Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Halloween party

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The Halloween party was in full swing and the room was full of students in a bizarre mixture of costumes ranging from scary to lewd, the only common attribute was that every costume featured a face mask. Copious amounts of alcohol had already been consumed as evidenced by the slumped bodies littering the corners of the room, each of whom would wake to a thumping headache in the morning. According to the universal but unwritten law, the hub of the party was the kitchen, perhaps because it was where the food and drink were stored and perhaps because it was the largest room in this particular house. Here, music blared loudly and the exotic mating rituals of young adults were on brazen display. Perhaps because of the masks which gave some measure of anonymity to the revellers, clothes were disappearing at a rate that matched the alcohol consumption.

As I walked through the kitchen, swaying slightly, I surveyed the people around me, assessing their sobriety and mood. To my left was a group of men who were now topless and singing loudly but barely coherent. On my right were a gaggle of giggling girls whose costumes seemed to consist of more holes than material and I could easily see which of them were wearing bras and which weren’t even without them moving. In front of me was someone much more interesting. I recognised her despite the mask and hoped she didn’t recognise me. Victoria was easily out of my league, she was one of the popular set who would never so much as glance in my direction and who I’d never spoken to before. She was drinking enough to look relaxed but was paying sufficient attention to the others that I could tell she was sober enough.

I walked up to the counter beside her and poured myself a drink, ignoring her completely whilst surreptitiously watching her reflection in the window closely. I saw her looking at me, trying to place me and work out why I was ignoring her.

“I’ll have one while you’re pouring” she said

I filled her glass silently, put down the bottle and then turned and walked away from her, into the adjacent room. She didn’t like being ignored and followed me out of the kitchen. The room was as quiet as I expected, the only people in there were snoring loudly. I was no more than a few paces into the room when I heard the sound of her heels on the floor behind me.

“Why did you ignore me and what are you doing in here?” She asked

“I’m looking for someone worth fucking” I replied

She wasn’t sure how to answer that and the dumbstruck expression on her face was worth the gamble.

“And you haven’t found anyone yet?” She asked, her voice bristling

“No” I said, pressing ahead with my all or nothing plan. “No one who looks as though they know how to please a man. Why? Have you seen someone for me?”

I could see the indignant fire burning in her eyes at the thought that I considered her beneath me and inexperienced. She stalked up to me and stood face to face for a moment appraising me while I gave her my most nonchalant look. Her lip curled as anger coursed through her as she struggled with the rejection. I watched closely and saw her come to a decision, she grabbed my head and pulled my lips to hers in a kiss of startling intensity. Her tongue shot between my lips and she kissed me passionately, hungrily, demanding to be considered worthy. I responded by reaching behind her and snapping the clasp of her bra open in one simple motion. Her eyes widened but she was lost in the moment now and we both surrendered to our natural urges. I cupped her breasts, easily slipping inside the material of her costume and pinched her nipples simultaneously. She jumped as if stung then attacked my costume, her hands tearing and probing until her nails found the flesh of my back and raked long welts across my shoulder blades as we kissed. Reluctantly I left her enticingly swollen nipples alone and moved my hands down in search of her panties, instead they encountered hot smooth flesh that was already slick with her arousal. She shuddered as my fingers found the lubricated slit of her pussy and I buried first one then two fingers deep inside her until my palm rested against her throbbing clit. She ground onto my thrusting fingers and it was only the urgent need swollen inside my pants that stopped me. Hooking a foot behind her leg and taking a firm hold of her I dropped her to the floor and yanked my jeans inelegantly down so they were trapped around my ankles but freeing my rigid cock from its tight restraint. Pausing only to pull a condom from my pocket and slip it on with trembling, adrenaline fuelled hands I knelt between her thighs and pressed the latex clad tip against her dripping pussy. It slipped in easily and I buried myself balls deep inside her, it felt incredible. She sighed and wrapped her legs around me pulling me deeper still inside her hot tight body, ankles pushing against the small of my back as we thrust against each other with the haste and restraint of wild animals rutting. My balls tightened and I felt the tremor of a climax building in me with the sweet intoxicating surge of an imminent orgasm. Reaching out blindly I found her breast and squeezed it hard, crushing her nipple between my fingers and I felt her pussy clench around me, thighs trembling as we came together in a tumultuous symphony of flesh. Each pulse of my cock caused a shiver to ripple through her body. We lay silently for a while, recovering our breath before I stood, removed the condom from my softening cock, fastened my jeans and left quietly knowing that she could never know who I was.

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