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The indecent proposal

Authors Note: I was challenged to a writing exercise by Rachel Kincaid. We were both to write a story around the same basic premise but other than that there were no restrictions. 
The premise was that we had three characters (Ian, Michael and Catherine) and the story should involve bondage/restraint, objectification and wax play. 

Rachel has posted hers here: http://rachelkincaid4.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/a-gentlemans-agreement.html

This is my attempt...

It was going to be another dull night. Living alone was bad enough but my current travel regime for work was getting very wearing, I hadn’t been home for weeks and I was missing the simple pleasures in life. I’d finished work for the day and cleared all of my emails and was now sat alone in my bland hotel room with only the TV for company, yet again.

“Sod this” I muttered to myself “Time for a drink”

Abandoning my laptop I pulled on a jacket and left the empty room behind me. Hotel bars are generally even more depressing than the rooms but I’d spotted what appeared to be a decent pub on the way to the hotel that afternoon. A short walk later and in front of me stood an ancient timber door with a low lintel. This looked very promising. Stepping in to the dark interior the first thing I noticed was the smell of stale beer and home cooking. When my eyes had adjusted to the dim interior I was pleasantly surprised that most of the tables were occupied by couples.

“What will it be?” asked the barman

“I’ll have a pint of the best please”

Settling down at an empty table I took a fresh sip of beer and glanced around the room, taking in the characters seated at the tables. People watching was a hobby of mine and often helped to relieve the boredom on nights like this.  The couple to my right had clearly been married for a long time, well into their fifties they were chatting easily and holding hands with the casual familiarity of time. Beyond them I could see a couple at the other end of the scale, barely out of their teens they were in constant contact with each other, stroking, squeezing and kissing each other but barely talking as though they were still strangers with little in common beyond the physical attraction.

I was just starting to assess the next couple when I caught a movement from the corner of my eye and jerked back in shock as a small bouquet of flowers fell on the table just inches from my glass.  Startled, I looked to my left to try and work out where the missile had come from. Seated at the next table were a couple in their mid thirties, close to my age. He was looking somewhat amused while she was openly grinning. They beckoned me over to join them.

“Sorry about that, but Katherine was very keen to meet you, I hope you don’t mind…” The man said “My name is Ian. Welcome to our local and please, join us”

“Hi Ian, I’m Michael. Pleased to meet you both.”

We shook hands and I sat, glad to have someone to talk to. The next hour passed in pleasant conversation, aided by a precession of pints that Ian insisted on buying. With each drink the chat turned increasingly lewd and by the 4th pint he asked a question that floored me.

“Have you ever considered a threesome?”

My mouth hung open and I must have looked as shocked as I felt so he carried on.

“I ask because Katherine has always had this fantasy of being used and abused by a couple of men, ideally someone we don’t have to see again.”

“Um… It’s not something I’ve given much thought to” I answered “I’m not sure I’m comfortable with another man…”

“Don’t worry!” Ian interrupted, “I know how you feel and I’m I no hurry to touch or be touched by a man either. What we had in mind was the two of us concentrating on Katherine. I suspect it could be fun but I should warn you she is somewhat kinky”

I’d had a great evening so far in their company and I had nothing better to do, besides, Katherine was gorgeous. She’d been blushing furiously for most of the evening and she had a filthy giggle. How could I possibly say no to the opportunity to see her naked?


“Really? You do want to?” Katherine asked

“Yes. Let’s do it. Do we need to agree ground rules or something?” I asked

“We’ll sort that out on the way to our house, it’s only a short walk. Come on, no time like the present” 

Katherine was clearly eager to get started. She downed her drink and stood up, reinforcing her eagerness.
We talked as we went, agreeing the basic rules. We both agreed on no contact between Ian and myself as rule 1. The plan was that I was to help Ian restrain her with rope before we started playing. The conversation was fun with Katherine describing what she did and didn’t want us to do, the latter being a much shorter list. It seemed no time at all before we arrived at their door. As we walked up the path my heart was racing and butterflies danced in my stomach as adrenaline flooded my body.

The front door opened directly into a cosy sitting room which was dominated by an unusually large low table sitting in front of a hearth and flanked by two well padded sofas. The table itself was empty but coiled underneath it were what appeared to be two long blue climbing ropes and a few closed wooden boxes. Sitting on the table itself was a silver candelabra which held two tapered red candles.

Katherine entered first, turning on the lights as we went. I followed her in, expecting to sit on the sofa and continue chatting. Ian closed the door behind us and pulled a curtain across it, blocking the dark window panes from view and securing the scene against the gaze of anyone outside.

