Friday, 15 February 2013

Hotel Rendezvous

She knelt at my feet, naked and gorgeous. Her face wore a huge smile as she looked up at me expectantly. I was wearing a towelling robe and a smile, and the robe wasn't staying on for long. We'd met just hours before on the platform at Kings Cross and the time since then had passed in a whirlwind of transport, kissing and chat. My cheeks were aching from smiling so much but nothing could wipe the grin from my face, at least not for the next few hours.

She was gorgeous and possessed the perfect mix of curves that took my breath away every time I saw her. Earlier, when we'd arrived at the hotel we'd spent a breathless half hour ripping each other’s clothes off, kissing each other from head to toe and enjoying fast frenzied lovemaking that had left us breathless, spent and basking in post orgasmic bliss. Then we'd showered together, a long hot drenching, holding each other as the hot water washed away our sweat and the traces of our exuberance. Our hands had explored each other exhaustively, touching and tracing the muscles and curves of one another.

This time we were going to take our time. She'd been quite insistent that she wanted to examine my cock closely and I wasn't about to refuse her. Her face looked up into mine and our eyes locked. Tugging at the belt around me I let it fall loose, the robe fell open and I shrugged it off of my shoulders letting it fall in a crumpled heap around my feet. I stood naked before her, my arousal at the sight of her was evident as my cock stood to attention before her eyes. Her face turned down from mine and stared straight in front. The tip of my swollen member was inches from her face and her hungry eyes absorbed every detail.  When she’d finished staring she placed her hands on my thighs and lent forward, kissing the tip gently, her touch soft and tender. She proceeded to work her way from tip to balls and back again before extending her glistening tongue and repeating the process leaving a cool trail of sensation that set my nerves alight with pleasure and expectation. She paused, looking up at me to check I was watching then opened her mouth and slowly enclosed the swollen tip before moving forward, easing my length entirely inside her. I felt her tongue caress my shaft as she rocked back and forth, fucking me with her mouth as I tried to stand still and not thrust into her. The sensations were exquisite. My groin screamed with delight, pleasure coursing through my body as she devoured me.

I dimly felt a hand leave my thigh but had my brain had long since ceased thinking and I was in no state to wonder where it was going. I soon felt it again as she cupped my balls and squeezed them, a finger extended and stroked the smooth skin behind them. The combined efforts were more than I could stand and I felt the skin of my scrotum tighten and my cock swell to a seemingly impossible degree. My breath caught as I felt the unmistakeable swell of an orgasm preparing to pulse through me. Time paused briefly before my balls exploded in pleasure, spewing their thick white load into her hungry mouth. My cock pulsed repeatedly but her lips stayed firm around my shaft as her mouth filled. The spasms subsided and she released my softening member from her lips. Pulling her head back away from me she tilted her head up and looked me in the eye, her mouth open, displaying the evidence my pleasure on her tongue before swallowing it.

She stood and stepped into my arms, her hard nipples pressing firmly into my chest and kissed me on the lips. Her tongue was salty with the taste of my pleasure.

We stood for a while, embracing each other and kissing while my heart returned to a more sedate pace, or at least as relaxed as it was going to get in her presence. She felt amazing in my arms, her nipples were swollen and hard and I could feel them against the hair of my chest whenever she moved. My hands stroked her back idly, tracing the line of her spine from neck to beautifully rounded buttocks.

Having recovered sufficiently I turned her in my arms and coaxed her backwards, towards the bed until her legs pressed against it and she sat on the edge.

“Lie down. It’s your turn now”

She lay back and I knelt between her legs. I began by kissing her knees then slowly working my way up her right leg until I was kissing the soft flesh of her inner thigh, inches from her clearly aroused pussy. Her scent filled my senses and I felt a stirring between my legs once more. Shifting to her left leg I repeated the process, kissing and nipping my way along her inner thigh until I reached the smooth crease of skin at the top of her thigh.

My mouth hovered above her for a few moments, my breath hot against her. She moaned softly in anticipation of my movement and I leant forward to kiss her. I felt the muscles of her thighs clench slightly as my lips made contact with her pussy. She tasted divine and I used my tongue to part her lips slightly and begin to play. Her pussy was artfully trimmed with super smooth flesh exposed all around the entrance that I was feasting on but enough left to tickle the tip of my nose as I lapped at her. I brought my hands up and used my thumbs to hold her lips open slightly. I knew she’d feel my breath inside her this way and I was rewarded with a stifled sigh. I kissed her again, my tongue probed deeper inside her then began to work in earnest. I used my lips, tongue and teeth in alternating motions, teasing her, probing licking and kissing. I experimented with different motions and concentrated on different areas of her delicious pussy, learning from her reactions which actions worked best for her. Her breathing took on a laboured note and her moans were less suppressed as she lost her inhibitions and became more and more aroused as I slowly devoured her.

I felt her legs tense around my head and her muscles twitch against my hands. My tongue concentrated on her clit now.  I began to tease and flick it gently, each touch triggering an intake of breath and a twitch of thigh. Easing forward I pressed my lips around her and sucked her swollen clit, pressing my teeth and tongue against the sensitive flesh just hard enough to make her breathing hitch momentarily then resume harder and faster as I played with her. I upped the cadence of  my motions a notch, concentrating on her lips then her clit, licking, kissing, probing each motion in turn bringing her closer to climax. Finally she reached the tipping point and I mercilessly attacked her clit with my tongue until her orgasm hit, a shuddering cry emanating from her lips that matched the muscular spasms in her thigh as a wave of pleasure engulfed her. I slowed my actions and instead savoured the subtle shift in flavour as she came on my tongue.

I stood and gazed down at her, soaking in the sight of her. A beatific grin covered her face, eyes closed. Her neck and chest were flushed pink all the way down to her cleavage. Leaning over I kissed her on the lips then lay beside her, my arm across her stomach as I waited for her to drift back to consciousness.

This trip was turning out to have been an excellent idea.

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  1. Well except for the occasional repeat of sentences/words I found this DAMN GREAT!! I like that there are no names it allows the reader to imagine being the one involved. WOW!! I need a cold shower..