Sunday, 28 July 2013

Summer Storm

Lisa stomped down the street and I hurried after her. The sky was as dark and threatening as her mood as we moved through the streets of the city. Huge clouds hung menacingly overhead and the air was heavy with the threat of rain.

I couldn't even remember why she was angry with me this time. Our relationship could never be described as quiet or dull, intense, volatile and passionate maybe but never dull.  Over the course of the last several years I had come to expect frequent explosions from her but I was still at a loss as to their cause. I had come to appreciate the intensity of our relationship, each tempestuous tirade of anger was followed by a passionate explosion of a different nature.

We were still over a mile from home when the first rain began to fall. Pregnant raindrops full of the promise of thunder hit the hot tarmac around us in a faltering staccato beat. Lisa stopped and glared at the sky as if she thought it possible to make the clouds flee in fear of her wrath. The slow, incessant fall of heavy drops continued unabated. The ferocity of the rain was evident in the sound the drops made as they slammed onto the hard ground and parked cars around us. It hadn't rained for a while and the uniquely musty smell of overdue rain falling on hot tarmac was deliciously familiar, sparking memories from my childhood of running and playing in sudden downpours.
She started walking once more, not even looking back to check I was there, heading towards home at a faster pace than before.

"Maybe we should shelter for a while..." I called after her

"No. I'm going home. You do what you want" she shouted back.

I followed her up the street, staying a few paces behind so as not to stoke her anger. The rain stepped up a gear, falling faster but still as heavy. We were halfway home when the heavens opened. It was as though someone was standing on the rooftops above us with a fire hose aimed at the street. Within seconds we were drenched, our clothes sticking to us. I grabbed Lisa's arm and pulled her into the relative shelter of a side street.

"What's the point. We're already soaked" She said.

I didn't reply but simply stood and gazed at her. My eyes drank in the image of her beautiful face looking up at me, anger burning with intensity in her deep blue eyes. Her blouse was soaked and the now semi transparent material clung to her shoulders and breasts like a second skin. I bent and kissed her full on the lips, unable to resist her.

She started to push me away but I pressed my hand on the back of her head, fingers entwined in her hair and held her in the kiss. I felt her resolve melt. Instead of pushing me away she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me tight against her. Time paused as we kissed, lost in the moment, utterly oblivious to everything but each other. I felt my arousal growing urgently inside my jeans. Lisa clearly felt the pressure against her stomach and dropped a hand to rub me through the denim. This served to rouse me further and I was by now full engorged, eager to be released from the constricting confines of the material. I cupped one cheek of her lovely firm arse through her skirt, squeezing it firmly before sliding lower and finding the smooth flesh of her thigh. It was slick from the rain and my hand slid effortlessly upwards, sneaking under her skirt to find the warm dry flesh of a pert buttock. I was delighted to discover that her usual lacy knickers were absent today.

Lisa deftly popped the buttons of my jeans with a well practiced motion that allowed my erection to spring free. I felt hot rain falling on my sensitive skin. Our kissing was already passionate and breathless but increased in intensity as her hand grasped my shaft firmly and my fingers found her wonderfully wet pussy. I teased her slick flesh with my finger, sliding it across the smooth flesh before burying it deep inside her, my palm pressed to her hot lips as her muscles squeezed around me.

Letting go of my cock she jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist in one smooth motion. Surprised by the sudden movement I fell towards the nearest wall, bracing us with my arms as I pressed her back against the rough brick, impaling her with my cock more by luck than judgement.

Slowly at first but with increasing vigour we ground against each other as I pressed her against the wall. My thrusts were met with small sighs of pleasure and she bit my shoulder, finger nails digging hard into my back as the sensations and our pace intensified. For some indeterminate amount of time we moved with animalistic passion, joining together in pure pleasure, oblivious to the rain and our surroundings, I felt my thighs begin to burn from the exertion of holding our combined weight aloft. My palms felt grazed from the rough brick and I could only imagine the damage it was doing to her back beneath her thin blouse. A flash of intense light flared across the sky and I felt my balls clench, not from fear but in readiness for their impending release. I slowed, thrusting harder to compensate for the drop in pace. Her pussy clenched tightly, squeezing my cock in an iron hard grip that caused the last remnants of control to evaporate. One thrust was all I could manage before I felt the inevitable surge in my groin as my cock tightened then convulsed in pleasure, spraying a streamer of hot cum inside her. Lisa’s eyes widened as she felt me pulse inside her.  My knees trembled and threatened to give way as she joined me in orgasm, her legs squeezing my torso tightly in a climax that left us breathless and wet as the first peal of thunder crashed around us. 

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this. The raw passion, the taboo of the outdoors and definitely the rain! Ummmm.....

  2. wet in more than one way, this is a wonderful story. Ah the fun of a fiery woman and igniting her passions.

  3. A hot story! Love the setting, love the passion!

    Rebel xox

  4. Beautifully written sensual, sexual, hot story! Great story line. Thanks Andy :~)


  5. I do love a good storm, especially in the summer, something very primal about it all


  6. Oh how I love sex in the rain! :-)

  7. We have a brick wall in our backyard. Very nice imagery. :)

  8. Hot erotic and sexy!!! Love it!

    ~Mia~ xx

  9. Wow, that was pretty hot.

    Loved it.