Thursday, 2 May 2013

Outdoor adventure

Based on the comment "mmmmm fucking outside... hot! " I thought I'd post another outdoor sex scene, although this one is slightly different.


Emma was gorgeous. The trouble was she knew it and how to use her looks to get whatever she wanted. As long as she had guys telling her how irresistibly pretty she was, she was happy. As a result of this she was forever surrounded by men who did whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it. She was never short of company or male attention. She kept her acolytes happy by feeding them pictures of her - from risque through to pornographic depending on how much she wanted from them and how much praise they heaped on her.  The problem was that she needed a ready supply of pictures to drip feed to her admirers. Most were simply taken and sent from her phone but she was after something more for her more ardent admirers. As a result, she had arranged a modelling session with a local photographer but true to form she was planning to sleep with the photographer in exchange for the pictures rather than paying him.

They had arranged to meet in a secluded section of forest. Emma was wearing a short summer dress that fastened at the front, a pair of heels and a smile - nothing else. The guy she was meeting was armed with a large camera bag, several camera bodies and an array of lenses in an oversized camera bag. 

The first pictures were easy and obvious. A seductive smile followed by a flash of leg and then a gradual striptease ending in some tasteful full body nudes. 

“Can we do something a little harder now?” She asked. “I’d like some of me tied to that tree over there…”

The Photographer had come prepared as she had hinted at this before. He opened his bag and extracted two short lengths of rope. He took one and fastened it to one of her wrists. Passing it round the back of a large tree and  over a high branch he tied the other end to her other wrist so that her  arms were raised high above her and her back was pressed hard against the rough bark of the tree. He started taking pictures of her.
Before long he was opening his bag again. This time he extracted a pair of nipple clamps. Emma looked slightly hesitant but didn’t object as he fastened them to her nipples. He took some close ups of her breasts showing the clamps to full effect.

“Let’s take some over there” he said, pointing at a large fallen tree across the path.

Untying the rope from one wrist he released her and they walked to the tree he had indicated. He suggested that she should lie on the trunk where it was about waist height. She lay on her back and he tied her wrists above her head around a convenient branch. He also took another piece of rope and tied her ankles behind the tree trunk leaving her legs spread wide apart and her pussy full exposed. The bark was rough against her back and Emma was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. 

The photographer took some full body shots from beside her. These were quite tasteful and only showed her breasts which still had the nipple clamps in place. Then he moved down by her feet and took some shots showing her pussy clearly. As he stood there taking the pictures he was becoming very aroused looking at her captive, naked body. He placed his hands on her thigh and touched her pussy. Emma was startled but didn’t protest - she had promised him sex after all. He worked his fingers into her pussy, spreading her wide open and taking pictures of her glistening pink flesh as he did. Emma was becoming very aroused herself now, she couldn’t help it but her pussy was growing damper with each touch and click of the camera, her nipples were hardening, flushing a deep shade of red.

The photographer was by this time nursing a fully engorged cock that was straining to be released from his trousers. He undid his belt and unzipped his fly, letting the material fall around his ankles. His cock, now unrestrained stood proudly to attention. He manoeuvred himself so that he could enter her and with no hesitation slid his swollen cock into her. Emma was totally unable to resist - but also unwilling to protest. She wanted to be fucked right now, and hard.

Keeping his camera in his hand he continued taking pictures alternating between his cock sliding in and out of her sodden pussy and the pleasure etched on her face he continued to thrust into her. It didn’t take long before he came, the force of his ejaculation surprising  her as she felt his cock convulsing inside her and his cum slamming against  the inside of her pussy. As he withdrew he took pictures of his cum dribbling from inside her and onto the wet bark of the tree, leaving a cooling pool of evidence between her buttocks. 

Just then the sound of footsteps trudging through the undergrowth came from behind him. He turned to see Emma’s latest boyfriend approaching. Her eyes widened in shock - she wasn’t expecting to see him at all! 

“Hi Dave” the photographer said “Your turn now”

Dave turned to Emma and said “I knew you had arranged this, and what you were planning, so I thought I’d add a surprise for you”

With that, he stripped and approached the still tied Emma. He kissed her full on the mouth and squeezed her breasts hard, tightening the nipple clamps a little as he did and stifling her protestations with his mouth on hers. The photographer stepped back and began taking pictures again, recording the action. Dave dropped a hand between her thighs and slid his fingers into her.  Emma’s well lubricated pussy offering no resistance and her back arched as his fingers delved deeply into her.  A soft moan escaped her lips as a fresh wave of arousal rolled through her in response to his touch.

Dave fumbled with one of the knots around her ankle and released it. Holding her wrists he did the same there, leaving the rope dangling free from one wrist and one ankle. Lifting her from the tree Dave rolled her over and laid her over the tree trunk face down then lashed her ankles to her wrists around the trunk. Emma was shocked. She now found herself utterly immobilised and powerless, tied to the tree naked with her arse sticking up in the air. The sound of the camera shutter reminded her that this wasn’t just her boyfriend playing! She was about to protest when she felt the sharp sting of Dave’s hand slapping her bum. He repeated this with her other cheek. The camera clicked, faithfully recording two perfect hand prints on her arse cheeks, the bright red contrasting nicely with her pale flesh. 

The fresh marks added nicely to the bark scratches visible on her back from earlier. Dave stood behind her and slid his hand slowly over the marks he’d just created, tracing the red outline until his fingers pressed against her pussy. He deftly parted the slick flesh and slipped a finger inside. This was soon joined by a second, his thumb circled her tightly puckered arse as his fingers thrust inside her. His fingers withdrew and she heard a twig snap as he moved. She felt a new pressure between her thighs as his cock pressed against her briefly before being buried deep inside her. Emma moaned as Dave started thrusting hard and fast. Her stomach and thighs were being pressed hard against the rough bark of the tree but the discomfort only added to her arousal.

After only a few minutes he withdrew his cock, the photographer faithfully capturing images of his dripping cock as it left her pussy. He shifted slightly and pressed his well lubricated cock against her arse. Emma gasped in shock as Dave’s cock pushed and slid into the tight opening, her stomach picking up grazes from the bark as she bucked against him.

The photographer, having captured a number of pictures of Dave inside her, moved to Emma’s head to capture images from there. His obvious arousal was impossible to hide as he still had no trousers on, so Dave grabbed a handful of Emma’s long blonde hair and pulled, forcing Emma to lift her head. 

“Suck him” he instructed Emma.

The photographer stepped forward and Emma’s hungry mouth fastened around his cock.  He still tasted of her, a taste she was familiar with. The shutter clicked and recorded their activities as the two men continued to pound and thrust into Emma as she lay helplessly tied to the tree. As if by some hidden signal the two men came within seconds of each other. Emma felt the photographer’s cock pulse as hot cum shot into the back of her throat, forcing her to swallow it as Dave filled her arse, his balls emptying themselves inside her.

Dave took a few moments to recover his breath and she felt him deflating slowly inside her. Eventually he withdrew, untied her and held her in his arms. It wasn’t long before Emma recovered her breath, looked into his eyes and said.

“Wow. Can we do that again!”

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  1. Oh my. Yes please. What a deliciously hot scene.

    Rachel x

  2. Now that is the kind of outdoor sex I would like ;)

    Rebel xox

  3. Well I certainly enjoyed reading that scene. Very Hot!!

  4. Oh my!! I think I might have to excuse myself...
    Very nice x

  5. I'm really interested in how you came up with this story knowing that you're a photographer... Anyway.. this is very good and all I can think of is oh the story that the tree can tell..