew it couldn't be too far" I said triumphantly as I turned to face her.
"Just as well", she answered

Her arms wrapped themselves around me and she planted a hungry kiss on my lips, her tongue looking for mine. She tasted of the fresh strawberries we'd been eating a few minutes before and I kissed her back with the barely contained passion that she evoked in me. It was breathless and urgent. We both needed this. I reached behind me and groped blindly for the door handle as she raked her nails down my spine, making me shiver despite the heat. My fingers found the door release and we practically tumbled inside. I was glad I'd had the foresight to leave the front seats as far forward as they'd go. The leather was hot on my back as she pulled the door closed behind us and straddled me. I could feel the damp heat of her crotch on my thighs as she fumbled with the buttons of my shirt, our lips still locked in a kiss.

The last button gave up and my shirt fell open. As she began to kiss my neck and chest, I reached for the window buttons and activated the motors, sliding the dark tinted glass upwards to give us a little privacy. Her hands moved down, working on my belt and the buttons of my shorts. I lost track of their progress as she bit my nipple, sucking it hard, forcing my attention on the ministrations of her mouth. I felt my cock throbbing beneath her as it sought to make its presence felt and be free of its current cloth prison. As she released the final, straining button and slid her hand into my shorts I reached up and cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples tightly between my fingers and smiled at the reaction it provoked. Her eyes closed and she wriggled appreciatively on top of me as I squeezed. Her hand closed around my swollen shaft and she began to stroke me slowly but firmly. I was in no mood to play and far too excited to last very long if she continued to do that.

I struggled to a sitting position and swivelled around, my back pressed against the hot leather seat. Knowing my intentions, she released her hold on me and placed her feet on the floor, lifting herself off of me just enough to let me slip my shorts down, the fabric pooling around my ankles. The seat was hot on my naked buttocks but paled beside the heat I felt as she lowered herself onto me, my cock slipping easily inside her aroused pussy.  A shadow passed over us and we froze as  a couple walked beside the car. They were oblivious to the action inside and had soon passed by without a second glance.

Her dress was loose enough to allow my hands to explore her delicious body as she straddled me. I eased them upwards from her thighs to her back by way of her firm buttocks, relishing the feel of her curves the way a sculptor caresses marble. My climax was far nearer than i would have liked and I knew I didn't have long. My hands closed on her breasts and I squeezed them in time to her rhythm. I could feel her pussy clenching my cock with each thrust of her hips, as though she had an extra hand gripping me as she moved. Her nipples were swollen and hard wired to her groin. Each squeeze sent a fresh blast of electricity along her nerves and caused her to clench tighter around me. Her eyes closed with pleasure, I felt a fresh flood of warmth fill my lap as a small orgasm rippled through her.

I watched her respond as she felt my cock swelling the final few percent inside her, preparing to explode. A contented smile spread across her face and her eyes opened, her turn to watch my face. I felt my balls tighten impossibly as they prepared to empty themselves. Her weight shifted as she changed her angle and I felt myself somehow even deeper inside. The raw heat and her clenching pussy erased any last vestige of control and strong spasms ripped through me as my cock convulsed, firing salvos of thick creamy cum into her. As it pulsed, the tip of my cock hit the magic spot that heightened her orgasm and I felt her thighs tremble around mine as our combined climax rocked the car.

She relaxed her grip, kissing me and rested her head on my shoulder, hand stroking my chest as my cock deflated inside her. Voices surrounded us as half a dozen people walked past the car, unaware of the deliriously happy and sated couple watching them go by.


If you enjoyed that, my first book "A Taste of Erotica", a collection of 7 short stories is available to download:

Amazon:  A Taste of Erotica (on Amazon)
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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A lonely day in Paradise

Despair tugged at the corners of his mind, sucking the energy from him. His limbs felt heavy and he lacked the motivation to move despite the glorious vista in front of him. The view was perfect, soft yellow sand, clear blue sea and the deep unbroken azure sky that only exists near the equator but he just couldn't shake his oppressive mood. He wondered how long it would be until she arrived, he hated being alone, especially in a strange place. He closed his eyes and felt the sun warming his body, hoping that somehow the heat would help.

The sound of water being disturbed caused him to open his eyes and search for the source of the splashing. His heart soared. Standing ankle deep in the shallow water was the one person guaranteed to lift his mood. The first smile of the day lit his suddenly animated face, all trace of sullen grey banished instantly by her appearance. He absorbed every detail of the view, the water beading on her skin, the tiny rivulets of seawater cascading down her body as she brushed her long wet hair from her face. He watched a bead of moisture run down her neck and vanish into her cleavage, briefly hidden by the tiny bikini she wore before reappearing and continuing its path down her tanned body.

