Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Edge of the Park

“Take them off” I whispered in her ear.
We were walking hand in hand along a busy street that was bustling with people dashing in and out of shops. I had a destination in mind that had nothing to do with shopping but everything to do with the woman I was with and the request I’d just given her. She looked at me, doubt written across her face as she fought to decide whether she should do it or not. Suddenly the anguish vanished and was replaced with a smile.
“Here, hold this a minute” She said and handed me the bag she was carrying before turning and dashing into the nearest shop, leaving me standing open mouthed.
I stood alone in the street wondering where she’d gone when my phone chimed to tell me a message had arrived. I glanced at the screen and saw it was from her.
‘Just using a changing room. Back in a second’
True to her word, no more than 4 minutes had passed before she was stood by my side once more. Impressed by her ingenuity I held out my hand in front of her, palm up and looked her in the eye. Holding her tightly balled fist over my hand she held my gaze for a moment, smiling as she opened her hand and the flimsy thong that she’d just removed fell into my palm. Gripping the material in my hand I was aware that it was still warm and damp from where she’d been wearing it just moments before. I slipped the thong into my pocket, she could have it back later.
“Good girl. I was looking forward to seeing how you’d do that. Unfortunately you dashed off so quickly I didn’t get to finish what I was saying. ”
Her eyes widened in surprise, smile fading to be replaced by a frown. 
“Don’t look so worried” I said grinning.
She knew me too well and I could see the anxiety etched across her brow. I reached into my jacket pocket where I’d been hiding a surprise for her, my hand closed around the object concealed there. It was cold and unyielding to the touch but perfectly smooth.
“It’s your turn to hold out your hand” I said
She looked apprehensively at me as she held her hand out, perhaps anticipating some kind of punishment, maybe a slap from a ruler as she had received before but I wasn’t about to do that in the middle of a busy street full of shoppers. Besides, I had something far more interesting in mind. Wrapping my hand around the object to conceal it fully I pulled it from my pocket and placed my fist on her palm.

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