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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A lingering dessert

Taking her hands in mine I helped her to her feet, pulling her in close I wrapped my arms around her while she looked up at me expectantly with still hungry eyes. I felt her full breasts press against my chest, nipples finding their way through the coarse hair to make their presence felt, sparking the first stirrings of renewed interest in my groin as my body reacted to her irresistible presence. I bent my head and met her succulent lips in a lingering kiss, tongues teasing each other in a slow mating dance. A thrill went through me as I tasted a hint of my own salty cum in her mouth, triggering a fresh flood of endorphins to flood my body as it remembered the sheer ecstasy I’d experienced just moments before.
I ran my hands across her shoulders sending a shiver racing through her and causing the flesh of her arms to pucker with goosebumps. Her firm nipples quivered against me, tickling my chest as they reaffirmed their presence. My hands continued moving, stroking her back, tracing the gently curved line of her spine down from neck to full, rounded arse and ending up squeezing one delectable buttock with each hand.
“It’s your turn now” I said
Turning her slowly around and leading her backwards I guided her movement until her calves touched the bed. She sat on the edge of the mattress and I knelt between her legs so that our heads were level. Placing a hand either side of her thighs I leant forwards and kissed her once more, watching her eyes close as she surrendered herself to me. My lips tingled with barely restrained passion as we kissed and I felt my arousal growing inexorably.
I shifted my focus, kissing her cheek tenderly before easing my way downwards, nuzzling her neck, kissing and nipping gently, smiling at the intake of breath I caused as I reached the smooth curve between neck and shoulder. She leant back, placing her hands behind her to support herself as I continued down, kissing my way to her breasts. I circled one slowly, kissing and licking it in small darting motions that served to apply a hot then cold sensation as my tongue touched hot skin briefly. As I reached her nipple I took the time to savour the way it responded, feeling it swell and stiffen perceptibly between touches, kissing it repeatedly before engulfing a mouthful of breast between my lips and using my tongue to toy with the firm nipple at its centre. I sucked hard and was rewarded by her body tensing against me as an electric sensation filled her while my tongue teased her tender, swollen flesh. Releasing her breast from the confines of my mouth I kissed my way across her chest and repeated the process, this time adding my hand into the mix I rolled a nipple between finger and thumb, squeezing firmly as I sucked and nipped at the other. Air hissed between her pursed lips as I felt her back arch, pulling her chest away from me.
I started kissing my way lower, down the centre of her softly curved stomach. She giggled as I kissed her navel, squirming awkwardly, her toes curling involuntarily. Placing a hand on the middle of her chest I pushed her gently, encouraging her to lie down. She shuffled backwards as she lowered herself, sliding several inches further onto the bed. My lips stayed on her stomach as she lay down, only beginning their descent once more when she was horizontal. I eased lower, my chin grazing through her neatly trimmed pubic hair briefly before encountering smooth skin again. As my lips cleared the boundary of hair and encountered the freshly shaved, ultra smooth skin I slowed my pace, planting kiss after kiss as I manoeuvred closer to my delicious destination. Inching ever nearer, my mouth began to water as her aroused scent filled my senses.
Unable to resist the taste I knew awaited me, I kissed her smooth, flushed lips softly at first. Extending my tongue I ran the tip lightly along the length of her pussy, savouring the first trace of juices leaking from her but being careful not to penetrate yet. Somewhere in the distance I heard her sigh as her legs started to close around my head. I looped my arms around her thighs and pressed my fingers against the sides of her pussy, easing it open enough to give me unimpeded access. Kissing her damp lips again I slipped my tongue inside and tasted her sweet nectar. I began to play in earnest, feasting on the sweet delicacy of her arousal my tongue lapped at the very core of her consciousness. Teasing and cajoling, I alternated between lapping at the pink swollen lips and burying my hungry, eager tongue deep inside her hot wet cleft. She tasted divine, a heady mix of sweet honey scented heather soaked with pure pheromones; the taste of pure unadulterated passion and sex. The heady mixture sent my body into overdrive and I felt my cock swelling rapidly, eager to be buried balls deep inside her. For now, my tongue was in charge and I felt her body responding to my touch. As I flicked her swollen clit with the tip of my tongue her legs tried to close around my head and her pelvis bucked against my mouth, I responded by wrapping my lips around her clit and sucking it hard, grazing it with my teeth. Her sighs became louder and more frequent with each passing minute, her breathing took on a harder edge and I continued to feast, devouring her hungrily as I edged her ever closer to an orgasm.
A loud cry escaped her lips as I sank my tongue into her a final time, teeth grazing her engorged clit and sucking it as she came beautifully. Her thighs trembled, the muscles rippling against me as her pussy flooded with fresh sweet juice, covering my tongue and filling my mouth with sweet fresh flavour. I smiled a satisfied smile as her taste and scent engulfed my senses and her body clenched in response to each deliberate stroke of my tongue.