A spark of lust ignited in his brain and he leapt from the sun lounger, all trace of heavy limbed depression banished by the need that consumed him. He sprinted the short distance across the sand and into the sea, his feet throwing plumes of water into the air in all directions as he raced to hold her. His arms reached around and engulfed her in a bear hug, crushing her tight against his chest. Her body felt perfect in his arms, her wet skin cooled his sun scorched flesh and he gazed down into her upturned face, pausing to revel at the matching emotion reflected in her eyes. As their lips met he closed his eyes and surrendered control to his body. He felt his passion rising, his cock swelling against her, restrained only by his thin shorts. The sodden material of her bikini top pressed against his chest and he felt her nipples harden, poking through the flimsy cloth and making her arousal clear to him. The swell of a wave pushed against their legs, causing the sand beneath his feet to move and he felt his weight shift. Unable or unwilling to release each other, they toppled into the water, continuing to kiss as they rolled in the shallows.

The water was warm, and only served to heighten their passion. He knew his erection would be painfully visible if he were to stand up now. Releasing his grip on her, he paddled awkwardly out to deeper water, only stopping when he could stand chest deep. He turned, feet planted firmly in the sand and pulled her towards him. Her feet couldn't reach the sand so she wrapped her legs around his waist and her hands behind his head. He held her easily, the water adding a helping hand as they resumed their kiss. His hands cupped her buttocks and he pulled her in tight, feeling her breasts press against his chest.

Acutely aware of his swollen cock, he felt her grind her bikini clad pussy against him. It was too much to resist. Releasing his hold on her arse he tugged his shorts down, letting them float slowly down his legs. Slipping his hand between their bodies he found the small triangle of her bikini and teased it sideways, holding it clear of her pussy while she shifted her weight and eased the tip of his cock inside before beginning to thrust.  They moved as one, lips locked together in a kiss and hips grinding against each other in slow, deliberate movements, the water resisting all attempts at speed. Her rhythm faltered as she neared her climax, smooth thrusting replaced by a more urgent, staccato motion that caused waves between them, sending water spouts up and into their faces. She broke the kiss and buried her face in his neck, nipping the tender flesh as her legs clenched tightly around his torso, he felt the muscular spasm of her pussy around him as she came, causing his cock to convulse and empty the contents of his balls into her. His eyes closed and his legs trembled with the effort as pleasure filled his being, banishing his despair to a long forgotten memory. Now that she was finally here he felt complete, he could finally relax and enjoy this paradise.

My first book "A Taste of Erotica", a collection of 7 short stories is available to download:

Amazon:  A Taste of Erotica (on Amazon)
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If you like my writing, my first book, a collection of short stories called "A Taste of Erotica" is available at Amazon as an e-book
A Taste of Erotica

