Friday, 13 September 2013

Shelter on a stormy night

It was cold and wet outside, the rain pounding against the windows in waves as the wind drove it nearly sideways. Inside the cottage I was warm and cosy. A fire was burning in the hearth and the only sound was the crackle and pop of fresh logs being consumed by the ravenous flames. I stared into the fire, watching the flames dance across the wood, painting ethereal images on my retinas. There was a knock at the door and I leapt to answer, pulse racing already knowing who would be waiting there.
Wiping my nervous palms dry on my jeans I opened the door and stood aside allowing her to step out of the storm and into the warm sanctuary of the house and my arms. She was completely drenched and as we embraced water was dripping from her coat, forming a cold moat around us.
“Hi gorgeous” I finally managed to say as we broke for air.
“Let me help you out of those wet clothes”
She didn’t need any encouragement from me. Letting her coat fall to the floor she stepped towards the fire, leaving a trail of water as she went. Her silhouette against the flames demanded my full attention. With her generous bust, slender waist and full hips she was a riot of dangerous curves demanding to be explored. Her dress was soaked and clinging to her flesh like a second skin, hiding nothing from my hungry eyes. My body was way ahead of my conscious mind, reacting the way it always did when we met, a growing pressure in my jeans signalling intent and demanding freedom.

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  1. Oh my !! Loved it. something deliciously naughty about getting this in my inbox.. has me blushing and smiling..

  2. Loved it, very sensual. You could feel his excitment when he stood to open the door.