Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Tough Lesson

I watched him walk down the road with his usual swagger, clearly on the prowl. Each woman that passed was greeted with a leer, the prettier ones with a string of obscene suggestions as he mentally undressed them mid stride. This was normal behaviour for him and he was oblivious to the hateful looks that each passerby gave him. Nor did he notice the way that many saw him coming and crossed the busy road to avoid his path and foul mouth.

The sun was fading past the horizon allowing the night to reclaim the streets as he made his way towards his favoured pub. I followed at a distance, careful to avoid being seen, keen to keep him in sight. I wanted to know where he was to make sure he didn’t get too close, he was bigger and far stronger than me. Ducking his head to enter the low doorway to the ancient building he disappeared into the gloomy interior. Taking a deep breath to steady my nerves we followed him inside.
The smell hit me first. Stale beer mingled with old cooking smells overlayed the musky odour of people, men in particular, and that unique deep smell of ancient tobacco embedded in the fabric of the building. It was gloomy inside with a smattering of faces, each minding their own business, their eyes fixed in public transport glazes that saw everything and revealed nothing. He was perched at the bar, scanning the room for women to target.

We perched on a pair of stools at the quiet end of the bar and ordered a glass of wine each. Settling in for the evening I chatted idly with my friend and we paced ourselves, drinking slowly. By the third glass it was evident that the pub was going to remain stubbornly quiet tonight, we were the only strangers here tonight. The regulars cast curious looks whenever they thought we weren’t looking and steadfastly ignored us the rest of the time. Maybe it was just that we were the only females in the building or maybe it was the short skirts we were wearing but he soon noticed us. By his fifth pint he decided to sidle over to our end of the bar and make himself known.

“Evening girls. Can I buy you a drink?” He asked

“I’ll have a Glass of wine please” I replied, never one to refuse a free drink.

“Me too” Steffi said

With that he pulled a stool to sit between us and started his charm offensive. He was surprisingly adept at it, he spoke to both of us, his style relaxed and pleasant and despite myself I was warming to him.
A few drinks later and Steffi stood up.

“Come on, it’s time to go now.” She said

“Not yet, I’m having fun” I replied, my words a little slurred

“We have to go now or we’ll miss the last bus”

“No. You can go if you like but I’m staying for a while”

“You’re mad! We’ve both got work in the morning. Come on, I’m going now” she said. With that she turned and walked slowly across the ancient carpet and out of the door without looking back.

“Don’t worry love, I’ll look after you” He said, almost managing to hide his leering smile.
We stayed chatting and drinking until the barman rang the brass bell that hung beside the optics.

“Time gentlemen. Drink up and go home” He shouted to the last few occupants.

“Thanks for the drinks, maybe I’ll see you here tomorrow?” I said, standing and swaying gently. I turned and made my way towards the door, weaving past the clutter of chairs and tables, teetering occasionally, my balance impaired by drink and improbably high heels. As I left the building I heard the door behind me stay open longer than it should. I felt a firm hand on my elbow.

“Let me help you to the bus” He whispered in my ear. His breath was hot on my neck and when I turned to look him in the face his eyes gleamed with opportunity.

“I can manage” I replied and tried to pull my arm free of his grip. His hand was strong and his hold remained firm if anything, it tightened on my arm.

“No, I insist”

We walked along the road towards the bus stop. I knew it was a considerable distance to the nearest stop having walked it earlier. The road was dark and deserted, dim pools of orange streetlight were spread along the pavement leaving lagoons of impenetrable gloom between them. As we walked he guided me, supporting me and preventing me from falling when I tripped. A dark alley loomed up ahead. Its walls were tall red brick edifices, anonymous and solid, the alley a solid black that swallowed light. As we neared it his pace slowed and with it mine.

“What are you doing?, the bus stop is up there” I pointed further up the road.

“I know.” He replied “Call of nature. Wait here.”

