Thursday, 4 April 2013

An unusual day at work

I sat in the office, alone and silent. Apart from the occasional phone call there was no one to speak to and very little work to do. A random selection of songs in my ear phones the only thing keeping me vaguely sane.
My phone buzzed and I looked to see what spam email had arrived this time. To my delight it wasn’t an anonymous email but a message from my lover.

“I’m in the area, would you like some company?”

I grinned, wicked thoughts racing through my mind.

“Absolutely! Meet me in the office” I sent back.

I continued to stare mindlessly at my computer, looking busy and answering the odd email but in reality doing nothing but imagine her lips on mine. A growing bulge in my trousers was the only indication of the activity taking place in my mind, hopefully nobody else would show up in the near future!

There was a knock at the door and I turned to see her standing there. She beamed a huge smile at me, eyes twinkling with mischief as I stood to embrace her. As I engulfed her in a huge hug my hands traced a line along her back from slender neck to pert buttocks. I loved the way she felt in my arms and the small shudder I generated as goosebumps raced along her arms in response to my touch. We kissed and I let the door swing closed behind her, pressing her against the door as we held the kiss.

My hand tapped the latch and locked the door silently behind her. Taking her by the hand I turned and walked down the corridor to the conference room. We went in, turned on the lights and closed the door behind us. Placing my hands on her hips I spun her round and pushed her slowly backwards against the table. She sat on the edge and we resumed I kiss as I stood between her thighs. Her legs parted further and she wrapped them around my waist, pulling me closer by pulling firmly on my tie. I knew from the first touch that she wasn’t wearing a bra, my fingers hadn’t found any trace of a strap when it was exploring her back. Her legs were covered in smooth black silk and I longed to explore them. Placing my hands on her knees I slid them along the smooth silk and along the outside of her thighs, passing gently under the hem of her dress, past the straps securing her stockings to their suspender belt and round to her beautiful round arse. My eyes widened slightly at her daring, she’d neglected her knickers as well as a bra.

The dress she was wearing was a beautifully simple and elegant midnight blue wraparound number. It was secured at the side with a single clasp and I reached for it now as our tongues explored each other hungrily. The clasp released with a quiet pop and the material fell apart easily. I stepped back slightly to admire the view. She sat on the table with a hungry look in her eyes, lips parted in a perfect pout. Her strawberry blonde hair fell just past her shoulders and the material of her dress framed her body beautifully drawing my eyes downwards. Her breasts were modest, small enough to allow her the freedom to choose whether to wear a bra or not according to her mood and her nipples were an object truly worthy of desire; When aroused they flushed a deep pink and swelled spectacularly, becoming as hard as jelly beans and just as irresistible to my mouth. Her belly curved gently downwards, past a pierced navel with a pretty piece of silver jewellery hanging from it to a neatly trimmed patch of pale pubic hair. Below this was her delicious and always damp pussy, its pink lips protruding slightly, demanding attention. I pressed my hands to her boobs, placing my thumbs on her nipples and rolling them under the pad of my digits. They responded beautifully, swelling rapidly in my hand and flushing furiously. Burying my face in the crook of her neck I nipped her neck and shoulder gently with my teeth, kissing my way from her ear to the nape of her neck. She leant back and I kissed lower, working my way down to her breasts. Circling her nipple I kissed repeatedly, inching closer to the swollen bud. Opening my mouth wide I took most of her boob into my mouth and sucked, my tongue teasing her nipple as I did. She drew in a sharp breath then let it out slowly as I released her only to shift to the other side and repeat the process. Both nipples were soon fully hard and a lovely deep pink colour. I kissed the underside of her boobs and worked lower as she lay back further.

Flat on her back now my mouth continued to head southwards tracing a random path from chest to thigh. Grazing her thigh lightly I kissed around her stocking tops savouring the smooth flesh there and relishing the heady scent of her arousal. Kissing my way around her trimmed hair, the seductively smooth skin felt superb on my lips. Finally I reached her beautiful pink lips and kissed them gently. She tasted divine and my tongue lapped at her, savouring her sweet flavour. My fingers reached around my tongue and spread her pussy wide so that my tongue could probe deeper. I kissed, licked and sucked her pussy, devouring her eagerly, her body bucking and grinding against me as I played. Taking her clit into my mouth I sucked, toying with it between my teeth, biting gently and caressing it with my tongue. At the same time the fingers of my free hand slid around the back of her thigh and began to circle her tight arse and to caress the soft flesh between pussy and anus. Her breathing was growing faster as I played and her juices began to flow faster and sweeter as she neared an orgasm. Feasting a little longer, prolonging the taste of her I teased and cajoled until finally, my tongue deep inside her sodden cunt and her clit between my lips I pressed a finger harder against her anus and as it slipped inside her she came with a shuddering orgasm, thighs clamped tight around my head, her pussy flooding my mouth with delicious flavours and my nose with a heavenly scent.

Pulling away I stood and kissed my way slowly up her body once more from thigh to mouth, unbuckling my belt and unfastening my trousers as I did so, letting them fall round my ankles. Her eyes were just opening though still unfocussed as I reached her mouth and pressed my tongue between her lips. The taste of her arousal on my lips brought her back to reality and she kissed me back. 

My cock was fully engorged and keen to join the party. As I stood kissing her it pressed against her sodden pussy and slid easily into her. She responded instantly and wrapped her legs around my hips, heels pressing into the small of my back and pulling me deeper inside her. Our hips ground together, grinding and pounding against each other as my cock thrust inside her. Her pussy felt divine wrapped tight around me and she squeezed her muscles tight, grasping my cock firmly every time I pushed. She dragged her nails across my back, the thin material of my shirt doing little to separate the hard polished tips from my skin. The sensations were exquisite and time ceased to exist as we moved in unison on the conference table.

Finally I could hold out no longer, my cock stiffened impossibly, balls tightening, I sank my teeth into her shoulder as I came deep inside her. It pulsed once, twice, again as it emptied the contents of my aching balls into her. Her breath caught and she joined me, a second orgasm racing through her body with the force of an electric shock. 

We lay slumped on the table for a while as we caught our breath. Somewhere in the distance a phone was ringing but I ignored it. Slowly we returned to normal pulse rates and less hurried breathing. I stood, pulled my trousers up and refastened them. She sat up shakily, then stood and pulled her dress back around herself, attaching the clasp that held the material together once more. 

“Shall we go downstairs for a coffee?” I suggested opening the door to the conference room.

I looked back, checking there were no telltale puddles on the table as we left before heading down to the cafe.

Meetings at that table would never be quite the same…


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  1. Ah the joys of sex at work. makes the day go by much better. Thank you for sharing

  2. Oh how many times I have looked at our meeting table and imagined me on there... pity it will never happen. Nice story :)

    Rebel xox