Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The morning after

I woke to find the bed empty but my nose and mouth still full of her deliciously musky aroma. There are few scents better to wake up to than that of post orgasmic pussy, only sizzling bacon comes close. I raised my head and looked around, searching for her. Rolling over I spotted her superbly rounded arse out on the balcony. I smiled, it was a beautiful sight at any time of day but first thing in the morning it signified a great start to the day.

I padded over from the bed to stand behind her, nestling my groin against her bum and leaning over to kiss her on the shoulders.

“Good morning gorgeous, sleep well?”

“Oh yes, I was exhausted after yesterday” 

She’d drifted off in my arms last night just moments after a truly cataclysmic orgasm from both of us. We’d both been smiling, exhausted and contented and slept long and deeply.

Just being next to her naked form was enough to arouse me fully and we were both aware of my erection pressing up between her legs, nestling in the warm soft region at the top of her thighs. I kissed her neck and shoulders, my hands reaching under her to hold her modest breasts, feeling her nipples harden at my touch. I began to rock my hips back and forth slightly, slowly, just letting my engorged cock slide across her clit, feeling her warm damp arousal. 

We stood like that for a while, me simply rocking back and forth slowly, applying gentle pressure to the entrance of her dampening pussy and her pressing against the balcony, ostensibly gazing out over the garden below but actually with her eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face. The sound of a scream and a splash from below caught my attention and I moved beside her peeking over the balconies edge to see what the commotion was - just a couple of kids jumping into the still cool water of the pool. We turned our heads and kissed properly. My hand traced a line down her spine all the way to her pert buttock. I cupped it tenderly, paused, then brought my hand back and smacked it. Her eyes widened and her tongue leapt into my mouth. I returned my hand to cupping her buttock. She responded by taking my cock in one hand and began to stroke me steadily. I smacked her arse once more, still locked in the kiss. She let go of my cock and raked a fingernail up my thigh. 

I moved back from the rail and stood behind her once more. Bending my knees slightly my cock passed between her thighs, then straightening my legs once more the shaft pressed firmly against her pussy. I drew it slowly backwards, my hard cock rubbing against her clit. As the tip passed over the entrance she arched her back and I thrust slowly forwards sliding deep into her with ease. It felt amazing.

As we stood, grinding against each other she flexed her internal muscles and massaged my cock deep inside her pussy. The sensations were exquisite, I loved the way she did that and it never ceased to amaze me how tightly she could grip me that way. I grasped her boobs and pinched her nipples, loving the way she gasped and moaned as I squeezed and thrust into her. I adjusted my tempo, fast then slow, then fast again, matching her responses and raising her arousal closer and closer to climax. When I judged she was close I grasped her hips firmly and began to pound harder and faster. The slap of flesh against flesh was loud in the open air of the balcony but I didn’t care as I felt my balls grow tighter and tighter, preparing for the inevitable explosion that was building. I held my breath and my cock spat the contents of my aching balls deep inside her, spasming once, twice, again. She felt the hot cum slam into the wall of her pussy, deep inside her and as my balls emptied themselves into her she came too. Her knees buckled and I braced my arms on the balcony rail, supporting her weight with my cock as much as anything else. 

We stood, panting for a while, watching people playing in the pool oblivious to our pleasure as my cock finally relaxed and we dripped a pool of guilty pleasure onto the floor between our trembling legs.


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  1. I want to have sex on a balcony... this is SO on my list and the last line... yum!


  2. What a sexy story. That early morning is just the best!

    Rachel x

  3. mmm sex on a balcony... sounds like bliss. I should put that on my bucket list ;)

    Rebel xox

  4. So sexy... I would love to be taken that way :)

    ~Kazi xxx