Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Perfect Dream

I drifted in the void between sleep and wakefulness, dimly aware that I was returning from the oblivion of sleep but unwilling to take the step to consciousness. I became aware of two facts.

One - I was massively aroused and fully engorged.
Two - it felt as though there was a practised mouth at work on my cock.

Not sure if I was still dreaming or really being woken this way, my body was in no hurry to change the current situation. Imagined or real, the sensations were electric as a hot mouth enveloped my cock. My mind wandered back to the events of last night in the hope of finding an answer. I’d been out drinking with my best friend Sarah. We’d been close for years and often went out for the evening when we were between partners. Usually one or other of us would strike it lucky and the other would go home alone but last night we’d both struck out and after one too many drinks we’d ended up sharing a taxi to my house where I’d collapsed into my bed and Sarah into the spare bedroom.

Opening my eyes I was shocked to find Sarah’s naked arse beside my head where she was kneeling as she sucked my cock. I couldn’t speak - and didn’t want to interrupt her. She may have been my best friend and we’d never done anything like this before but damn she was good at it! Her tongue was toying with me as her teeth gently grazed the sides of my shaft and one hand cupped my balls. It felt amazingly good. Rather than say anything I reached out with one hand and touched the beautiful round buttock beside me. She paused briefly, acknowledging that I was awake then returned her attention to my morning glory. Her arse was amazing. I’d never really looked at it this way before and certainly never from this angle. It was firm to the touch and beautifully rounded. I ran my hand over it, tracing the smooth lines of it all the way from her back round to her thigh and between them. My fingers found her pussy and I found that not only was it wonderfully damp already but that she was smooth shaven too. As my finger parted the entrance to her pussy and slid slightly inside her she responded instantly. The leg nearest me shifted over my head so that she knelt directly over my mouth in the classic 69 position. Her lips were still around me and her open, damp pussy suspended inches above my face was so inviting I couldn’t help but lift my head and kiss it.

Softly at first then harder, my tongue explored her delicious wet flesh, lapping at the soft skin and hungrily seeking her clit. She tasted divine. Her natural scent mingled with the flavour of her arousal and the taste saturated my senses, sending waves of pleasure through my brain. My tongue responded the only way it knew how and worked busily at her pussy, savouring the taste and the responses from her body as I licked and sucked. I could feel the involuntary contractions of muscles inside her as the ripples of pleasure shot through her in sympathy with the spasms currently racing through me in response to her talented mouth.  Our bodies worked beautifully together, my mouth devouring her pussy as she feasted on me. I reached around her legs and placed my hands firmly on her arse, running my hands down and inwards so  that my fingers met as they traced a path over the puckered flesh of her arsehole and passed onwards to the  oh so sensitive piece of flesh between arse and pussy. She responded by running a finger over me in exactly the same place and we could hold off no longer. We both came together. The muscular spasm forcing us even harder together briefly, her thighs clamping my head tightly in place as her pelvis bucked away from my outstretched tongue then we relaxed, slowly relinquishing our actions. She released my cock from her mouth and licked the tip gently, consuming all trace of my cum. The sensations were exquisite, each touch of her tongue sending an electric pulse through my groin and making me flinch on the border between pain and pleasure. I brushed my tongue slowly over her, delighting in the taste of her post orgasmic pussy but being very gentle and deliberately slow. She eased off of me and collapsed beside me, we lay there, breathing heavily, both awake and sated… for now.

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  1. mummm very hot write. Oral sex is awesome but waking to it, that is fantastic. Thanks for sharing this

  2. I love waking up TH with a blow job. He says it's an amazing feeling. It must be because I always get fucked silly in a way I'm never prepared for.

  3. Now that is a great way to wake up, for both of you. Indeed, the perfect dream :)

    Rebel xox

  4. Love waking up my lover this way, and love being wakened not sure if I am dreaming or if it is real. Reading about oral sex gets me so unbelievably excited, thank you for eloquently doing that.

  5. Hotasallhell and really well written.

  6. Ooh, shivers are running through me :)

  7. Mmmm, what a great way to wake up!!!

    ~Kazi xxx

  8. The best way to wake up a man in my opinion


  9. An excellent way to be awoken ;)

  10. That is the best way to start the day. Mmm. ;-)