Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Eating Out

The meal was superb. We’d decided to celebrate our anniversary by going to a favourite Italian restaurant. As usual, the main course was a delicious pasta dish dripping with creamy sauce and the most amazing flavours that, combined with the bottle of fruity white wine we had nearly finished, left us relaxed and very happy. For dessert we chose a sharing platter which consisted of a small sampler of each item on the menu. Since it was close to Valentines day the individual pots had been arranged in the shape of a heart. Ever the romantic, I had arranged for an additional item to be placed in the middle of the heart. 
As the platter was delivered to our table I spent some time admiring the gorgeous woman beside me. She was wearing a sheer black dress that clung to her curves in an almost obscene way, maybe that was why the waiters were being so attentive tonight. The dress plunged at the front revealing her modest cleavage to excellent effect. Split almost to the top of her thighs, the dress flashed her stunning legs as she walked but looked demure whenever she was still, a dazzling combination that caught and drew my eye every time she wore it. 
“What is that ?” She asked, pointing at the flat box in the centre of the platter.
“Why don’t you open it and see?”
She reached over and picked up the box. I watched her face intently as she opened the lid, hoping I’d chosen the right gift. I needn’t have worried. As she opened it and looked inside, her eyes lit up.
“You shouldn’t have!” She said
“You like it then? When I saw it, I knew I had to get it for you”
She lifted the delicate necklace from the box and held it in her hand. 
“It’s beautiful! Can you do the clasp for me? I want to wear it now”
She passed it to me and turned to face away, her hands moved her long hair clear of her neck so I could see to work the clasp. Taking the ends of the chain in my fingers I placed it around her and paused to kiss her neck and shoulders softly before closing the clasp. She let her hair fall back onto her shoulders. Leaning towards me she kissed me on the cheek then whispered in my ear.
“You know I’m not wearing anything under this dress, don’t you”
It was a statement rather than a question and I was fully aware of the fact. It was impossible not to know in that dress. Gazing into her eyes I pretended not to have noticed.
“Maybe I’d better check that for myself. Try one of the desserts, they’re delicious”
As she took one of the small dishes from the platter I placed a hand on her leg under the table. The material was smooth, cool and transparent to touch. I could feel her toned thigh through it as if I were touching skin. My hand inched up her leg as I watched her enjoying the food. Without giving any indication that she was aware of my actions, her leg moved almost imperceptibly and appeared as if by magic through the side split of the dress. I was aware that lifting my hand would allow the material to fall free and expose her entire leg. Not hesitating I did just that and her entire leg was now exposed. Cool material gave way to warm, smooth skin beneath my palm.
I eased my hand further up her leg, relishing the warm supple skin as much as the way her breathing and eyes betrayed her thoughts, both hinting at her increased arousal. I selected a small bowl of sorbet for myself and began to eat it while moving my hand further up her thigh. My fingers were now on her inner thigh, easing slowly towards the proof of her lack of underwear. Suddenly my fingers arrived at their destination. They encountered the soft curls of her pubic hair but I was aware of something else as well. She had clearly been trimming more than she normally would. The mound of hair was smaller than usual, cropped smoothly around the edges leaving enticingly smooth flesh around the entrance to her pussy. All thoughts of food were gone now. I leaned close to her ear and whispered
“I need to kiss those smooth bits, to devour you. Now.” 
My fingers pressed against the hot flesh between her thighs. The newly smooth skin felt incredible against my finger tips. She parted her legs slightly and my fingers felt the damp entrance to her pussy part slightly. I couldn’t resist an invitation like that. Looking her in the eyes my index finger eased just inside her. Her lips were slick with her own arousal and offered no resistance to my finger as it teased her slowly, passing up and down, just parting her damp labia and grazing her swelling clit. Neither of us was going to wait till we were home to satisfy the need that was growing inside us.
Our table in the restaurant was quiet but not nearly secluded enough. I cast my eyes around the familiar restaurant wondering how brazen we could be when I noticed a new sign hanging by the stairs. The restaurant had moved with the times and now had a baby change room, but there were no babies in the restaurant at the moment. 
“Do you see what I see?” I asked, my head tilting towards the sign.
