Thursday, 14 February 2013

Morning Shower

I woke to the sound of my alarm shrieking at me. It’s strident tone tore me from a deep sleep but was soon silenced by a slap of my hand. Throwing the duvet aside I swung my feet from the warm comfort of the bed and hauled myself to a sitting position. Barely conscious, I stood and swayed precariously, still under the spell of sleep. My body went into autopilot and I stumbled towards the bathroom, a triumph of behaviour over consciousness.

Turning on the light as I entered the bathroom I flinched and closed my eyes tightly against the sudden glare. Sliding the shower door open I turned on the water and slid the door closed. Moving to the toilet I attended to the needs of a full bladder while the water slowly warmed against the inside of the shower screen. As I flushed and turned to the shower, steam was rising behind the glass. Still barely conscious I worked the door and stumbled into the cubicle closing the door behind me.

Hot water cascaded over me causing goosebumps to race across my flesh as my body slowly woke in response to the waves of warm water flowing over me. Slowly my mind woke, my dreams fading as the here and now took their place.

I closed my eyes, reveling in the sensations of the moment. The shower door slid open and she stepped in beside me closing the door behind her. I turned and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her warm dry flesh against my wet chest. Her face turned up to mine and we kissed, eyes closed as hot water cascaded over us. As my hands caressed her back and beautifully rounded buttocks I felt her nipples growing firmer as they pressed against me. The swelling between my legs was impossible to hide as my cock grew firm and pressed against her. She looked up into my eyes, water flooding her face, and wrapped a hand firmly around my cock. Slowly she stroked the shaft as it responded and it was soon fully engorged in her palm. I shifted slightly and the pool of water that had collected between our chests fell to the floor in a splash, lubricating her hand nicely in the process. My hands squeezed her breasts, nipples slotting neatly between two fingers and I pinched them, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from her. One hand moved from its perch on her chest and slid between her thighs. Her sparse, neatly trimmed pubic hair tickled my wrist as my finger probed inside her hot pussy, first one then two. She writhed and ground herself onto my fingers, encouraging me to probe deeper and harder.

She broke the kiss and nuzzled my neck, biting gently as my hand pleasured her. Her relentless hand, wanking my achingly hard cock was bringing me teetering to the abyss of pleasure. I tried to distract her and slow the inevitable explosion by concentrating on her clit with my thumb and palm, fingers spreading her hungry cunt open and pushing deeper and faster inside but to no avail. She looked me in the eyes and smiled a radiant smile. One hand stroked my cock and the other cupped my balls, squeezing them rhythmically. I gave up trying to distract her and leaned back against the wall, the tiles were cold against my skin but that only added another sensation. My breathing became shallower, pulse racing as her hands brought me closer and closer to climax. Eyes locked to each other she watched intently, smiling ever wider as my breath caught, my balls tightened impossibly in her grasp and my cock spasmed. A stream of thick white cum flew from my distended cock and stuck to her belly, covering her hands and thighs in the process.

“That was for the way you devoured me last night” She said. “I came so many times I thought you deserved a little thanks. Plus, I wanted to watch your face as you came”

I had no answer. I just kissed her upturned face and held her as the water fell over us, wiping our skin clean ready to start afresh.

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  1. Really enjoyed that Andy. Sexual & sensual. Thank you. :)