Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A brief encounter

Jessica was in a hurry. She desperately needed to obtain a new passport photo so she could renew her driving licence but the last two photo booths she’d tried had been faulty. This was her last chance to get pictures today and her only chance of driving to the party this weekend. The booth was located in the quietest part of her local mall and was in such an obscure location that she’d walked past the corridor it was in twice before she spotted it. Walking up to the booth she saw the curtain was closed suggesting it was occupied although she couldn’t see anyone inside.

As she moved to open the curtain there was the telltale whir of the printer spinning into life and a strip of prints appeared in the collection slot. Jessica glanced at the pictures in passing and stopped in her tracks. The first image showed a handsome man with searing blue eyes smiling at the camera. The next two pictures showed him gradually undressing and the fourth and final picture showed him naked and masturbating! Not what she would expect to see in a photobooth at all.

A face appeared from behind the curtain and flushed a shade of deep red as he realised that his pictures had been seen by Jessica. He was dressed but his arousal was still clearly visible. His eyes met hers sheepishly. He was even more handsome than the first picture suggested and despite herself she felt the first stirring of desire deep inside her. 

“I believe those are mine” He said 

She flushed and let him collect them.

“They are for my girlfriend. She’s working abroad and I want to post them to her”

“That’s OK!” Jessica replied. “You really don’t have to explain to me. I just want to use the booth..”

As she went to step past the man he grasped her wrist and their eyes locked. He placed a hand behind her head, pulled her towards him and kissed her. Jessica was so shocked she didn’t resist and to her own amazement found herself instantly turned on by this stranger. Before she knew what she was doing she returned the kiss, their tongues met and she felt his arousal pressing against her stomach. Her body was responding on autopilot and she felt her panties growing damp.

Jessica placed her hands on his chest as he ran a hand down her back and grasped her arse firmly in his strong hands. Totally unable to resist these strange urges they began exploring each other’s bodies and undoing clothes. Stumbling backwards they literally fell into the photo booth, the curtain falling closed behind them.

With his belt undone and jeans unbuttoned they fell to his ankles revealing his huge erection completely unrestrained. Jessica couldn’t believe the size of his cock - she’d never seen one so large before. She reached out and grasped it firmly, the man’s eyes opened wide as she started to stroke him.
He sat on the stool and popped the buttons on her jeans. Slipping his thumbs into her waistband he yanked her jeans down and she stepped out of them and straddled him, the flimsy material of her small panties all that stopped him from entering her. Using a finger he slid them to one side and her wet pussy slid down his shaft, his cock burying itself deep inside her. She gasped and bit his neck to stifle a moan. 

They moved in perfect unison, not noticing the flash of the camera as it recorded them in the throes of their unexpected passion. All too soon the man came, hard. She felt the contractions in his huge cock as it moved inside her and the hard impact of a full load of semen against the inside of her pussy was enough to drive her over the edge and she joined him in a climax.  

When they had regained their breath she climbed off of him, pulled her jeans back on and stepped out of the booth. As she did, a fresh strip of pictures appeared in the slot. It showed the full extent of their activities in the booth. She picked them up and walked away leaving the mystery man alone in the booth, his jeans still around his ankles.

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  1. What I mean really WHAT!!!! What the hell is this?! I'm going to chalk this up to you emphasizing on the word brief..This. You. Arghh!!!!