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Hotel

 I waited nervously in the room. The surfeit of adrenaline that filled my body was causing my pulse to race and my hands to feel clammy. She always had this effect on me, every time we met like this I was nervous and excited in roughly equal measure but I knew that the minute I opened the door and saw her standing there all my worries would evaporate and I’d be left riding a tidal wave of passionate lust.
Time dragged as I paced the room, flitting between the door and window as I waited, hoping to see her walk across the car park or hear the nervous knock at the door that would mean she’d arrived. My phone buzzed and I paused to check the message; it simply read ‘Just parking. x’ but it sent my heart cartwheeling around my chest and caused a squadron of butterflies to take to the wing deep in my stomach. Grabbing the room key I darted into the corridor, eager to catch her before she left her car. I practically jumped down the stairs, taking two or three at a time in my haste to reach the doors and the outside world.
The sunshine was spectacularly bright, causing me to blink furiously as I waited for my eyes to adjust to the sudden intensity but I kept walking along the path towards the car park, drawn by an irresistible force that urged me on. I rounded the corner of the building and saw the wide expanse of tarmac full of vehicles. I looked for hers, trying to see if I’d I been quick enough to catch her. Then I saw her, getting out of the low slung sports car that she loved to drive fast. She must have sensed me because she turned at that precise moment and saw me coming towards her. I watched her face light up with sheer delight and felt my heart soar in response. My face was displaying an equally ecstatic grin as I loped across the hot ribbon of asphalt to reach her. Each step closer caused a growing tension in my jeans and I knew suddenly that today we weren’t going to make it to the room before consummating our mutual needs. I had to have her, here and now.
By the time I reached her I could feel my fully engorged cock straining against the denim, trying to fight its way to freedom by sheer force alone. Wrapping my arms around her I inhaled the delicate scent of her perfume as she buried her face against my neck. She felt so good pressed against me, I didn’t want the moment to ever end. I felt her pull away from me slightly and looked down to find myself gazing into her upturned face. We grinned, a wicked, hungry smile at each other before leaning in and losing ourselves in a kiss of such intensity that we didn’t notice the car beside us had driven away until we surfaced for air. I pulled her back into a kiss and as our tongues entwined her hand pressed against the front of my jeans and slowly rubbed her palm along the length of my cock through the taut material.
Releasing her from my firm embrace I took her hand in mine and stepped away from the car, heading for the gardens. Wanting, needing more than a kiss I didn’t stop, heading deeper into the undergrowth towards a secluded spot we’d discovered on our last visit. Less than a minute later we ducked under a low hanging rhododendron branch and into the cool dark void hidden inside the shrub.
We turned to face each other and kissed again. Our tongues battled as our hands explored each other's bodies. I caressed the smooth skin of her legs as my hands moved up beneath her skirt, feeling goosebumps pucker her delicious flesh beneath my touch, savouring the perfect smooth inner thighs as I sought the evidence of her arousal. I felt the heat radiating from her pussy before my fingers met the dripping flesh and I smiled as her juices coated my finger tips. I teased her momentarily, just grazing her sodden flesh before plunging my index finger inside her, eliciting a gasp from her. The moist heat was intoxicating and I needed to feel her wrapped around me very soon.
As our lips met her hands started to explore, teasing my belt free of the buckle and popping the buttons of my fly in rapid, staccato succession. She pushed the jeans down just far enough to pass the curve of my buttock and they fell in a heap around my ankles. Free from the chore of undoing buttons, her busy hands started to play, one raking my buttocks with nails while the other wrapped itself around my swollen shaft and began to stroke slowly but determinedly.
Pulling my lips from hers I gazed into her eyes, pulled my hand from between her thighs and brought it up to my mouth before sampling her delicious juices from my finger. The taste was intoxicating and amplified my need. Stepping between her parted feet I placed my hands on the backs of her thighs just below her buttocks and lifted her off the ground. Her eyes widened in surprise but her legs instinctively wrapped themselves around my waist as I filled her with my cock. She felt amazing as I buried myself deep inside her. Grasping her buttocks I matched the thrusts that her thighs were driving and we moved as one entity, thrusting and grinding against each other as we fucked hard and fast. I felt the growing tremor in her thighs and the pulse of her pussy around me as she came, her face buried in my neck in an attempt to minimise the volume of her cries. Her teeth grazed my neck and I felt my balls clench tight as they prepared to eject their contents. My cock swelled unimaginably, almost painfully before my orgasm ripped through me and I felt it convulse once, twice a third time as her pussy clenched around me, milking the creamy liquid from me and causing my legs to tremble with a combination of pleasure and exertion.
My knees gave out and we collapsed, a hot, wet and deliriously happy tangle of flesh.

“I’m so glad I married you” I eventually managed to say before she smothered my mouth with kisses once again.

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

review and interview

I've been interviewed by the lovely Rebecca (@rrsherwin) over on her blog. While she was at it, she written a review of my first book, the 5* rated collection of short stories called "A Taste of Erotica"

If you want to go and learn something new about me, pop on over and have a read:
review and interview

Or you can buy my book at all good eBook retailers now.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Shopping Together

We wandered through the meandering course that the store designers had decided was the best way to showcase their wares. So far it had only succeeded in confusing my sense of direction and we were seemingly lost in a maze of household furnishings. I always dreaded coming here, whilst the furniture on display consisted of beautifully designed examples of efficient Scandinavian simplicity, the store itself was a riot of confusing corners and paths designed to ensure you saw every single item for sale before you actually made it to the checkouts. Today we had decided to come in the middle of the afternoon on a particularly pleasant summer’s day and the store was mercifully quiet with only a handful of shoppers to slow our progression. Hopefully this would prove to be a quick visit.

Amy was wearing a short summer dress that showed off her figure beautifully and left most of her long legs exposed, which went a considerable way to explaining my disorientation; I'd spent more time studying them than I had looking at where we were going.

In front of us lay a herd of leather sofas and a bored looking sales assistant who was so transfixed by the contents of his phone that he seemed oblivious to us as we passed him.

"Let’s try a few chairs while we're here" She said quietly and promptly sat on the nearest seat.

She'd chosen a comfy looking, large, single chair and there was a matching example opposite which I lowered myself into. I had to admit the seat was very comfortable but within seconds of sitting I became aware of something that changed my view of the afternoon completely. As she sat facing me, Amy parted her legs and lifted the hem of her dress just enough to discreetly flash me. I glanced quickly around to check if she could be seen; there were several other shoppers and the phone obsessed assistant behind Amy but no one that could share my view. I absorbed the vision before me, relishing the sight of my beautiful, daring girlfriend showing me that she was utterly bereft of underwear beneath her short dress, while strangers stood mere yards behind her.