 Lifting my head I gazed at her face. Her eyes were closed tight, a deep flush covered her cheeks and neck, and a blissful smile covered her face as she lay there breathing heavily. I stayed still, soaking in the view of her, the only part of me still moving was my cock as it continued to swell. It was almost time for the finale.

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Wicked Wednesday

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A feast for the senses

She knelt between my knees looking up at me expectantly: Beautifully naked, her big blue eyes locked with mine as she waited for my answer.
I drank in my view of her, savouring every curve of her delicious form as I thought of all of the amazing things we’d already done and pictured the many more we had yet to experience. We had explored every square inch of each other’s bodies and both knew precisely how to pleasure the other. As I watched, she extended the tip of her tongue and licked her lips. Much to my surprise my cock somehow found the ability to swell rapidly in front of her lascivious gaze, all I had to decide now was what to do first.
My reaction was all the answer she needed. She turned her head to the side and started to kiss my leg just above the knee, starting to ease her way up my thigh. The sublime happiness written across her face was a joy to see and only served to arouse me more as she slowly and deliberately kissed her way towards my groin. As she raised herself higher I felt her breasts rubbing against my legs, swollen nipples ploughing furrows through the hairs on my thigh as her mouth sought the sustenance it required to satisfy her hunger.  Nuzzling into the tender skin between my legs she nipped me gently before extending her tongue and pressing it to the base of my erection. I watched, utterly captivated as her tongue eased up my shaft, slowly, inexorably it moved towards my sensitive swollen tip. She seemed oblivious to me, so utterly focussed on my cock that nothing else mattered.  Her touch was exquisite and the sensations filling me only added to the spectacle I was watching. The sheer focus on her pretty face was enthralling and deeply arousing to watch but the feel of her mouth as it kissed and then wrapped itself around me was intoxicating.
Her lips descended around my shaft sending ripples of pleasure into my groin and demanding my full attention. I was aware of her tongue lapping at the tip of my cock as she started then I felt her tongue curl around the swollen shaft and descend as she started to suck. Dimples formed in her cheek as she attempted to suck the contents of my balls out of me. Sensations fought for supremacy as her actions and the effect they were having on me became my entire universe.
Barely capable of motion I reached down with both hands and grasped her breasts roughly, massaging them and squeezing hard. Taking her nipples between fingers and thumbs I pinched them tight. I knew the effect this had on her and I felt her falter as she gasped, hot air escaping from her mouth around my cock felt amazing and caused a ripple of goosebumps to race up my arms and a shiver up my spine.
She continued her motion. Her talented mouth licked and sucked my throbbing arousal, teeth occasionally and very deliberately grazing the tender flesh as she sought to bring me to climax at her pace. I teetered on the cusp of a climax as she toyed with me, teeth, tongue, lips and suction all playing their part in driving me closer to orgasm then bringing me back just enough to avoid the finale.
Finally she decided I’d had enough. She cupped my balls in one hand and squeezed them softly while wrapping the other hand around the base of my shaft. Her mouth lifted until she was just kissing the tip, licking the dribble of precum that leaked from me tenderly as if tasting a rare delicacy as she started to stroke my shaft with an urgency that demanded a rapid conclusion.
My balls tightened perceptibly in her grasp and she clenched them firmly. Her other hand pumped me vigorously and she looked up into my eyes so that she could watch the moment that I lost control in her hands. I felt the impending climax build deep inside me, a calm moment of sheer ecstasy filled me as my muscles tensed and my eyes closed in anticipation. Her strokes slowed as she felt my cock swell one final time in her hand and a muscular spasm shot through my groin expelling a thick white ribbon of hot sticky cum all over her upturned face. My eyes opened in time to watch a second jet of fluid spray over her chest, covering her beautiful breasts and neck like a necklace of opaque fluid. I held my breath as a third and final spasm caused her to receive another creamy ribbon across her chest.
Her delight was etched across her face and I watched through a blissful fog as cum started to bead and run down her breasts forming slowly dripping lines of fluid to hang from her nipple like slowly melting icicles. I sat for a while, my body recovering its composure, as I watched her wipe my cum from her face and body, making sure that I watched her lick her fingers clean after each movement.
When I recovered enough and she had finished cleaning up the sticky mess it was going to be her turn…

