Thursday, 25 April 2013

Our First Time

It was a Wednesday afternoon and college was closing at midday. Every Wednesday was sports afternoon and the various teams, from Rugby and Hockey through to chess were all engaged in strenuous matches pitting college against college and person against person. I always enjoyed these afternoons, not because I was a big sports fan but because it was a free afternoon with no lessons and an empty house that my girlfriend and I could use for our own activities.

Heading home in my tatty old car I had the radio on, loudly. It had to be loud to cover the noises of the car is it wheezed asthmatically through the country lanes heading home and it was tuned to a local station that played an esoteric mix of songs that made up the soundtrack to my youth.  As we rounded a bend in the middle of nowhere, Meatloaf started to belt out one of his finest and the volume crept up a notch or two, partly because it deserved it and partly to cover our broken and inept attempts to sing along.

“…We were barely 17 and we were barely dressed…” Broad grins lit our faces as we sang, the words rang so true and had brought a smile to our face every time since we’d first heard them lying naked beside each other last year.

I turned the volume down as we neared her house, I didn’t want to advertise the fact we were there too loudly just in case her Dad was there. He had an unfortunate habit of arriving home early unannounced and he didn’t like me, but then how many Dads do like their teenage daughter’s boyfriend? He’d have liked me even less if he knew what we got up to when he wasn’t around.

Thankfully the house was empty. We just about made it through the front door before the subdued passion broke free. Holding her hand firmly I spun her around on the spot and pulled her into an embrace. Our lips met in an intense kiss that lasted an immeasurable time as we lost ourselves in the moment. When we finally broke for air my cock was straining to be unleashed and uncomfortably tight in my jeans.

“Come on” She said. “Upstairs, now”

Not needing a second invitation I climbed the stairs rapidly behind her. Entering her room, she turned on the radio above her bed. I stood behind her and reached around her, cupping her boobs in my hands and kissing her neck as she fiddled with the controls on the stereo. It was almost enough to make her forget what she was doing but not quite. I felt her nipples stiffen against my palm just as she found the station we’d been listening to and she paused, clearly enjoying my touch.  Not one to hesitate for long, I began undoing the buttons on the front of her blouse whilst nibbling her neck. As her top fell open my hands returned to the material covering her boobs. Maybe it was the fact there was less material or maybe her nipples were really harder than before, either way they pressed obviously into my palms as I squeezed. She twisted free of my grip and turned to face me, letting her blouse fall to the floor as she did and stepped forward to meet my hungry mouth with hers. We kissed again, hard and breathlessly, tongues duelling for supremacy with the full vigour of youth. My hands were pressed against her back, relishing the opportunity to feel her naked flesh. One hand found her bra strap and the fingers traced the line of material until they hit the telltale bump of the clasp. Thanks to several months practice it only took one careful pinch of the clasp with my fingers to release the precious cargo contained by the bra.

Her eyes widened as she realised how easily I’d worked the clasp.

“You are far too good at that” She muttered between kisses.

Slowly slipping my hands around her sides I separated her from the material and slid my hands over the delicious smooth flesh of her boobs. My hands just about covered them but were completely filled, her nipples slid easily between my fingers allowing me to squeeze them whilst massaging her wondrous breasts. By this time my cock was desperate for freedom and it was being uncomfortably squeezed by the denim of my jeans and was pressed firmly against her stomach.

She reached down and released the buckle of my belt, rapidly followed by the button and zip of my fly. My jeans fell into an untidy sprawl around my ankles and there was only the thin material of my pants that separated my aching cock from her touch now.

She stepped a pace away from me and I watched as she shrugged her shoulders out of the now pointless bra and slowly undid her belt and jeans, letting them fall to the floor. She stepped out of them and stood before me wearing just her tiny knickers. Not to be outdone I pulled my t-shirt over my head and untangled my feet from my jeans, pausing only to unlace my boots. I stripped my socks off with the jeans and stood before her in my too tight pants.