I felt my cheeks flush and my shorts begin to tighten as I gazed hungrily at the neatly trimmed triangle of dark curls that seemed to point demandingly down between her thighs to the smooth shaven flesh that I loved to caress. She watched me long enough to be sure that I'd had a good look, knowing the effect this would have on me, then closed her legs, forcing me to look up into her face. She was wearing a devilishly wicked smile that reminded me why I loved her so much. She stood and held out her hand, I took it as I raised myself to stand beside her, using my other hand to discreetly adjust myself in an attempt to disguise my excitement. She then began to walk on through the store as if nothing had changed. I followed her lead as the pressure in my shorts slowly subsided.

The next section contained example apartment layouts. There were four of them arranged back to back connected by convoluted passageways, making it possible to walk from one to the other. It was still eerily quiet with hardly anyone in sight as Amy led me into the first apartment. As I walked through the door behind her she spun around, threw her arms around me and our lips met hungrily. She felt amazing in my grasp as always and her subtle perfume mingled with the scent of her arousal inflamed my desires as we kissed breathlessly. My hands strayed down her back, sneaking under the hem of her dress and cupping her naked buttocks as our tongues entwined. I wanted her, here and now as my cock swelled, waking an urgent need in me. My right hand moved around the outside of her leg and I let my fingers graze the inside of her thigh as they inched up towards the heat I felt radiating from her. Just as my fingers touched the damp entrance to her pussy she wriggled free from my arms and stepped away, moving into the next room and leaving me stunned, aroused and frustrated in equal measure.

I turned to follow her and nearly walked into an elderly couple walking in the other direction.  Letting them pass, I stepped into the next virtual apartment to find her leaning over a dining table, arse pointing in my direction revealing the bottom of her perfectly rounded buttocks peeking out from below the hem.  The tantalising glimpse of her exposed flesh served to inflame my passion further, as she no doubt intended, and I stopped directly behind her, pressing my crotch firmly against her as I grabbed her shoulders with both hands. I began to caress her back, tracing lazy patterns and raking her flesh through the thin material. It took a few moments before I realised that my fingers were moving freely across the length of her back without encountering the tell-tale ridge of a bra strap. I knew she could feel my arousal pressed against her but as my hands strayed down and began to stroke the side of her breasts she pushed backwards from the table and wriggled from my grasp once again before vanishing round the corner into the next room.

Frustrated and increasingly horny I paused before pursuing her and my eyes fell on the desk organiser beside me where a simple twelve inch acrylic ruler was standing proudly. I picked it up and flexed it between my hands, smacking it onto one palm to feel the sharp sting as it hit. I grinned, wicked thoughts filling my mind as I slipped it into my pocket and set off after her.

Amy was waiting for me round the next corner, hands on a low, fake window sill as she gazed out across the shop floor, watching several couples discuss the merits of the kitchen units on display.  She was bending over further than before and the dress was concealing even less, the curves of her buttocks clearly exposed and the faint glisten of moisture just visible between her thighs. Taking the ruler in one hand I eased her dress a little higher with the other, exposing all of her beautiful arse to my gaze. I stroked it with my free hand, caressing and kneading her flesh with my fingers. Resting my palm firmly on the small of her back I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“You really are a naughty girl, teasing me like this”

With that I brought the flat of the ruler smartly across her exposed arse, making her yelp and leaving a red line etched across her skin.

“Shh. You don’t want to get caught like this do you?” I asked, as the ruler connected firmly with her buttocks a second time. I followed her gaze through the window, checking to see if any of the couples in view had heard us. If they had, they showed no reaction.

“OK, no more teasing, I promise” She said biting her lip as I swung the ruler a third time.

I placed the ruler on a table and softly caressed the sting out of her buttocks before letting her stand. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her in close and feeling her nestle against me.  She nuzzled my neck as I stroked her hair and smiled at the young couple who chose that moment to turn the corner from the next room.

continued on my new blog

Alternatively, my first book "A Taste of Erotica", a collection of 7 short stories is available to download:

Amazon:  A Taste of Erotica (on Amazon)
Smashwords:  A Taste of Erotica (Smashwords)
Goodreads: A Taste of Erotica (Goodreads)

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Busy Week

It's been a busy week for me. First I wrote a new story for a new subscription website that's aiming to produce high quality erotica aimed squarely at women. It's full of custom stories from a range of authors, pictures and films:
Story: Two Wet

Then I wrote a guest post for the superb Voella website:

And then this weekend I'm going to meet a huge number of erotic writers and bloggers at Eroticon.

Next week It's back to writing :)

Saturday, 15 February 2014


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~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

Why I Post Nude Photos (and blog about sex) Discovering Myself Through My Strap-On Sex Toy Shaming and Bigoted Wise Cracks, FTW!

~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

Aftercare and BDSM Play Two worlds

~ Readers Choice from Sexbytes ~

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