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Wicked Wednesday

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A workout with a difference

Sally had been going to the gym for a few months now. She still wasn’t quite the shape she was aiming for but her body was responding positively to the exercise. Her legs, arms and Stomach were much more toned than they had been and she was slowly increasing the amount of time she spent working out. Partly this was a result of the fact that she was enjoying pushing her body and feeling it grow stronger and firmer in response and partly the fact that her personal trainer was drop dead gorgeous with the body of an Adonis.
Matt pushed her harder each week and she looked forward to her sessions with him with a mixture of excitement and dread. Every time she faltered during a workout he would coax, cajole and order her onwards, assertively forcing her to finish her assigned routine. It had become something of an automatic response to simply follow his instructions.
Today she was working hard. They were alone in the gym and it was warmer than usual, sweat was pouring from both of them as they pushed their bodies to the limit. Sally was lying on her back using the bench press. Matt had just increased the weight and she was struggling. He leant his face close to hers, the fresh scent of his sweat filled her senses. 
“use those arms, you CAN do it!” his tone was firm and commanding.
She pushed, hard, and the weights shifted easily. She lowered them slowly, satisfaction making her smile. 
“let’s work those thighs now.” Matt instructed.
Sally dutifully moved to the next machine. She always felt self conscious on this one. It required her to sit facing the mirrored wall with her legs spread wide apart, the idea was to close her legs, pulling against weights and work her inner thighs. As she sat there straining to close her legs Matt stood in front of her. He moved his face close to hers ready to shout and make her push harder if she faltered.
She locked eyes with him. His scent filled her senses and she suddenly became aware that this super attractive man was stood between her wide open legs with just a flimsy piece of lycra protecting her modesty. As he moved his face closer still sally leant to meet him and kissed him full on the lips. His eyes opened wide but he didn’t pull back. Instead he returned the kiss, moving closer to her. His hard, muscled thigh brushed against her soft inner thigh and she suddenly realised just how aroused she was. Her nipples were swollen, pressing hard against the inside of her sports bra and a wet patch slowly growing between her thighs. Matt’s body was responding too. His cock was swelling and pressing against the inside of his tight shorts. He slipped a hand onto her leg and moved it slowly upwards towards the dampening patch of smooth stretchy lycra, giving her time to protest if she was so inclined.
Sally was in no mood to stop him and sighed heavily, trembling with anticipation as his fingers lightly grazed her pussy through the material. The touch was electric. She reached down and pressed her hand to the front of his shorts, instantly finding the extent of his arousal pressing against her. She slipped a hand inside his shorts and wrapped her fingers firmly around his impressively thick shaft. He responded by slipping a finger inside the material covering her damp pussy. The back of his finger grazed the entrance and applied pressure to her clit, getting wet in the process. That was all the encouragement he needed. He slid his finger deep inside her slick pussy and pressed his thumb to her clit as he rocked his finger back and forth, sliding in and out smoothly. She used her hands to slide his shorts down enough to free his cock and begin stroking him.
She loved the feel of the hard, thick cock in her hands and needed to feel it inside her.  She reached round him and grabbed his toned buttocks, pulling him towards her. He withdrew his fingers and used them to pull the lycra sideways. The tip of his cock pressed briefly against the slick entrance to her smooth pussy then slid easily into her. She gasped as she felt herself being spread wide by as he slid into her. Slowly at first then building his pace in time to her movements he started to rhythmically pound her against the exercise machine. They thrust their hips together grinding hard against each other within the confines of the machine. Cold hard metal pressed against her back as she sat there but she was barely aware of it as Matt nuzzled her neck, nipping it with his teeth. The pace of their movements increased, both caught up in the moment but still aware that they could be caught at any moment. The illicit thrill of doing this in such a public place filled them both with adrenaline, fuelling their passion. She felt his cock tense, becoming impossibly hard inside her then convulse several times as he sprayed his hot thick cum hard into her. She felt it hit the back of her sodden pussy deep inside her. An orgasm ripped through her causing her pussy to clamping tightly around him, milking the last of his cum from his cock as it began to soften. 
They stood for a while, Matt’s cock softening rapidly as they recovered their breath. Finally he stepped back, her clothing slipping instantly back into place, the only sign of their indiscretion the large damp patch on the crotch of her clothes.
“I think that’s enough for today. See you again tomorrow?” Matt said as he turned and walked out of the gym.

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Wicked Wednesday

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Homeward Bound

I raced into the sunset, the sky growing darker by the moment. I drove as fast as I dared in an effort to get home. I had been away for the last two weeks and I was feeling as horny as I knew Sarah was. Whenever we are apart physically we spend hours chatting on the phone and make full use of email & text messaging to stay in touch but for the last few hours she’d been taunting me with increasingly sexy messages.

