Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A surprise colleague

Katherine sat quietly at her desk. She was typing on the computer, cruising through her day on autopilot. Her job was dull and the office even blander. The dingy cubicle that she sat in held a desk, computer and chair and was absolutely identical to the other 20 desks surrounding it. She hated this job, its surroundings and the people who worked there but… she needed the money. So, she did her job well enough to stay there but not so well that she was noticed. Blending into the background was not normally her way of life but in this case it was what she needed.
Her phone buzzed on the desk. She glanced to see who the message was from and smiled. Her pulse quickening she grinned wider as she read the contents of the message. 
“Are you wearing panties today?”
The direct tone thrilled her as it always did. She had never actually met Him in person and only knew him from the pictures and words they traded online but each and every message she received from Him made her smile. He pushed the boundaries of her normal life and the thrill it gave her was better than any other high she’d discovered so far.
“Yes Sir, pretty silky ones” She sent back.
His response was immediate:
“Take them off. Now. Then show me”
She loved it when He gave her orders and knew that every instruction would bring her closer to Him, and her next orgasm. Glancing round nervously she checked that no one could see then lifted her bum an inch from the seat. Easing her daringly short skirt up her thighs she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers and slid them down her thighs, past her knees and down to her ankles. She sat down again, the cool vinyl of the seat against her dampening pussy making her catch her breath slightly then scooped her underwear from the floor and slipped it into her bag. Glancing round once more to check she was still unobserved she grasped her phone and activated the camera. Holding it under the desk with shaking hands she parted her knees wide and took a picture showing her lack of underwear clearly. It took two attempts as the first time her hands trembled so much that the picture was a pale blurry mess. She tugged her skirt back into place and swiftly sent the image as instructed.
Her phone buzzed again.
“Good girl” came the response immediately.
She smiled, feeling warm, satisfied and aroused in equal measure. Returning to her work she began typing once more, comfortable with her lack of underwear. Half an hour later her phone buzzed once more. 
“Find something in your desk and slide it into your pussy. Leave it there”
Katherine peered around her desk. What could she use? The top of her desk was empty so she opened a drawer - and found a white board marker pen. It was 4 inches long and 1 in diameter. Perfect. Picking it up she glanced round again and checked no one was looking. It was still clear so, parting her legs she took the pen and eased it into her damp pussy. It took a while and she had to slide it in and out a few times, easing it deeper with each stroke before it would all slide in and remain there. She squeezed her thighs together clamping the pen firmly inside her. It felt uncomfortably large inside her but disturbingly good and she struggled to return her concentration to work.
Twenty minutes later her phone buzzed once more.
“Is it still inside you?” He wanted to know.
“Yes Sir. It feels wonderful.”
“Good Girl. Are you ready for a bigger challenge now?” 
She was feeling very horny by now, the secret stimulation of the large pen inside her and the lack of underwear as she sat working quietly surrounded by people was very arousing. Every time she moved slightly she was reminded of its presence and became damper still.
“Absolutely. Anything for you” She replied without any thought.
“I want you to sneak into your boss’s office, take the pen out and leave it on his desk.”
Her pulse raced. That was very risky. What if her boss found out? She could be fired if she got caught. But… what an exciting prospect it was. She was so horny right now that she wasn’t really in the right state of mind to think clearly or refuse the instruction.
At that moment the door to her Boss’s office opened and he walked out. She overheard him saying to the girl next to her that he was heading home early. Maybe if Katherine stayed late tonight she could let the office empty then sneak in and leave the pen on his desk. The pen did feel good where it was and she was in no hurry to move…
An hour or so later she was alone in the office. Now was the time to carry out her allotted task. 
Rising carefully so she didn’t displace the pen too soon she walked slowly into his office. Sitting on the edge of his desk she spread her legs wide and eased the sodden pen from her pussy. It was slick in her fingers and she couldn’t resist the temptation to toy with it a little, sliding it in and out deriving the maximum pleasure from the moment. She became utterly engrossed, laying back on the desk and using the pen with increasing frequency, knowing she was nearing an enormous orgasm.
Just then she heard a cough from the doorway. Her eyes opened wide, startled and she dropped the pen to the floor.
“Good girl. I see you’re enjoying the task a little too much though” Her Boss was standing there grinning like the cat who’d go the cream.
“Ahh… I’m… But…  What did you say?” She stammered. Her initial shock and embarrassment at seeing him there was replaced by confusion. What had he said? Why wasn’t he angry? and how did he know about the task? 
“I thought it was you the moment you walked into the office” He said. “But I wanted to be sure before I said anything. Now, as you’re here and aroused, how about we replace that pen with something a little better…”
His grin was surpassed only by hers as they embraced on the desk and began a wonderful new working relationship.

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  1. that is a great story, very hot indeed.

  2. Oh that is fabulous!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. Very dirty in a delicious way.


  4. Great fantasy and I bet she will enjoy every working day from now on ;)

    Rebel xox

  5. *whistles* That's one way to finally meet!

    xx Dee

  6. What a way too be revealed :)

    Not sure i could work with my partner though. I like to keep things separated ;)

  7. You can't end it there........Sexually frustrated!!!! ;~)

    Thanks for that Andy.