Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The masked ball

The party was in full swing, music was playing from speakers placed strategically around the room. It was quiet enough for civilised conversation without having to shout but loud enough to prevent eavesdropping from across the room. Everywhere he looked Jeff could see beautiful people dressed in expensive looking clothes that ranged from flowing silk ball-gowns to daring lace mini dresses that left little to the imagination. All of the partygoers had one common feature though even these varied massively from the plain to the gaudy, each was wearing a mask that concealed their identity.

With an hour to go until the planned reveal, Jeff was taking full advantage of the excellent wines that were on offer and was feeling increasingly relaxed in the strange surroundings. He wandered through the large house, soaking in the opulent surroundings but chatting to no one. Standing by the large doors that looked out onto the terrace he watched a couple head off into the shadows hand in hand.


Jeff turned to see two women addressing him. They were olive skinned, toned, petite and so similar in build they had to be related. All he could see of their faces was their beaming smiles and wide eyes that glinted mischievously. One was wearing a dress that was made of the brightest blue silk he had ever seen and it clung to her body like a second skin. She was short but beautifully formed with curves that he had trouble pulling his eyes away from. The other was wearing a tight black corset that gave her a tiny waist and emphasised her bust spectacularly.

“We noticed you don’t seem to be talking to anyone so we thought we’d introduce ourselves. I’m Emma and this is my twin sister Lucy”

“I’m Jeff. This is my first party here”

“We guessed.” Lucy said, grinning. “Would you like us to show you around?”

“How can I possibly refuse an offer like that?” Jeff smiled back

The three of them wandered through the downstairs rooms while the two women introduced him to an endless barrage of people, none of whose names he’d remember.

“Have you seen downstairs yet?” Emma asked.

“Downstairs? No, I didn’t know there was one” Jeff replied

The sisters exchanged looks and giggled. “Come with us” they said in unison.
Hidden in the corner of the largest reception room was a plain looking door that Jeff had assumed was a storage closet.

“I hope you aren’t easily shocked” said Lucy as she opened the door and ushered Jeff through.
As he stepped inside the door Jeff found himself at the top of a narrow staircase. Emma started down the stairs and Jeff followed her down the steep stairs, noticing as he did that the sound of the party above seemed to fade with each step. At the bottom there was a short corridor with a heavy looking door set into the wall. Approaching the door the only sound was the click of the women’s heels on the tile floor, no other sound was evident. Emma turned to look at him.

“Ready?” She asked

Jeff was intrigued and slightly unnerved by the absolute silence but wasn’t about to show that now. He nodded and waited as Emma opened the door. He stepped into another world. The room was brightly lit and busy with people, most of whom were naked with the bizarre exception of the masks they retained. The crack of a whip on flesh caused him to turn sharply right and he found himself staring at a slightly tubby middle aged man who was tied, spread-eagled upside down on a cross. A maze of bright red welts covered his back and buttocks. The shock must have shown on Jeff’s face.

“Too much?” Lucy asked, not waiting for an answer “There are two rules down here. The first is that you can do anything you want, or have anything you want done to you providing all parties involved are willing participants.”

“The second is that what happens here stays here. No photos, no boundaries and no talking about it outside of here.” Emma added

“So you’re saying that we can do anything we want?” He asked

“Yes. What do you fancy? We’re up for most things…”Lucy said, leaving the offer hanging

Jeff looked around the room, taking in the various areas that were visible from his current position. One wall was lined with shackles, straps and brackets, a number of which were in use. There was a man with his arms tied above his head and a woman with a leather flogger in her hands paying attention to his groin. His stifled cries were clear from across the room. Beside him was a woman tied across a table. Her wrists were bound to her ankles and she was being used by two men, one either end of her.

“Is there anything less painful on offer?” Jeff asked nervously

“Of course” Lucy replied “There are private rooms over here” 

She headed off towards a corridor and Jeff followed quietly, drinking in the scenes around him as he crossed the room. By the time they reached the private room he was feeling far more daring and incredibly horny, all too aware of the pressure building inside his trousers. The door closed behind him and Jeff slowly realised that he was alone in a room with both of the women.

“Do you think you can handle both of us?” Lucy asked as her silk dress fell to the floor.

Her naked body was even better than the silk had suggested. Her breasts were small but her large nipples were flushed a deep pink and standing proudly to attention. A narrow waist flowed into beautifully curved hips and on to long legs that ended in elegantly stiletto clad feet. She turned slowly around, letting Jeff see everything. Jeff’s pulse raced and his cock grew increasingly hard as her beautifully rounded buttocks and neatly trimmed pubis passed before him.

“I don’t know… but I need to find out” He replied.