It had started simply enough with a few messages saying how much we had missed each other and how much we were looking forward to seeing each other again. It had rapidly escalated into a blow by blow account of what we planned to do to each other when I arrived home. We were both feeling incredibly horny and eager for me to be home. By the time she’d described the way she was going to use her mouth on me in exquisite detail I had climbed into my car, secured my phone to the dashboard and started to head for home. As I drove she continued to send me messages, mostly just text that I struggled to read whilst driving but there were a few pictures appearing as well. Her messages described what she was wearing while she waited for me, how she was starting to amuse herself as I drove nearer and what she planned to do when I arrived. 
As my journey started she had been fully dressed and watching TV on the sofa. Since then she’d been slowly removing her clothing, showing me pictures at each stage. My favourite matching black lace bra and panties which were nearly transparent were displayed as I reached the half way stage - still over an hour from home. It was increasingly difficult to focus on the road and I’d nearly crashed when the last picture arrived… she was wearing nothing but a pair of her favourite knee high striped socks, her knees raised and slightly parted allowing a clear view of her sublime pussy, freshly shaved and waiting for me. I could just see her lips glistening with anticipation and almost taste her arousal. I was finding my jeans growing increasingly tight but thankfully I was tantalisingly close to home now.
As I turned into our driveway, the gravel crunching under the wheels, my phone signalled the arrival of another picture. The car slid to a halt and I glanced at the screen to see the newest picture. I’d clearly arrived home just in time as her finger was already exploring her tight wet pussy. I practically leapt out of the car and flew to the front door, a task made all the more difficult by my highly aroused state.
Throwing the front door closed behind me I ran into the living room heading straight for the sofa. Sarah was there exactly as she’d been in the picture. She was wearing nothing but her long socks, her knees were spread wide with two fingers of her right hand buried deep inside her whilst the left was squeezing her own nipple. Her eyes were closed, lost in sensation and oblivious to my presence. I tore my clothes off, unable to take my eyes off of her busy fingers as they slipped in and out of her dripping pussy. I knelt and kissed her on the mouth. Her eyes snapped open and she smiled against my mouth, returning the kiss hungrily. My left hand stroked her nipple, pinching it and rolling it between my fingers as I watched her eyes open wide as her nerves telegraphed my actions like an electric charge.  Stroking inside her thigh we continued to kiss deeply, tongues working frantically as my hand crept nearer to her beautiful smooth pussy. Two of my fingers parted her lips whilst a third slid inside her, gently at first just entering her glistening cleft before delving deeper inside. Sarah Bucked her hips, driving me deeper still, encouraging me to fuck her with my fingers. I broke off the kiss and transferred my attention to her tits, fingers still working deep inside her. Her succulent nipples are some of the most responsive I’ve ever found, taking a mouth full of one breast I sucked it, nipping her nipple with my teeth and flicking it hard with my tongue as I sucked. Her nipple responded by swelling to a seemingly impossible hardness and I knew if I could see it, it would be a beautiful dark shade of pink. A soft moan escaped from her lips as my tongue toyed with her swollen bud. Not to be outdone Sarah slipped her hand down to my groin, cupping my balls and squeezing them firmly enough to get my full attention before wrapping her fingers firmly around my cock and beginning to stroke my shaft.
“Welcome home” she whispered into my ear as we lay there, grinning inanely.

Knowing that neither of us was going to produce a prolonged session on this occasion, I moved quickly, kneeling between her thighs and lifting her on to the edge of the sofa which just happens to be the ideal height for sex and my throbbing cock was perfectly aligned with her sodden pussy. I teased her with a few strokes of my cock across her pussy, grazing her clit with the tip and sliding the whole length of my shaft across her most sensitive region. We both gasped with pleasure as I finally slid into her, probing gently and shallow with the first two strokes before plunging deeply into her. Our coupling was intense and frantic. I leant into her, kissing her neck, nuzzling and biting gently as we both ground our hips hard into each other. Sensing that we were both very close now, I straightened my back, slid my hands behind her knees and lifted her legs onto my shoulders. I felt her pussy clench around me as the tip of my cock hit the perfect spot inside her and I saw eyes close in satisfaction as I buried myself balls deep in her. I thrust faster now, each being met by a clench of her muscles around me in an exquisitely intimate internal embrace. My balls tightened, preparing for the impending explosion and I slowed, thrusting slowly and deeply as my cock clenched then pulsed, firing ribbons of hot cum into her and causing an electric orgasm to race through her body. Her back arched and every muscle clenched in unison as the climax filled her body we both cried out in a moment of ecstasy that left us a satisfied heap of tangled flesh on the sofa incapable of speech for long happy moments.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Halloween party