She responded with a smile and pressed her hand onto my lap, feeling the swelling that was barely contained by my trousers. 
“Lets go. While you can still walk there” 
We stood and made for the stairs. I let her go first, taking the opportunity to marvel once more at her curves and the way the material clung so seductively to them as she climbed the stairs. I followed her up the steps, her hips swaying in front of my eyes the material showing the curves of her buttocks ripple with each step. Each step caused an increasing stiffening in my groin and I knew I was almost fully hard now.
At the top of the stairs the door in front of us had the familiar baby change logo on it. We stepped inside and I closed and locked the door behind us. The room was large enough for our purposes and had a good flat surface at waist height, perfectly positioned. 
We embraced and kissed as if we’d been apart for months. Our tongues touched and teased each other as we breathlessly rained hungry kisses on each other. My hands cupped her buttocks as hers undid the buttons on my shirt and she ran her fingers through the thick matt of soft hair on my chest. Turning slowly I manoeuvred her against the changing table then lifted her on to it. Her legs parted and wrapped around me, our lips still locked together. I dropped my hands to her legs and ran them from knee to thigh, pushing the material of her dress aside and baring her legs. 
Breaking the kiss I dropped to my knees and began to kiss the inside of one knee. She leant backwards, bracing her arms behind her and watched as I kissed my way along her inner thigh, easing towards her delicious pussy. Up close, her new trim was perfect. The neatly shaved mound tickled my nose as I kissed the super smooth skin at the crease of her thighs and all around the entrance of her damp pussy. Her scent was intoxicating as I kissed the damp flesh softly. Unable to delay any longer my tongue parted her pussy and tasted the sweet musky flavour I adore so much. I closed my eyes and let my tongue explore, savouring her flavour, my senses utterly immersed in her arousal as I teased and pleasured her. My tongue alternated between lapping at her juices and penetrating deep inside her. I flicked and toyed with her clit before enveloping it with my lips and sucking, loving the sharp intake of breath it provoked from her. I listened to her breathing increase it’s rate and felt the tremors in her leg muscles beside my head as I devoured her. It didn’t take long before I heard the muffled sounds of an impending climax and felt her thighs clasp tight around my head as I drove her closer to the edge. She was quiet but the telltale clench and relaxing of her thigh muscles, the little ripple of muscles beside my eyes and the exquisite shift in her flavour couldn’t be faked. I eased my actions, reverting to slow kisses instead, each of which was met by a another small sharp intake of breath from her. 
Standing up was tricky with the restriction caused by my trousers. This was swiftly rectified and they fell round my ankles allowing my cock the freedom to move. I was fully engorged and wasn’t going to set any records for duration. Leaning forward I pressed the tip of my swollen cock against her sodden pussy. She reached around me, grabbed my buttocks firmly and pulled me deep inside her. I needed no encouragement and began thrusting, slowly at first then rapidly. Her face turned to mine and we started kissing breathlessly as our hips ground together. Her grip on my arse tightened as I thrust. She knew I was close and clenched her impressively strong pelvic muscles around me at the same time as digging her nails into my buttocks. I grew impossibly hard inside her and my strokes faltered as my climax grew closer. My breath caught and my balls clenched tight as I came. My cock pulsed in her tight pussy and sprayed hot cum deep inside her. Her eyes widened as she felt my cock throbbing and convulsing and my cum slammed against the back of her pussy, pushing her to her second orgasm. 
Stifling any sound I stood still, my face buried in the crook of her neck as my balls emptied themselves inside her. My cock eventually finished pulsing and began to subside, becoming soft and comfortable once more. I withdrew myself slowly from her and steadied myself before raising and refastening my trousers. It was a few moments before her legs would support her again and we cuddled for a while before heading out of the room and back to our table.
As we descended the stairs we could see the remains of our dessert had been cleared and coffees left in their place. The waiter allowed us to enjoy the drinks in peace before returning with the bill and a knowing smile.


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  1. Hot read and quite an idea to use the baby change room for that. I will have to keep it in mind.

    Welcome to Wicked Wednesday. I look forward to read more of your work :)

    Rebel xox

  2. Been there and done that!!! It was fabulous!!! Loved to read your rendition of it!!! Hot and very sexy!! !

    ~Mia~ xx