Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Writhe for Me

Cathy woke to find the bed empty. She could still smell his scent on the covers and the indentation in the pillow was there, but his side of the bed was cold and empty. Sometime in the last few hours he had slipped out and left without waking her.  She was disappointed that he had gone but couldn’t be angry, not after what they’d spent most of last night doing.

As she stretched under the covers her hand strayed unconsciously to the pillow and in the depression left by his head she found a folded piece of paper. Her eyes were still glued shut with sleep but she wanted to know what the paper was there for. Teasing the curtain open a crack allowed enough light in to read by without being too painful and she waited till her eyes were open and focussing properly in the gloom before examining the sheet. Written on a single sheet of A4 were a few simple lines of neat handwriting.

I’ve booked a table for tonight. We’re going out for a meal but I’m taking you shopping first. Be ready for me at 1. I’ve left you a present by the kettle, wear it today.

A present? What on earth could that be? Cathy’s interest was piqued now and she had to find out what it was. Throwing off the covers she grabbed a simple towelling robe and threw it on before heading downstairs to the kitchen. Sitting beside the kettle was a large box the size of her toaster that was topped with a silk bow. Lifting the lid she squealed with delight. Inside was a complete set of black lacy underwear that was so fine and transparent it had to be expensive. He’d bought a bra, knickers, suspender belt and stockings. Nestled in the corner was another smaller box.

“Jewellery too?” She thought

Picking it up she was surprised by the weight, it was far too heavy to be earrings. She opened the lid and found a pair of large golden balls joined together by a cord. The balls were just over an inch in diameter and she could feel a weight moving around inside them as she picked them up.  There was another small note inside this box.


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  1. Those balls can indeed keep you on the edge... nice story! I wonder what happened when they got home again ;)

    Rebel xox

  2. Ohhh yep, only one place to keep those balls!


  3. That's a wonderful way to go shopping ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. Lovely fun shopping trip - the best place for those balls!!!

  5. Now that's a shopping trip I believe my other 1/2 would thoroughly enjoy... I may need to share this ;)