This story was originally posted in a slightly shorter version here :


The Halloween party was in full swing and the room was full of students in a bizarre mixture of costumes ranging from scary to lewd, the only common attribute was that every costume featured a face mask. Copious amounts of alcohol had already been consumed as evidenced by the slumped bodies littering the corners of the room, each of whom would wake to a thumping headache in the morning. According to the universal but unwritten law, the hub of the party was the kitchen, perhaps because it was where the food and drink were stored and perhaps because it was the largest room in this particular house. Here, music blared loudly and the exotic mating rituals of young adults were on brazen display. Perhaps because of the masks which gave some measure of anonymity to the revellers, clothes were disappearing at a rate that matched the alcohol consumption.

As I walked through the kitchen, swaying slightly, I surveyed the people around me, assessing their sobriety and mood. To my left was a group of men who were now topless and singing loudly but barely coherent. On my right were a gaggle of giggling girls whose costumes seemed to consist of more holes than material and I could easily see which of them were wearing bras and which weren’t even without them moving. In front of me was someone much more interesting. I recognised her despite the mask and hoped she didn’t recognise me. Victoria was easily out of my league, she was one of the popular set who would never so much as glance in my direction and who I’d never spoken to before. She was drinking enough to look relaxed but was paying sufficient attention to the others that I could tell she was sober enough.

I walked up to the counter beside her and poured myself a drink, ignoring her completely whilst surreptitiously watching her reflection in the window closely. I saw her looking at me, trying to place me and work out why I was ignoring her.

“I’ll have one while you’re pouring” she said

I filled her glass silently, put down the bottle and then turned and walked away from her, into the adjacent room. She didn’t like being ignored and followed me out of the kitchen. The room was as quiet as I expected, the only people in there were snoring loudly. I was no more than a few paces into the room when I heard the sound of her heels on the floor behind me.

“Why did you ignore me and what are you doing in here?” She asked

“I’m looking for someone worth fucking” I replied

She wasn’t sure how to answer that and the dumbstruck expression on her face was worth the gamble.

“And you haven’t found anyone yet?” She asked, her voice bristling

“No” I said, pressing ahead with my all or nothing plan. “No one who looks as though they know how to please a man. Why? Have you seen someone for me?”

I could see the indignant fire burning in her eyes at the thought that I considered her beneath me and inexperienced. She stalked up to me and stood face to face for a moment appraising me while I gave her my most nonchalant look. Her lip curled as anger coursed through her as she struggled with the rejection. I watched closely and saw her come to a decision, she grabbed my head and pulled my lips to hers in a kiss of startling intensity. Her tongue shot between my lips and she kissed me passionately, hungrily, demanding to be considered worthy. I responded by reaching behind her and snapping the clasp of her bra open in one simple motion. Her eyes widened but she was lost in the moment now and we both surrendered to our natural urges. I cupped her breasts, easily slipping inside the material of her costume and pinched her nipples simultaneously. She jumped as if stung then attacked my costume, her hands tearing and probing until her nails found the flesh of my back and raked long welts across my shoulder blades as we kissed. Reluctantly I left her enticingly swollen nipples alone and moved my hands down in search of her panties, instead they encountered hot smooth flesh that was already slick with her arousal. She shuddered as my fingers found the lubricated slit of her pussy and I buried first one then two fingers deep inside her until my palm rested against her throbbing clit. She ground onto my thrusting fingers and it was only the urgent need swollen inside my pants that stopped me. Hooking a foot behind her leg and taking a firm hold of her I dropped her to the floor and yanked my jeans inelegantly down so they were trapped around my ankles but freeing my rigid cock from its tight restraint. Pausing only to pull a condom from my pocket and slip it on with trembling, adrenaline fuelled hands I knelt between her thighs and pressed the latex clad tip against her dripping pussy. It slipped in easily and I buried myself balls deep inside her, it felt incredible. She sighed and wrapped her legs around me pulling me deeper still inside her hot tight body, ankles pushing against the small of my back as we thrust against each other with the haste and restraint of wild animals rutting. My balls tightened and I felt the tremor of a climax building in me with the sweet intoxicating surge of an imminent orgasm. Reaching out blindly I found her breast and squeezed it hard, crushing her nipple between my fingers and I felt her pussy clench around me, thighs trembling as we came together in a tumultuous symphony of flesh. Each pulse of my cock caused a shiver to ripple through her body. We lay silently for a while, recovering our breath before I stood, removed the condom from my softening cock, fastened my jeans and left quietly knowing that she could never know who I was.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

It started with a look

I was in a night club, my head spinning slightly from the drinks I’d already consumed. The crowd was moving in unison to the hypnotic beat that seemed to pulse through the very fabric of the building when I saw something so jarringly at odds with the environment I had to blink to convince myself it was real. A tiny blonde in a backless dress was weaving effortlessly through the gyrating crowd and heading for the space at the bar beside me. She couldn’t have been more than 5’ without the aid of the huge heels she was wearing. Her big blue eyes sparkled mischievously and her glowing mane cascaded down her naked back as she squeezed past me on her way to the bar, grinding her hips firmly against my groin as she passed.

