Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Dominant start

A heady mixture of nerves and anticipation filled me as I walked towards the front door and reached for the doorbell. A distant chime rang out and I saw the hall light come on. I waited patiently, controlling my breathing as my heartbeat increased with each footstep I could hear approaching. The door opened and I was met with a broad smile.

“Hello Cam. It’s been far too long” She said, a subtle hint of Northern regions colouring the words “You’d better come in”

I stepped inside and she softly closed the door behind me. I took a moment to appraise her, taking in the heels, stockings and simple yet elegant dress before enveloping her in my arms and kissing her as if it were my last. The kiss held for an eternity, it was our first for a long time and took my breath away awakening senses my body had forgotten existed.  

“Evening kitten, it’s good to be back, that food smells delicious. Is it ready yet?” I asked

“No Sir” She said slipping instantly back to familiar ground “it will be another 20 minutes”

“20 minutes… I wonder how we can fill that”

I grinned broadly before pressing her back to the wall and kissing her again, this time with an added intensity. Our hands met and fingers entwined themselves briefly before I raised her arms above her head and grasped her wrists firmly in one hand, pinning her to the wall. My free hand explored her body, grasping her splendidly firm arse roughly then running a finger nail up the side of her dress and squeezing her boob. I felt her nipple harden against my palm through the thin linen of the dress.

“No underwear. Good girl, I approve”

She smiled at me, her beautiful face lit up and the twinkle in her eye drove the last hint of nerves from me. My body responded instantly and I felt adrenaline surging through my body driving the last vestiges of travel induced weariness from me and my blood pressure rising.  Keeping her hands pinned to the wall I found the zip on her dress and slowly moved it downwards, gazing into her eyes as I did. Her eyes darted nervously to the front door, it was part glazed and anyone coming to the door now would see us. The zip continued down until the material parted cleanly and fell open revealing her naked glory. Blood surged to my groin as I surveyed the delectable flesh that was mine to use as I saw fit. I released her hands and helped the dress to fall around her feet. Dressed only in stockings and heels Anne looked delicious and I was famished.
I took off my tie and wrapped it around one of her wrists then spun her slowly around so her arm was behind her and brought the other wrist to join it, binding them together gently but securely with the smooth silk.

“You looked away while I was undressing you. That’s rude and we don’t allow that sort of behaviour, do we?”

“No Sir, but I was concerned that someone would see...” she said

“That is my concern, not yours. When I am with you, I am the only thing that matters. You look me in the eyes and don’t concern yourself with anyone else. I can see you need a reminder”

Taking the free end of the tie I passed it between her thighs and pulled it upwards. The material pressed against her exposed pussy, finding its way between her pink fleshy lips as I tugged on it and pulling her wrists tight against her arse. I led her along the hallway using the tie as a guide, keeping it taught so it applied pressure to her clit as she walked. She looked nervous, I knew she didn’t like pain and didn’t enjoy being punished but the fear was combating arousal from being bound and the pressure on her clit.
The dining table was set for an intimate meal at one end but the rest was empty. Leading her to the table I eased the pressure on the tie and swapped hands, taking it from between her legs and slipping it off of one wrist.

“Lay across the table and spread your feet wide apart”

She didn’t question or protest and lay as instructed. I heard her gasp as her stomach and breasts pressed against the cold polished wood. Looping the tie around the table leg I bound her wrists again. She was now captive tied face down on the table with her head just reaching over one side and her perfect arse displayed beautifully on the other. Perfect.

I ran my hand across her back, feeling the tension in her muscles as she waited to see what I would do. She shivered as I traced the length of her spine, goosebumps racing down her arms and legs until I reached the smooth round flesh of her buttocks. Caressing them gently I squeezed them, enjoying the warm flesh in my hand before lifting my hand then slapping one cheek. She gasped as I struck again on the other cheek enjoying the sting of my palm and the ripple passing through her flesh as I spanked her. Something in the corner of my eye caught my attention and I paused, mid strike.

“Oh, now that looks interesting” I said, aware that she couldn’t see what I was looking at but not about to tell her. 

Sat on top of the piano in the corner was a riding crop. I picked it up and took a gentle swipe into my palm, testing the sensation. Standing behind her legs once more I touched the tip of the crop to her thigh and ran it across her flesh, enjoying watching her muscles tense as the leather pressed against her thighs and buttocks. I swiped it gently at first, enjoying the red line that briefly appeared on the pale flesh in response to the touch as much as the shocked yelp it elicited. The crop traced a line from her knee and up her inner thigh, slowly but not stopping until it was pressed against her pussy. It was tempting to hit it and see her reaction but just knowing it was there and that I could do it was enough for now.

“Now kitten, what will you remember to do next time?”

“Focus on you and only you, Sir”

“Good girl”

I walked around the table to stand by her head, unzipping my fly as I went and letting my cock spring free of the confined clothing. The sight of her nearly naked body bent over the table before me had left me fully engorged and my balls aching for release. I teased her buttock with the crop and she lifted her head to gasp, finding the swollen purple tip just inches from her open mouth as I thrust forward, filling it instantly. Her mouth was hot and her tongue adept at teasing my shaft as I used her mouth. Each swat of the crop on her buttocks caused a fresh gasp of hot air to escape her full mouth. The sensation of rushing hot air across my most sensitive flesh was exquisite and I struggled to control the pleasure filling my senses and to resist the urge to hit her more with the crop for the effect it had on me.

She sucked hard as I thrust into her mouth and I felt my balls tighten inexorably and the muscular tensing deep within me that was a precursor to orgasm. My thrusting stopped and my hands stilled as I let her tongue and the suction of her mouth finish me off. I leant on the table for support, bracing my arms either side of her. My buttocks clenched and my throbbing cock exploded inside her, pulsing again and again as she sucked and swallowed the contents of my aching balls, her tongue caressing the tip between spasms, cleaning it of the creamy fluid as it leaked from me. 

Removing the tie I released her arms and softly massaged her buttocks, kissing the red marks I’d left on her skin. Before pulling her upright and wrapping her I my arms, showering her lips and face with kisses.

“You are such a good girl kitten. Now that I’ve had my appetiser I think it must be time for food, although I have a specific dessert in mind for later…”

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  1. a wonderful dinner party there, so whats for desert *evil grin*

  2. Now that is a great starter before dinner :)

    Rebel xox

  3. Mmm, I love this story. Your words captivate and excite me.

  4. Great descriptions, a very enticing story.

  5. Mmmm!! I enjoyed that thank you Andy :)

  6. Absolutely delicious! So, when are you coming for dinner? ;)

  7. Mmmm, that's my kind of appetizer! :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  8. I think I want dessert now....