“Let’s get started” Said Katherine, smiling broadly.

She stood in front of me and slowly, deliberately unbuttoned her dress working her way downwards. Each button revealed another delectable portion of her body and the delicate lace underwear she was wearing. I was utterly transfixed as the material parted and fell to the floor. Her pale flesh was toned but retained curves that my hands itched to trace and caress. Katherine turned slowly, letting me soak up the view and appreciate her from all sides, her bum was a perfect peach that was begging to be cupped or spanked and the fine lace hid precious little of it. With her back still facing me she reached behind herself and popped the clasp of her bra, shrugging out of it and letting it fall by her feet. Katherine didn’t stop there, she slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her flimsy knickers and, bending at the waist, slid them smoothly down to her ankles.  The view of her perfect arse presented to me was incredible and I could feel the pressure in my trousers growing rapidly. She straightened and slowly turned to face me. Her body was delicious. She had a narrow waist that curved beautifully via her hips to long shapely legs. Her breasts were modest but topped with large nipples that were clearly swollen and flushed a dark pink. She smiled at me.

“I think it’s your turn now” She said “Let me help”

With that she closed the distance between us and stood inches from my chest, her eyes turned up to meet mine. Placing her hands behind my head she pulled my face to hers and kissed me. Until now it had been frivolous flirting and a vague promise. The kiss made it real and I felt my body responding automatically. A heady mix of Adrenaline and hormones flooded my body, combining with the alcohol to bring my primal lust racing to the surface. I wrapped my arms around her and explored her naked back, grasping her buttocks and squeezing them hard as we kissed. As she pulled back and started to release the buttons on my shirt my hands focussed on her chest and my eyes gazed into the hazel pools of hers. Her boobs nestled easily in my hands and I slipped her nipples between my fingers. They were flushed dark and swollen so hard that they could have been carved from stone if it wasn’t for the way her eyes closed and her breath caught when I pinched them.

I was so lost in her eyes I barely noticed as the last button came undone and she started on my trousers but the world snapped back into focus as her hand reached into my underwear and grasped my cock. She held it firmly as if testing its rigidity then let go and yanked the material down my thighs leaving my clothes pooled around my ankles. My cock sprang free, standing proudly to attention and eager to play. Wrapping a hand tenderly around it she kissed me on the lips again and gave it a few gentle strokes.

“That’s enough of that for the moment” Ian said.

I’d momentarily forgotten he was there. While Katherine had been undressing me Ian had stripped and was standing naked and aroused behind her. He was much more intimidating naked than he had been dressed being better toned and larger than me. A wave of doubt rippled through me, did I really want to do this? A glance at the naked woman standing before me dispelled any doubts as quickly as they rose.

“Come and lie on the table while we tie you”

Katherine needed no encouragement. She lay down on the hard wood immediately. The size of the table dictated her position and she was soon flat on her back with her knees raised and her heels pressed back against her arse, her head was just hanging over the other edge of the table.  

“Right” said Ian, pulling the ropes from below the table “I’ll take her left leg, you have her right. Just copy me. You’ll soon get the hang of it but I do think we need a little more light to see by”

One of the red candles that had been on the table when we arrived appeared in his hand as if by magic. Placing it between her thighs he pressed it against her pussy, sliding it up and down between her glistening lips, lubricating the wax shaft with the juices leaking from her. She sighed as he used his fingers to part her wet pink lips then slid the blunt end of the candle into her. A match flared and the candle flared into life, the flame was a hands breadth from her thighs and her silky smooth pussy. Warm light illuminated her flesh and the air filled with the aroma of her scent mingled with that of hot wax.

Ian took the end of the rope and secured it tight around her ankle and started to wind it firmly around her bent leg. Working his way up to her knee then back down he formed a double helix that bit into her flesh and held her leg immobile. He finished by taking the loose end under the table and secured it around her wrist. I took much longer to complete the intricate knots, partly because I’d never done it before and my fingers were fumbling and partly because I was intoxicated by the sight and scent of her aroused sex just inches from me. I could feel the heat from the naked flame as my hands teased the rope around her leg. I was fearful of pulling the rope too tight and when I’d finished my knots were nowhere near as neat as Ian’s but were equally effective. Katherine was bound, immobile on the table, ours to use as we saw fit. A new sensation clamoured for attention in my mind, a domineering personality that was excited and aroused by the sight before me was coalescing inside me.