She paused and looked me in the eyes before asked if I’d like a drink by miming the question as speech was impossible here. I smiled and nodded that I did but she didn’t move. We were rooted to the spot, our eyes locked, communicating far more than we could have with mere words. She blinked first, turning away she moved to the bar and I followed, already under her spell and stood directly behind her. As I stood there, she bent forward to lean against the bar, pushing her backside deliberately into my groin. The curves of her firm arse pressing against me triggered an instinctive response and I felt a familiar stirring in my groin as I placed my hands on her hips. My hands were on automatic pilot and slowly traced their way up her side giving her ample time to object, my fingertips grazed the sides of her breasts through the thin material before sliding all the way down her side again, over her hips and past the hem of her dress onto the delectably smooth skin of her toned thighs. She ground her arse harder into my groin, egging me on and shuffling her feet further apart so that her legs were parted as wide as the dress allowed. Bodies were packed around us so tightly that no one could see as I ran one hand round to the front of her thigh and slid it slowly up until I encountered the always welcome sensation of smooth, hot and very aroused pussy wrapped in a tiny thong. I dropped my hand as she turned to face me drinks in hand and our eyes locked once more.

“Follow me” she mouthed, handing me my drink before walking off into the seething throng without a second glance. I followed a few paces behind, desperate not to lose her as she made her way to a dark corner of the club where small groups of chairs were arranged around tables in small alcoves. The tables had simple cloth covers reaching almost to the floor and she indicated that I should sit in one of the chairs that faced the dancers. As I took a seat she stood in front of me and bent to kiss me on the lips, her hands resting on the sides of my head, holding me in the kiss while our hungry lips met. My hands went to her legs, guessing her intent and slid upwards, sneaking inside her dress until they reached the flimsy waistband of her thong. Hooking my thumbs inside the material I teased it slowly downwards until it cleared her knees and I released one thumb, the other hand taking a firm hold as she stepped out of the almost pointless panties with practiced ease. Balling the flimsy material in my palm I slipped it into my jacket pocket.    

She finally released me and sat beside me, leaning instantly in to resume the kiss, our mouths locked and her tongue sought mine. The heady mixture of her flowery scent and the fresh pheromone laden sweat from her dancing was an intoxicating aroma that drove my body to respond. I felt my cock swell urgently and slipped a hand round her back to cradle a firm unrestrained breast .Her nipple swelled immediately at my touch and she made a slight sound in the back of her throat as I pinched her swollen nipple between my fingers. She reached down and pulled the tablecloth over my lap, undid my zip easily and, reaching inside she took a firm hold of me with her cool soft fingers. As we sat side by side, our laps covered by the cloth, she began to stroke me with slow deft movements and a firm grip. I slid a hand under her dress, thighs parting instantly as my hands approached like a pair of automated shop doors eager to welcome customers.  Her inner thighs were firm and smooth as silk as I explored upwards until I encountered the swollen lips of her wet pussy. I traced the length of the damp slit before pressing firmly, causing her willing lips to part and my fingers to enter the hot slick flesh that was eagerly waiting for me. She moaned gently as I moved a second finger to join the first, probing deeper and deftly massaging her clit with my thumb as I did. Her grip on me loosened, lifting a knee she shifted her weight and I was forced to withdraw my hand. To my amazement she stood up, lifted the tablecloth and swung one leg across me, straddling my legs in one fluid motion. With a practised hand she held my rigid cock and smoothly lowered herself on to it, burying me balls deep inside her without hesitation. The heat of her tight pussy around me was almost enough to make me cum instantly but the realisation that despite the dim lighting we were in full view of the crowd behind steadied me. With both hands she pulled the cloth around her hips so it appeared she was merely sitting on my lap and kissing me. The material did little to conceal the full details of our actions from the crowd as we moved to the frenetic beat of the music, her face buried in my neck. I hoped it looked as if we were merely enjoying the music like the many others who were swaying and rocking to the beat. The sensation of her rising and falling on my cock to the rhythm of the music was sensational. Only the fact that I was slightly numbed by the alcohol prevented me from shooting into her right away as she swayed and twisted on top of me. Our ecstasy was building to a peak and I was sure that we were both about to climax when, without warning the music stopped. We were suddenly aware of how obvious we must look and after a few faltering attempts to stop our motion she deftly swung off me dropping the table cloth on my lap to hide my obvious arousal. Smoothing the sides of her dress she sat down again, panting heavily. I could see beads of perspiration running down her cleavage and impulsively I leant over and licked one off the lovely soft upper mounds of her breasts. She gave a little gasp of surprise and ran her fingers through my hair.