He let go of me and stepped into the darkness. I turned and stepped forward in the direction of the bus. On my second step I felt his hands grab me from behind. He spun me around.

“I said to wait” He said and punched me in the stomach.

Too surprised to react I collapsed to the floor, doubled over in pain and gasping for breath. Picking me up as if I weighed nothing he threw me over his shoulder and marched into the dark alley.

“I didn’t say which call of nature now did I” he said.

I was still unable to respond, his blow had knocked all the breath from me and I was struggling to retain consciousness . My eyes were full of panic as he dumped me unceremoniously on my back and stood between my legs. I heard his belt buckle come undone, the sound of leather on metal as it released and the unmistakeable sound of his fly undoing. Dropping his trousers he knelt on the rough ground between my thighs and placed his hands on my legs. They were rough and strong and I desperately wanted to scream as I felt them pawing their way up my thighs but I still hadn’t recovered my breath enough.
His fingers were inches from my knickers when I heard a click from somewhere behind him followed by a loud buzzing noise and he fell on top of me, twitching uncontrollably and emitting a strange keening cry.

“Take that you bastard” I heard from behind him

“You cut that fine Steffi! I thought he was going to get me again”

I struggled out from under his twitching body and kicked him in the stomach. I squatted beside him and looked him in his panic stricken eyes.

“This time YOU are the helpless one. We’re going to teach you what it feels like to be on the receiving end for a change.”

Working quickly we removed the two prongs of the taser from his buttocks followed by his clothing. Rolling him onto his side we brought his knees to his chest leaving his cock and balls trapped below his thighs, nicely exposed. Steffi opened her handbag and extracted a large black dildo.

“Guess where this is going” I asked with glee. Holding it up in front of his eyes and watching the realisation 
sink in. He tried to move but his nerves were still fried from the electrical charge. All he succeeded in doing was to emit another quiet moan. I pressed the toy to his arse and pushed hard, we weren’t bothering with lube, after all he didn’t either. It sank slowly into him and he managed to open his eyes wider in pain.
I watched as his fingers flexed, he was starting to regain control. I squatted beside his head again.

“One last thing. This is to teach you what it’s like to be raped. I suggest you mend your behaviour and don’t do it again. We’ll be watching you and if you do it again we’ll make sure you can never repeat it. Just to help you with that I’m going to give you a taste of what we’ll do to you.”

Taking a second taser from my bag I held it a few inches from his face and pressed the power button. Purple lightning crackled from the two metal prongs as it released some charge. His eyes went impossibly wide and he tried to shout something. I didn’t wait. Standing by his legs I lowered the taser behind his thighs and pressed the contacts to his testicles, depressing the switch as I did. Electricity shot into his balls as the machine discharged and his strangled howl was that of an injured animal as he passed out.

We left him there, naked and unconscious, curled in a foetal ball, the dildo sticking out of his arse as we made our way to the bus stop, giggling like school girls all the way.


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  1. Ouch! I cringed at their revenge, but he had it coming for sure!

    Great story :)

    Rebel xox

  2. I wanted to write something outside of my normal comfort zone. As an avid reader of horror I could go much further still and maybe in time I will.

  3. Wow! A touch "A Spit On Your Grave" :)

    You said you wanted to write outside your comfort zone, but it didn't read like it was a new "genre"; elegant prose and real feeling behind the text. I wrote something a little similar last week for Wicked Wednesday ( but your text was wonderfully dark yet with a happy ending!

    Really enjoyable read.

  4. Woo-hoo!! Revenge is a dish best served cold... ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  5. mummm I enjoy the revenge stories. Fantastic write, leave him to the wilds of what might happen if he doesn't change his ways.

  6. Very good Sir. Very very good..

  7. I'm trying to work out just how fkd up I am, sitting here with a grin on my face after reading that *scratches head*. Maybe I just have a revenge fetish.

    Nicely done :)

    Flip x