She stepped forward and kissed me again then dropped to her knees in front of me and placed her hands on the waistband of my pants. Tugging gently she pulled them downwards so that my bum was exposed and the material inched down my thighs until my fully engorged cock was finally pulled free. It sprang from the material and nearly slapped her in the face such was the pressure in it at that point. She giggled and kept pulling the material until it was loose around my feet. Then she placed a hand around my shaft and delicately kissed the tip of my erection. Normally she would proceed to treat me to a delicious slow blowjob, something she was spectacularly good at but today she seemed hesitant. She tilted her face up to meet mine and gazed deeply into my eyes.

“I think we should go further today” She said

“You mean you want to…” I began

“Yes. I’m ready.”

We had been dating a long time but had never gone further than oral sex before. That hadn’t been a problem as we were now both masters of oral and capable of making the other climax easily but it had always been there, lurking in the back of our minds, as something neither of us had done. I was ready of course, I’d been ready for as long as I could remember but she wasn’t, so we had stuck where she was happy.

“Are you sure?” I asked, barely able to contain my excitement


I didn’t need to ask again. The look in her eyes told me that she was indeed ready now.
She stood and kissed me once more. I reached for the waist of her knickers and slowly slid them down as we kissed. Letting them fall to the floor I placed my hand between her thighs and felt the hot wetness of her pussy as my finger pressed against it.

Pushing her backwards towards the bed I lowered her gently on to it, kissing as we moved. Flat on her back, I knelt between her thighs and kissed her mouth then slowly worked down her body kissing her neck, boobs, stomach and thighs before kissing her damp pussy tenderly. Even if we were going all the way I couldn’t miss out on this.  She tasted divine, her musky scent filling my senses as I knelt between her legs and feasted on her. I played with her, bringing her close to orgasm using my tongue, lips and teeth, alternating between burying my tongue deep inside her and sucking her tortured clit. I knew her preferences and how to please her and loved the taste as she became increasingly aroused.

I heard her bedside draw open and she reached down to grasp my head, stopping me before she reached her climax. She held out a condom for me, it’s silver foil wrapper glinting like a precious gift.

“Put this on and do it. Now!”

Raising myself upright on my knees I took the proffered gift and tore the corner of the foil package, extracting the condom. It was slippery to the touch and felt odd in my hands. Remembering the instructions I pinched the tip and rolled it slowly down my engorged shaft. She watched intently, keen to ensure we did things right. Satisfied it was in place I shuffled forward and leaned over her, taking my weight on my hands and knees, barely touching her. She lifted her head and kissed my lips as I pressed the latex encased tip of my cock to her sodden slit. I pressed it forward, feeling resistance, unsure if I was doing it right or not. Then suddenly I felt something shift, her flesh parted and I sank into her. The feeling was exquisite, unlike anything I’d felt before. Hot and tight, I felt the pressure of her body pressed around my most sensitive area. She gasped slightly and I pulled back, thinking I must have hurt her but she pressed her hands against my buttocks, urging me to push again. I started moving my hips slowly, sliding in and out of her. The pressure in my balls was growing to impossible levels and I knew that even though I’d only just started it was about to be over. I remember hearing the song on the radio at the time, every detail of the room, and her. All were etched forever into my memory as my cock unleashed spurt after spurt of cum into the latex, pulsing again and again as my balls emptied themselves inside her. I froze, unable to move, as pleasure and guilt cascaded through me.

“Sorry” I said, mortified that it was over already

“Don’t be, it was great. We just need practice, that’s all. I’m sure we’ll get better”

I can tell you that we practiced a lot after that. Now that the first time was over it was like a dam bursting, releasing all of the pent of frustration and we went for it the way that only two late teens can, with irrepressible energy and enthusiasm. Wednesdays will always remind me of that day and certain songs on the radio always make me smile.

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  1. Ah, the first time. Those memories are so sweet! Great story :D

    Rebel xox

  2. Never forget the first time... Great write and thanks for sharing

  3. How endearing, and sexy. For some reason this prompt reminded a few of their first time. Great story, glad I had a chance to read.