“Then let me help you out of those clothes while you help Emma out of her corset.” She said

With that she started to undo the buttons of his shirt, kissing the skin of his chest that was exposed by each button. Jeff closed his eyes momentarily, savouring the feel of her lips on his body. His jacket and shirt were pushed from his shoulders and they fell to the floor at his feet. Her hands on his back and shoulders were gentle but confident as they traced the edges of his muscles and slid up his neck, her fingers burying themselves in his hair.

“Don’t forget Emma…” She whispered in his ear, biting the lobe sharply.

Jeff’s eyes popped open and he found Emma standing in front of him, she had her back turned to him and was naked apart from the corset, the intricate cords that held the back of the material led his eyes down to her delicious, full buttocks. Her figure was a perfect match for Lucy’s. He felt hands and lips exploring his back as he fumbled with the knots in front of him. His throbbing cock ached to be free of his trousers. Lucy pressed herself against his back, wrapping her arms around his waist, hard nipples squeezed against his back. Lucy’s hands expertly released his belt and trousers, letting them fall to the floor, setting his cock free momentarily before her hands wrapped around the shaft and began to stroke him.

The last of the tension in the corset released and it fell from her body leaving all three of them naked save for their masks. Emma backed into his arms, and he held her tightly, taking the opportunity to cup her breasts in his hands and squeezing her nipples between his fingers. Her neck was inches from his face and he kissed it tenderly while Lucy kissed his. The sensation of being kissed as he did the same was exquisite and felt quite surreal. Acting as one, the two women stepped back from him and each took one of his hands and turned him around. In front of him was a bed that he hadn’t noticed before, his attention had been so focussed on the women that he simply hadn’t paid any attention to the contents of the room. They led him to the bed and pushed him backwards on to it before climbing on beside him.

Lucy kissed him on the lips while Emma began kissing his thighs, senses overloading, he didn’t know where to concentrate first. He felt hands grasp his cock and begin to stroke it gently, the movements were slow and firm. Hot breath played across the tip of his throbbing member briefly only to be replaced the hot wet tip of a tongue tracing a line down the side of his shaft. Lucy raised herself from him, allowing a brief glimpse of Emma’s head buried in his crotch before the view was once more obscured as Lucy knelt astride his chest. The view up her body, across her flat stomach and to the underside of her breasts was superb. Her pussy was hot against his chest and as she inched forward the hair of Jeff’s chest tickled it causing her to giggle deliciously. Pinning his arms beneath her knees she shifted until her pussy was poised above his mouth. Her scent was intoxicating and he breathed in deeply, savouring it before extending a tongue to taste the sweet nectar of her arousal. Running his tongue around her damp lips he teased her, lapping at the succulent flesh softly at first, then building in intensity, faster and harder. Her arousal grew, he was dimly aware of her breathing becoming faster as he feasted on her and she lowered herself onto his mouth a little more with each tremor that passed through her thighs.

Jeff was so focussed on the delicious responses caused by his tongue that he barely noticed the shift in weight around his legs until he felt Emma’s knees press against the sides of his waist. She lowered herself slowly onto him, impaling herself on his achingly hard shaft. Sensations fought for dominance in his head as Emma’s hot, tight pussy clamped around his cock and Lucy’s sodden pussy filled his mouth with the taste of heaven and he struggled to retain control. The women rode him expertly, moving in unison, grinding themselves onto him, pleasuring themselves on him. Jeff felt his balls tighten as his climax built, his cock began to throb deep inside Emma, preparing to explode. He tried to delay it, to extend the moment of rapture a little further but it was impossible, his cock pulsed and he came inside her. Emma felt the pulse and slowed her pace, squeezing herself around him, milking his balls and responding to each pulse inside her. Lucy ground her pussy onto his mouth and he buried his tongue deep inside her before taking her clit between his teeth and sucking it hard. She came almost immediately, flooding his mouth with a new taste and clamping her thighs tightly around his head, squeezing as a wave of pleasure rolled through her.
They lay together for a while, softly caressing each other and kissing deeply, enjoying the simple pleasure of unhurried contact.

“Time to go” Said Lucy “We need to be upstairs shortly for the unmasking. Oh, and next time… I want your cock”

Jeff grinned, he liked the sound of there being a next time.

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  1. I love the thought of a secret room downstairs. The first rule of sex club is that we don't talk about sex club .. or something like that! Brilliant!

  2. I know where we will be celebrating the second birthday of Wicked Wednesday. Can you send me the address of this club? *grins*

    I love it!

    Rebel xox

  3. I would love a room like that, oh the fun we would have in there.


  4. I think I forgot to breathe while I was reading that. How very decadent!

    xx Dee

  5. Wonderful write. I love those hidden stair cases :)Kind of made it a looking glass feel in my mind, a place of wonder and discovery.
    Thank you for sharing this great piece.

  6. Hot! And thank you for adding to #somethingfortheweekend

  7. Mmmm, that was lovely!!.. So there'll be a next time... ? ;)

    ~Kazi xxx