Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday Drive

I couldn’t help but smile, a big stupid, ear to ear grin covered my face as we drove along the winding mountain road and I’m sure I looked quite ridiculous. The deep, throbbing exhaust note of my car reverberated from the valley walls as we drove sending shivers down my spine with the sheer aural pleasure. All of my senses were heightened by the tactile demands of the car. It was mechanically simple with no modern aids to dampen the feedback between driver and road: Every bump in the road demanded my attention and my inputs were rewarded or punished by the car as it demanded my full attention. I glanced at my passenger as the road straightened a little. Her hair was a shade somewhere between scarlet and auburn and formed a halo of crimson fire in the bright autumn sunshine. Her eyes sparkled with mischief. She was grinning as inanely as me and the sight of her smiling face beside me filled me with an urgent desire, demanding more of my attention.
As we reached the valley floor I spotted a weather faded sign pointing to a car park. The entrance was between two huge trees and looked fairly overgrown. I slowed the car to a crawl and turned on to the rutted gravel, the tyres popping and crunching on the loose stones. Fifty metres later we were in a clearing of relatively smooth stones and vague parking areas for maybe a dozen cars. It was deserted and when I switched off the engine the silence was deafening, broken only by the staccato ticking of a cooling engine and the occasional cry of a bird. 
Climbing out of the car to stretch we walked to the front of the car. I took her hands in mine and I stood gazing into her eyes, lost in thought. She craned her neck and kissed me softly on the lips, my attention came crashing back to the present and with it my desire for her. Placing my hand on the back of her head, fingers entwined in her hair, I pulled her towards my lips and kissed her. It was a long, lingering kiss that erased everything from my conscious mind except her. I felt her arms relax as she melted into my arms, pressing against me and kissing me back with the same breathless and urgent intensity as I kissed her.

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  1. good erotic piece, hot and lusty. Thank you for sharing

  2. A very nice and hot story :)

    Rebel xox

  3. I would love to have a fuck on the bonnet of a car, someone remote but still with the slight risk of being seen.


  4. Oh my... I love your way with words. Such a steamy story. I love how in the midst of such an arousing scene you took the time to make it human like us all, in the hampering of the jeans with the shoes.

    I really really liked your post. Thank you.