Monday, 16 December 2013


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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A lingering dessert

Taking her hands in mine I helped her to her feet, pulling her in close I wrapped my arms around her while she looked up at me expectantly with still hungry eyes. I felt her full breasts press against my chest, nipples finding their way through the coarse hair to make their presence felt, sparking the first stirrings of renewed interest in my groin as my body reacted to her irresistible presence. I bent my head and met her succulent lips in a lingering kiss, tongues teasing each other in a slow mating dance. A thrill went through me as I tasted a hint of my own salty cum in her mouth, triggering a fresh flood of endorphins to flood my body as it remembered the sheer ecstasy I’d experienced just moments before.
I ran my hands across her shoulders sending a shiver racing through her and causing the flesh of her arms to pucker with goosebumps. Her firm nipples quivered against me, tickling my chest as they reaffirmed their presence. My hands continued moving, stroking her back, tracing the gently curved line of her spine down from neck to full, rounded arse and ending up squeezing one delectable buttock with each hand.
“It’s your turn now” I said
Turning her slowly around and leading her backwards I guided her movement until her calves touched the bed. She sat on the edge of the mattress and I knelt between her legs so that our heads were level. Placing a hand either side of her thighs I leant forwards and kissed her once more, watching her eyes close as she surrendered herself to me. My lips tingled with barely restrained passion as we kissed and I felt my arousal growing inexorably.
I shifted my focus, kissing her cheek tenderly before easing my way downwards, nuzzling her neck, kissing and nipping gently, smiling at the intake of breath I caused as I reached the smooth curve between neck and shoulder. She leant back, placing her hands behind her to support herself as I continued down, kissing my way to her breasts. I circled one slowly, kissing and licking it in small darting motions that served to apply a hot then cold sensation as my tongue touched hot skin briefly. As I reached her nipple I took the time to savour the way it responded, feeling it swell and stiffen perceptibly between touches, kissing it repeatedly before engulfing a mouthful of breast between my lips and using my tongue to toy with the firm nipple at its centre. I sucked hard and was rewarded by her body tensing against me as an electric sensation filled her while my tongue teased her tender, swollen flesh. Releasing her breast from the confines of my mouth I kissed my way across her chest and repeated the process, this time adding my hand into the mix I rolled a nipple between finger and thumb, squeezing firmly as I sucked and nipped at the other. Air hissed between her pursed lips as I felt her back arch, pulling her chest away from me.
I started kissing my way lower, down the centre of her softly curved stomach. She giggled as I kissed her navel, squirming awkwardly, her toes curling involuntarily. Placing a hand on the middle of her chest I pushed her gently, encouraging her to lie down. She shuffled backwards as she lowered herself, sliding several inches further onto the bed. My lips stayed on her stomach as she lay down, only beginning their descent once more when she was horizontal. I eased lower, my chin grazing through her neatly trimmed pubic hair briefly before encountering smooth skin again. As my lips cleared the boundary of hair and encountered the freshly shaved, ultra smooth skin I slowed my pace, planting kiss after kiss as I manoeuvred closer to my delicious destination. Inching ever nearer, my mouth began to water as her aroused scent filled my senses.
Unable to resist the taste I knew awaited me, I kissed her smooth, flushed lips softly at first. Extending my tongue I ran the tip lightly along the length of her pussy, savouring the first trace of juices leaking from her but being careful not to penetrate yet. Somewhere in the distance I heard her sigh as her legs started to close around my head. I looped my arms around her thighs and pressed my fingers against the sides of her pussy, easing it open enough to give me unimpeded access. Kissing her damp lips again I slipped my tongue inside and tasted her sweet nectar. I began to play in earnest, feasting on the sweet delicacy of her arousal my tongue lapped at the very core of her consciousness. Teasing and cajoling, I alternated between lapping at the pink swollen lips and burying my hungry, eager tongue deep inside her hot wet cleft. She tasted divine, a heady mix of sweet honey scented heather soaked with pure pheromones; the taste of pure unadulterated passion and sex. The heady mixture sent my body into overdrive and I felt my cock swelling rapidly, eager to be buried balls deep inside her. For now, my tongue was in charge and I felt her body responding to my touch. As I flicked her swollen clit with the tip of my tongue her legs tried to close around my head and her pelvis bucked against my mouth, I responded by wrapping my lips around her clit and sucking it hard, grazing it with my teeth. Her sighs became louder and more frequent with each passing minute, her breathing took on a harder edge and I continued to feast, devouring her hungrily as I edged her ever closer to an orgasm.
A loud cry escaped her lips as I sank my tongue into her a final time, teeth grazing her engorged clit and sucking it as she came beautifully. Her thighs trembled, the muscles rippling against me as her pussy flooded with fresh sweet juice, covering my tongue and filling my mouth with sweet fresh flavour. I smiled a satisfied smile as her taste and scent engulfed my senses and her body clenched in response to each deliberate stroke of my tongue.

 Lifting my head I gazed at her face. Her eyes were closed tight, a deep flush covered her cheeks and neck, and a blissful smile covered her face as she lay there breathing heavily. I stayed still, soaking in the view of her, the only part of me still moving was my cock as it continued to swell. It was almost time for the finale.

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