Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Travellers tale

Authors Note: Since the prompt this week was memories, I thought I'd post the first erotic story I ever wrote. It was created a long time ago and it serves to show how much my writing has improved recently so don't expect too much from it!


I frequently travel for my job and often find myself alone in a hotel in a strange city. Once you manage to overcome the fear of eating and drinking alone it isn’t too bad. As a result of this, I recently found myself sitting alone in a hotel bar with a good glass of red wine.

In these instances I like to indulge in a spot of people watching, which is always an entertaining way of spending time. You always seem to find common groups of people in hotel bars; there will be a nervous couple in a dark corner, they shouldn’t be together and are afraid of being seen by someone they shouldn’t so they laugh nervously and drink quickly so they can head off to a room somewhere. There will be a scattering of people on their own, probably on business as they are normally talking into their mobile or typing on a laptop and maybe a noisy group clustered round a table.

That evening I spotted someone else, there was an attractive brunette with piercing blue eyes and long shapely legs sitting by the bar. She was wearing a short dress and seemed to be on her own and surveying the room in a similar fashion to me - observing whilst feigning disinterest. As she looked round the room she swivelled on the stool and when she turned to face me I couldn’t help but notice that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She smiled into her glass as she saw the surprise register on my face. As I looked into her eyes and returned the smile she parted her legs slightly to give me a better view of her naked pussy. I glanced round the room quickly and realised that no one else could see what I could.

Finishing my glass, I went to the bar and stood beside her to order another. She smiled and asked me if I’d liked what I’d seen. I could only answer honestly that I had. Had I explored the Hotel grounds? she asked. I hadn’t and since it was a warm summer evening we took our glasses out into the gardens. We wandered aimlessly through the grounds, chatting idly about nothing in particular until we reached a large tree, it’s branches hung down to the ground so you couldn’t see the trunk.

Without another word she ducked under the nearest branch and disappeared from view. After a second or two’s hesitation I followed her into the cool darkness and found her standing facing me naked, her dress laying on the ground beside her. I didn’t have time to enjoy the sight as she stepped towards me, wrapping her arms around me and kissing me with an urgency that took my breath away. She slid her hands under my shirt, as I ran my hand down her back and cupped her buttock with one hand, whilst reaching up to caress a breast with the other. She undid my shirt without breaking the kiss and ran her hands across my chest, raking her nails gently as she went. my left hand moved from her buttock, tracing a line across her hip and down her thigh, before sliding slowly up the inside of her legs to explore her wet pussy. She raised one leg and wrapped it around me as my finger slid into her, my thumb gently stroking her clit. Her breathing hardened and she undid my trousers letting them fall to the floor, revealing that I wasn’t wearing underwear either. She finally broke the kiss, kneeling down to run her tongue along the length of my shaft before taking it into her mouth, devouring me hungrily. The sensation was exquisite as she alternated between licking the tip of my cock and taking it deep into her mouth, sucking hard. It felt so good that I came hard after only a few minutes while I was still deep inside her mouth. She looked up into my eyes expectantly as I withdrew and I knew that it wasn’t over yet.

I picked her up and sat her on one of the branches, her back to the trunk of the tree. As I leant in to kiss her, my hands began exploring again. Tracing the outline of her breasts and flowing downwards. I broke the kiss and began kissing her neck and shoulders, exploring her upper body with my mouth while my hands explored the lower half. Her nipples hardened instantly as I kissed, around and over her breasts. She gave a little gasp as I flicked the tip of a nipple with my tongue as I sucked it. I worked my way down, over her flat stomach and down to the tops of her thighs. I teased her, kissing and licking them, just avoiding my obvious target. Finally I kissed her pussy, gently at first, lapping gently with my tongue on her clit, then more urgently as I responded to her body. Her breathing became faster and deeper as I played with her, slowly bringing her towards climax. As I sensed she was nearing her orgasm I took her clit into my mouth and sucked whilst still using my tongue to massage it. She finally came in a shuddering climax, her thighs clamped around my head until she slumped, sated against the tree. She lay there for a while, my eyes enjoying the sight of her naked body relaxed on the branch while I regained my clothing. When she opened her eyes and dropped to the ground she whispered ‘that was fantastic’ in my ear. Without another word she picked up her dress, wriggled into it ducked out from under the tree. Checking my clothing was in place I ducked out after her but she was already gone.

I never did get her name.

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  1. That was nicely told, a perfect one-night stand :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Oh, the ones that got away.

    I've had some one night stands too, but don't know if I still would want them in my life ;)

    Rebel xox

  3. I LOVE the ending.... sometimes you just don't need to know their name


  4. wonderful telling of a great experience. Thanks for sharing

  5. I see I wasn't the only one posting about sex and trees this week, even if your story was written a long time ago. Thanks for bringing us back to the beginning.

  6. What happens overseas stays overseas a chance meeting with a perfect ending, sometimes it best not to know thei names