Tuesday, 15 October 2013

It started with a look

I was in a night club, my head spinning slightly from the drinks I’d already consumed. The crowd was moving in unison to the hypnotic beat that seemed to pulse through the very fabric of the building when I saw something so jarringly at odds with the environment I had to blink to convince myself it was real. A tiny blonde in a backless dress was weaving effortlessly through the gyrating crowd and heading for the space at the bar beside me. She couldn’t have been more than 5’ without the aid of the huge heels she was wearing. Her big blue eyes sparkled mischievously and her glowing mane cascaded down her naked back as she squeezed past me on her way to the bar, grinding her hips firmly against my groin as she passed.

She paused and looked me in the eyes before asked if I’d like a drink by miming the question as speech was impossible here. I smiled and nodded that I did but she didn’t move. We were rooted to the spot, our eyes locked, communicating far more than we could have with mere words. She blinked first, turning away she moved to the bar and I followed, already under her spell and stood directly behind her. As I stood there, she bent forward to lean against the bar, pushing her backside deliberately into my groin. The curves of her firm arse pressing against me triggered an instinctive response and I felt a familiar stirring in my groin as I placed my hands on her hips. My hands were on automatic pilot and slowly traced their way up her side giving her ample time to object, my fingertips grazed the sides of her breasts through the thin material before sliding all the way down her side again, over her hips and past the hem of her dress onto the delectably smooth skin of her toned thighs. She ground her arse harder into my groin, egging me on and shuffling her feet further apart so that her legs were parted as wide as the dress allowed. Bodies were packed around us so tightly that no one could see as I ran one hand round to the front of her thigh and slid it slowly up until I encountered the always welcome sensation of smooth, hot and very aroused pussy wrapped in a tiny thong. I dropped my hand as she turned to face me drinks in hand and our eyes locked once more.

“Follow me” she mouthed, handing me my drink before walking off into the seething throng without a second glance. I followed a few paces behind, desperate not to lose her as she made her way to a dark corner of the club where small groups of chairs were arranged around tables in small alcoves. The tables had simple cloth covers reaching almost to the floor and she indicated that I should sit in one of the chairs that faced the dancers. As I took a seat she stood in front of me and bent to kiss me on the lips, her hands resting on the sides of my head, holding me in the kiss while our hungry lips met. My hands went to her legs, guessing her intent and slid upwards, sneaking inside her dress until they reached the flimsy waistband of her thong. Hooking my thumbs inside the material I teased it slowly downwards until it cleared her knees and I released one thumb, the other hand taking a firm hold as she stepped out of the almost pointless panties with practiced ease. Balling the flimsy material in my palm I slipped it into my jacket pocket.    

She finally released me and sat beside me, leaning instantly in to resume the kiss, our mouths locked and her tongue sought mine. The heady mixture of her flowery scent and the fresh pheromone laden sweat from her dancing was an intoxicating aroma that drove my body to respond. I felt my cock swell urgently and slipped a hand round her back to cradle a firm unrestrained breast .Her nipple swelled immediately at my touch and she made a slight sound in the back of her throat as I pinched her swollen nipple between my fingers. She reached down and pulled the tablecloth over my lap, undid my zip easily and, reaching inside she took a firm hold of me with her cool soft fingers. As we sat side by side, our laps covered by the cloth, she began to stroke me with slow deft movements and a firm grip. I slid a hand under her dress, thighs parting instantly as my hands approached like a pair of automated shop doors eager to welcome customers.  Her inner thighs were firm and smooth as silk as I explored upwards until I encountered the swollen lips of her wet pussy. I traced the length of the damp slit before pressing firmly, causing her willing lips to part and my fingers to enter the hot slick flesh that was eagerly waiting for me. She moaned gently as I moved a second finger to join the first, probing deeper and deftly massaging her clit with my thumb as I did. Her grip on me loosened, lifting a knee she shifted her weight and I was forced to withdraw my hand. To my amazement she stood up, lifted the tablecloth and swung one leg across me, straddling my legs in one fluid motion. With a practised hand she held my rigid cock and smoothly lowered herself on to it, burying me balls deep inside her without hesitation. The heat of her tight pussy around me was almost enough to make me cum instantly but the realisation that despite the dim lighting we were in full view of the crowd behind steadied me. With both hands she pulled the cloth around her hips so it appeared she was merely sitting on my lap and kissing me. The material did little to conceal the full details of our actions from the crowd as we moved to the frenetic beat of the music, her face buried in my neck. I hoped it looked as if we were merely enjoying the music like the many others who were swaying and rocking to the beat. The sensation of her rising and falling on my cock to the rhythm of the music was sensational. Only the fact that I was slightly numbed by the alcohol prevented me from shooting into her right away as she swayed and twisted on top of me. Our ecstasy was building to a peak and I was sure that we were both about to climax when, without warning the music stopped. We were suddenly aware of how obvious we must look and after a few faltering attempts to stop our motion she deftly swung off me dropping the table cloth on my lap to hide my obvious arousal. Smoothing the sides of her dress she sat down again, panting heavily. I could see beads of perspiration running down her cleavage and impulsively I leant over and licked one off the lovely soft upper mounds of her breasts. She gave a little gasp of surprise and ran her fingers through my hair.

Taking my hand and rising to her feet she put her lips beside my ear and whispered “come with me”.

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  1. Public is a wonderful thing...


  2. Having sex in public and not being noticed... one of my fantasies. Great story!

    Rebel xox

  3. mmmm that's hot... never had sex in a public.. but definitely a fantasy... ��


  4. ¡Muy caliente! There is a certain thrill about public places.

  5. I need to go to that bar...lol very hot write

  6. Fantasticly written; do you know this place?!