Thursday, 14 February 2013


We sat in the back of the car, the windows were already misted and hid the dark, empty car park outside. We were parked in a quite gravel car park in the middle of the forest. I’d been here before but only ever in the warm daylight of summer, never on a dark autumn night, and never before with the beautiful woman beside me. There were no lights in view and ours had been extinguished a while ago. Sitting in the dark, we had only the dim moonlight to see by. It didn’t matter, our hands needed no light to explore each other.
As we kissed, our hands touched and caressed each other. My hands started on her shoulders and slid slowly down her arms before holding her waist. One delved down, stroking her thigh while the other teased up the side of her torso and round her back. Our mouths opened and our tongues met as my hand eased it’s way along the line of her bra strap. My fingers found the familiar telltale bulge of the clasp and without thinking they pinched it with practiced ease and the clasp popped open. Her breath caught momentarily but she did nothing to stop me. Instead her hands started to undo the buttons of my shirt, starting at the top and releasing them one by one, our lips didn’t break contact until the last button let go and she pushed the shirt from my shoulders. I shrugged my arms out of the material and let it fall to the seat behind me before leaning forward and working on her blouse. I moved slowly and long minutes passed before her blouse was lying beside her and the loose bra sliding down her arms. Her breasts were perfect. By no means large they were pert and beautifully rounded, her swollen nipples felt like bullets against my palms and she shuddered as I stroked them.
Pushing me backwards so that my head pressed against the door glass she started to kiss her way down my neck and chest and across my stomach. Her hands worked on my belt and the buttons of my fly as she kissed. She timed it perfectly so that as her mouth reached my belly button my jeans parted and my cock sprang towards her hungry lips. Her talented tongue went to work and I watched, transfixed, as she lapped at the tip of my engorged cock. It teased the tip before traversing the exposed length of the shaft until finally, her mouth engulfed me. I pressed my head back against the cold glass as she toyed with me, bringing me close to climax before stopping and lapping at the pre-cum seeping from me. Twice she repeated the process, each time the process was shorter and the sensations more intense. Before she could do it yet again I seized her shoulders and pushed her backwards - it was my turn to play now.
Starting at her lips I began to explore her with my mouth. Slowly I moved from her lips to her neck, shoulders and down the centre of her chest until I was kissing her cleavage. Circling my way around one breast I eased towards her nipple, flicking it with my tongue before sucking the engorged bud into my mouth. As my hands eased the hem of her skirt up her legs my mouth toyed with her. My tongue licked and flicked and my teeth grazed her swollen nipple. Switching to her other breast I reprised my technique while my hands stroked her legs, sliding up her inner thigh and slowly, gently across her silky underwear. I relished the sound of her sharp intake of breath as my fingers teased the silky material aside and grazed the entrance to her pussy. The smooth damp flesh beneath my fingers felt even better than the silk I’d just been touching. Applying a little pressure her lips parted and my finger eased inside her slick flesh. I moved my hand back and forth, sliding my index finger minutely deeper inside her with each stroke. Shifting position I returned my face to hers and kissed her lips. Her tongue met mine and they danced around each other as my finger slipped inside her tight wet pussy.
Just then a bright beam of light speared the gloom behind us. A car was bouncing down the rutted gravel path to the car park. Scrabbling for our clothes we tried desperately to appear dressed and innocent before the light from the other car found us. As the harsh white light found the rear of our car we ducked from view like guilty schoolkids and started to giggle as the sky lit up blue. The new arrival was a police car! We finished dressing in record time, the final buttons falling into place as the other car drew level. It stopped beside us and we looked at each other in alarm.
As if by sheer force of will, the blue lights were extinguished and the car drove slowly away and back up the rutted gravel. We looked at each other and collapsed in hysterical relief, the moment irrevocably destroyed. The police officers had clearly been playing with us, this time…

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  1. This is very good even for it being a teaser of sorts. This exact thing happened to me so this more than brings back some very nice umm memories..