Taking my hand and rising to her feet she put her lips beside my ear and whispered “come with me”.

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Wicked Wednesday

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Edge of the Park

“Take them off” I whispered in her ear.
We were walking hand in hand along a busy street that was bustling with people dashing in and out of shops. I had a destination in mind that had nothing to do with shopping but everything to do with the woman I was with and the request I’d just given her. She looked at me, doubt written across her face as she fought to decide whether she should do it or not. Suddenly the anguish vanished and was replaced with a smile.
“Here, hold this a minute” She said and handed me the bag she was carrying before turning and dashing into the nearest shop, leaving me standing open mouthed.
I stood alone in the street wondering where she’d gone when my phone chimed to tell me a message had arrived. I glanced at the screen and saw it was from her.
‘Just using a changing room. Back in a second’
True to her word, no more than 4 minutes had passed before she was stood by my side once more. Impressed by her ingenuity I held out my hand in front of her, palm up and looked her in the eye. Holding her tightly balled fist over my hand she held my gaze for a moment, smiling as she opened her hand and the flimsy thong that she’d just removed fell into my palm. Gripping the material in my hand I was aware that it was still warm and damp from where she’d been wearing it just moments before. I slipped the thong into my pocket, she could have it back later.
“Good girl. I was looking forward to seeing how you’d do that. Unfortunately you dashed off so quickly I didn’t get to finish what I was saying. ”
Her eyes widened in surprise, smile fading to be replaced by a frown. 
“Don’t look so worried” I said grinning.
She knew me too well and I could see the anxiety etched across her brow. I reached into my jacket pocket where I’d been hiding a surprise for her, my hand closed around the object concealed there. It was cold and unyielding to the touch but perfectly smooth.
“It’s your turn to hold out your hand” I said
She looked apprehensively at me as she held her hand out, perhaps anticipating some kind of punishment, maybe a slap from a ruler as she had received before but I wasn’t about to do that in the middle of a busy street full of shoppers. Besides, I had something far more interesting in mind. Wrapping my hand around the object to conceal it fully I pulled it from my pocket and placed my fist on her palm.

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A visit to remember

They wandered hand in hand through the old stone castle. It was a beautiful summer day and the sun was beating mercilessly down on the ancient building. A bead of sweat ran down the back of his neck as they walked but he ignored it, as oblivious to it as much as the faded grandeur of the buildings around him. His focus was on her and trying not to show the effect she was having on him. The loose shirt he wore had been pulled clear of his waistband not just as a fashion statement but also to hide his excitement from the world at large.

All around them a party of school children meandered, pretending to listen to the speech that the disinterested tour guide was reciting but really looking for evidence of weapons and past battles, hoping that the horrible histories they’ve heard about will be recounted in gory detail once more. He squeezed her hand and she turned to look at him, her face beaming with joy. Her smile was infectious and he found himself grinning madly back at her, cheeks flushing, trousers tightening a little more. Somewhere behind a girl giggled and he turned self consciously, convinced the laugh was at his expense but the girl was looking the other way, laughing with her friends. He returned his attention to his companion, tuning the giggles out.

They entered the keep, its thick stone walls kept the heat at bay and the air was instantly cool. A shiver ran down his spine as his damp shirt clung to his back and he unconsciously squeezed the hand he still held. She squeezed his hand back reassuringly. The throng of children milled around, funnelling into the narrow stairs that wound up the inside of the tower and they followed, caught up in the maelstrom of bodies. She reached the stairs first and released his hand, holding the loosely strung rope that served as a guide up the dim stairwell. He followed a handful of stairs behind, watching her buttocks jiggle enticingly under the thin skirt as she made her way upwards in front of him. The taunting sight a dozen inches from his face made the ascent harder still as his body responded automatically, his dick swelling further, becoming uncomfortably hard in his tight underwear. He wished they were alone so he could squeeze her delicious arse and run his hands up her exquisitely smooth legs but that would have to wait for now.

