Thursday, 21 February 2013

Valentine Present for Three

My heart was racing as I neared the hotel. It was Valentine’s Day and we were meeting for a very special reason. I was nervous, I’d never done anything like this before and still wasn’t really sure exactly how it was going to work. I was meeting my lover, always a cause for celebration and even the thought of her guaranteed to arouse me without fail. Today though we were being joined by another. We had been talking about trying a threesome for some time but hadn’t been able to agree on whether the third person should be a man or a woman. I, naturally enough, wanted another woman to join us (I had a sumptuous red head in mind) but my lover wanted another man. In the end we’d reached a compromise - We would try it her way first and then my way. She had found another man with disturbing ease. The ground rules had been established and agreed by all parties and a date had been set - today…

I checked into the hotel and went upstairs to the room. I didn’t have to wait long. There was a knock at the door and my heart skipped a beat as it started to thump in my chest sending adrenaline coursing through my veins. I opened the door and there she stood, My sexy lover Ella. Beside her stood a man I’d heard of but never met. I showed them in, kissing her with a long lingering kiss and shaking his hand awkwardly. Ella introduced us both (his name was Bill) and wasted no time in untying the belt around her waist. Her wraparound dress fell open and she shrugged out of it, allowing it to fall at her feet. Dressed only in a bra I grasped her to me, planting a firm kiss on her lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth as I reached around her and popped the clasp on her bra releasing her full breasts. Her nipples were already flushed deep pink and firm against my chest. Using her hand she pushed me back and winked 

“You have to share today lover”.

She moved to the bed and sat on it, leaning back against the headboard, knees raised. She dropped her hand to her pussy and started to stroke herself slowly.

“I want you both to strip for me” she purred, cheeks flushing already.

We moved in unison, both moving to the foot of the bed where we stripped eagerly for her. Both of us were fully roused, our cocks standing proudly in front of us as we moved, one either side of the bed, towards her. As we approached her gaze shifted from one to the other, a huge grin fixed on her face.
I reached her first and my hand slid easily along her thigh and pressed against the entrance of her sodden pussy. Extending a finger I slid it across the entrance before plunging it in. She was so damp there was little resistance and after a few thrusts I added a second finger for good measure. Bill Had gone for the kiss. He grasped her left breast as they kissed, massaging it and pinching her nipple. Not to be outdone I bent and took her firm nipple in my mouth, sucking it hard and using my tongue to toy with it, my fingers still probing deep within her. 

Ella let us continue like this for a while, relishing the sensations of two different men pleasuring her, a first wave of pre-orgasm rippled through her and we paused momentarily. One of the aims of today (apart from as many orgasms and as much pleasure as we could deliver to Ella) was to capture a series of pictures for her. She’d been very specific about the images she wanted. Now was the time to capture the first one. 
She moved beside the window and dropped to her knees, looking expectantly up at us. We walked towards her and stood side by side in front of her. She grasped our cocks with her hands and looked up at us, a huge smile lighting her pretty face. I started taking pictures looking down at her but she was oblivious, loving the feel of a hard cock in each of her palms. She started stroking us, slowly, relishing the feeling and enjoying the soft gasps that we both let out. Leaning her head towards my groin she ran her tongue along the length of my shaft and teased the tip of my aching cock. She was so good at this and I loved to let her practice anytime we could. Moving slowly, teasing each of us as much as she dared, she divided her attention between us. Her mouth alternating between our cocks, her hands stroking wherever her mouth wasn’t. 

I could feel myself nearing climax and I could tell from Bill’s breathing that he wasn’t far away either. Ella clearly knew precisely what she was doing and was bringing us both along at a similar pace. She took my cock deep into her mouth and pressed her tongue against the shaft as she sucked. Her other hand quickened it’s pace on Bill’s cock. He drew in a deep breath as he reached the inevitable point of climax and she slipped a hand under my balls to encourage me to the same. Bill’s cock spasmed in her hand and he sprayed hot thick cum all over her neck and left boob. I came seconds later, my cock twitching in her mouth as I sprayed cum onto her eager tongue. She swallowed it whole and waited to lick the final drops from the tip of my waning erection.

She wiped the sticky mass of Bill’s cum from her neck and chest and we lay back on the bed, all smiling like kids. We lay there, chatting and cuddling. Bill and I stroking and caressing a side each of Ella. Her nipples were solid and still responsive, flushed a lovely dark shade of purple. 

Before long we were perking up and our cocks were returning to full arousal - it was impossible to be with her and not have this reaction. Now it was time for the other item on Ella's wish list, both of us in her simultaneously and we were only too happy to oblige.

Since I’d already had the intense pleasure of filling her mouth with cum I wanted to use her dripping but wonderfully tight pussy first. She knew this and backed toward me on her knees. Her beautiful arse was pointing straight at me, a gorgeous sight at any time. Grabbing her hips I pulled her towards me, my cock passing under her and sliding across and just through the thick lips of her pussy. Twice I slid across it, my shaft pressing against her clit, before finally sliding into her. I began thrusting, shallow at first then deeper and faster. 

Ella meanwhile had encouraged Bill to kneel before her and had taken his cock into her mouth. He was receiving the same amazing treatment that I had received before. 

She bucked against me, grinding her arse hard into my groin and taking my cock as deep as she could. She tensed the walls of her vagina hard and it was as though she had another hand inside her grasping me firmly. The sensation was exquisite and I was soon overcome and came again, firing a salvo of cum into her. She felt my cock spasming inside her and the cum slamming hard against her insides and slowed her pace. 

I withdrew and she wasted no time in turning round and thrusting her arse at Bill who hadn’t cum yet. He slid his fingers into her dripping pussy and pressed the tip of his cock against her arse. They rocked a few times, gradually increasing the pressure on her anus and then he pushed and slid into her with practised ease. Her eyes opened wide in surprise but the look was soon replaced by pleasure. I lay beside her and we kissed. I massaged her breasts and teased her nipples mercilessly while kissing her and Bill pounded her arse with his cock. I reached down, careful to avoid Bill’s bouncing balls and pressed my hand against her pussy. Pushing two fingers into her and massaging her clit with my palm as Bill thrust. It didn’t take long for Ella to cum with a massive shuddering orgasm that left her breathless and incapable of speech or movement. Bill came simultaneously, her orgasm clenching every muscle in her body and clasping his cock so hard that it triggered his climax.

I have no idea how long we lay there, a tangled heap of sweaty flesh with huge grins plastered across our faces.

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  1. WOW, this is HOT!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Rebel xox

  2. It's the 4th time I've read this & it's still as Hot! as it was the 1st time round ;~) x