Ian took a second candle and lit it from the first. He held it over Katherine’s face so she could see it before moving it to hover over her breast. I watched as a drop of molten wax fell from the burning tip and fell onto the soft pale flesh. She gasped, a mixture of pleasure and pain evident in the tone as the skin below and around the wax flushed pink in response to the heat. Not wanting to miss out I reached between her thighs and took that candle between my fingers, it was warm to the touch. Gazing into her eyes I teased the candle in and out of her, feeling her tight muscles clenching it firmly while Ian dripped a line of molten red across her upper body. Each drip of wax caused her eyes to squeeze shut and a short gasp to escape her. I slowly eased the candle out of her, feeling the resistance as she held it firmly in place. The waxy rod was slick with her juices and I held it firmly, allowing the hot wax to run down the side and onto my hand. It was hot but not painfully so.  Encouraged by the long line of red that was being spread across her boobs I tipped my candle on its side and let a drip fall onto her thigh. The flesh puckered below the cooling wax and her muscle tensed minutely against the ropes. Her bodies’ reaction was subtle but mesmerising.

I looked at Katherine’s face but she wasn’t really there anymore. Her face was beaming a beatific smile and her unfocussed eyes were gazing deep into a mental abyss. Sensory overload combined with rope to send her mind drifting in sub space while her body responded automatically to each sensation we inflicted on it. She was truly ours to do as we pleased. The power and responsibility caused a wave of pleasure to course through me and I felt my cock throb in response. I needed to bury my aching flesh inside her before too long.
I blew out the candle and laid it to one side before kneeling between her thighs. I kissed her inner thigh, the scent of her arousal filling my senses. Her flesh remained slack and unresponsive to my lips so I pressed my teeth to the soft flesh and bit her, softly but enough to mark the flesh. This time her muscles tensed in response, good, I had her attention now. I switched to the other thigh, nipping my way closer to her sodden pussy, the smell of her sex getting stronger as I edged closer until my lips were grazing hot wet flesh. Her thighs were quivering before me, each hot breath causing a ripple of contracting muscle. I could resist no longer, I had to taste her. My tongue lapped at her, she tasted exquisite, lemon, honey and heather rolled into a musky ball of scent with an undertone of warm wax. I buried my face between her thighs and feasted on her until her breathing became heavier still and her thighs were straining at the ropes. I noticed the sound of her breathing change as if muted and looked up to see Ian kneeling by her head, his cock buried deep in her mouth.

Straightening my back I shuffled forward on my knees and pressed the swollen tip of my aroused cock against her pussy. It slid effortlessly between her sodden lips and I felt her clench around me as I entered. I thrust forcefully, my flesh slapping against hers as I pounded her captive body. Closing on a climax I slowed my pace, conscious of our discussion earlier and clenched, suppressing the delicious sensations emanating from my groin in an effort to prolong the moment.

“You can come now” Ian whispered to her as he withdrew from her mouth.

She finally let loose her suppressed emotion and howled with pleasure as an orgasm ripped convulsively through her. Every muscle tensed and trembled as raw pleasure reduced her to a quivering mass. Her pussy grasped me tightly and it took all my control to resist the temptation to empty my balls inside her and withdraw.

Ian looked at me expectantly as he stood beside Katherine’s head. I slowly stood on quivering legs and moved to stand the other side of her. Wrapping my fingers around my painfully engorged shaft we waited until Katherine opened her eyes before starting to stroke ourselves. She watched intently with hungry eyes as we wanked over her bound form. Such was my arousal that it took mere seconds before I felt the telltale tightening of my balls. I closed my eyes and let the sensations absorb me as my cock contracted then convulsed in my grip spraying hot ribbons of cum over her tits and dripping onto her upturned face. Ian followed seconds later covering her in a second wave of sticky liquid a guttural moan escaping from his lips as he did.

Following Ian’s lead we slowly released the ropes and massaged the tortured flesh back to life as we went easing the pins and needles racing through her limbs and restoring blood flow until finally she was free once more, her smile radiant and sated.

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  1. Damn that is on lucky bloke. very hot and intense story, I was so wrapped in it I think I forgot to breathe at points. Well done

  2. I would love to be made such an indecent proposal by two men and then to be used by them!

    Great story!

    Rebel xox

  3. Gosh, great story, very naughty!

  4. Well written and absorbing, loved it!

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. Lucky him... ummm, lucky her.. oh my lucky them ;)


  6. What a great story. Yes it has been a lot of fun collaborating with you.

    Rachel x

  7. Lucky her, incredibly steamy. I would love a night like that!

  8. I have stayed in a number of hotels for work; that never happened me ;(

    Great story.

  9. I could have almost been I the room with them from your description, the ropes and candles and two men every woman's fantasy. You left me wanting to read more.

  10. I loved this one, drawn in and I too didn't want to pull away. Fantastic job. ;) ~Suzy