At the top of the dark stone spiral they emerged into piercingly bright sunlight causing them to blink and their eyes to water. The sight over the walls made the ascent worthwhile, a wide vista of undulating hills spreading away in all directions. Closer to the base of the walls lay a sculptured garden with hidden nooks and crannies that looked worth exploring. They stood looking over the edge of the wall. She was pressed against the parapet, the stone was cold and unyielding against her breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse. He stood close behind her, squeezing her into the wall so that she could feel his groin hard against her buttocks, as unyielding as the wall. Knowing full well the effect she was having, she ground her arse into him, rubbing his inflamed passion with her firm flesh while he tried to look interested in the view. The throng of children were moving around the tower, heading for the exit and they moved with them, swept up in the noisy tide as they headed for the stairs down. Again, she led the way down the stairs and he followed closely taking the opportunity to peek down her blouse as they descended. Her pale cleavage was captivating and he nearly lost his footing twice as he focussed too much on the glimpse of pale skin rather than the stairs.

At the base of the keep the school children scattered, running in random directions in groups of two or three in search of space to run or to sit and eat their sandwiches. The pair walked slowly hand in hand towards the highly structured garden they’d seen from above, thoughts of food far from their minds. It was hot as they walked and both were sweating nervously as they made their way away from the crowds, their hands clammy in each other’s grip as they exchanged grins. The gardens were neat, immaculately ordered and deserted. Rounding a corner they realised that they were isolated from view and alone at last. Slowly turning to face one another they smiled and kissed. Her lips felt electric against his and their first contact was timid and gentle. As the seconds passed, the kiss increased in intensity, mouths opening and tongues slowly beginning to explore new territory. She closed her eyes as he released her hands, pulling her close and placing his hands firmly on her buttocks, squeezing them timidly.

A crunch of gravel sounded nearby and they parted like startled rabbits, looking around wide eyed to see who was approaching. An old couple rounded the corner of a hedge and walked slowly towards them, laughing and chatting to each other as the wandered hand in hand. The man looked him in the eye and winked as they walked past as if to acknowledge their secret before disappearing around the next corner.

“Come on, let’s go this way” She suggested, indicating a trellis archway that the old couple had just come from.

Hand in hand they disappeared into the shade of the trellis. The scent of jasmine hung heavy in the air as they walked into the dark shaded path. Thick shrubs flanked the path obscuring the manicured gardens surrounding them. A small alcove containing a statue stood off to one side and she ducked into the space beside it, pulling him into her arms and tilting her head up to look him in the eyes.

Placing his hands either side of her head he kissed her on the lips. Their tongues met and they kissed breathlessly. Her hands pressed against the swelling inside his trousers and he groaned as if in pain. Ignoring his reaction she slid her hand over the material, seeking the zip that contained him. He responded by letting go of her head and placing his hands on her firm arse after dropping them below the hem of her skirt first. The thin material of her underwear was all that separated her flesh from his as he squeezed firmly, savouring her responses to his touch. His right hand became more daring, moving around her leg to the smoother, softer skin inside her thighs. Here he paused, pulse pounding in his ears, gently stroking the tender flesh as he plucked up the courage to go higher.

She showed no such restraint. Finding the metal tab of his zip she tugged it downwards, as low as it would go. As it reached the end of its travel she let go and slid her hand into the gap in the material, groping eagerly for her prize. Her fingers met the fabric of his underwear and she felt his rock hard cock through it. A deft movement of her fingers and his flesh was free of its confines and firmly in her grasp. He closed his eyes at the unfamiliar rush of sensations shouting from his groin that threatened to overwhelm him. Concentrating hard he breathed slowly and deeply as she continued to kiss him, tugging inexpertly but enthusiastically with her hand. Realisation hit him hard and he knew that he only had moments to enjoy this. The hand between her thighs shot upwards and pressed firmly against the material of her underwear briefly before his fingers groping awkwardly, pushed the material aside and pressed against the hot damp orifice he’d been aching to feel. Her pussy was slick to his touch and he pressed a finger against it, not really knowing what to do but hoping against hope that he’d find his target before it was too late.

Her touch was rough but effective and he felt his balls tighten perceptibly, as his throbbing cock started to pulse, balls tensing as they readied themselves to empty. Every muscle in his body clenched as pleasure washed through him, his eyes closed and his fingers flexed. Somehow, finding the right angle on its own, his index finger slipped inside her. He was shocked by the sudden damp heat enveloping his digit and nearly withdrew it but somehow found the presence of mind to push it deeper instead. Startled, her eyes opened wide and her hand paused mid stroke, briefly before continuing faster than before.
Seconds later the sensations overwhelmed him and his cock convulsed in her hand spraying the contents of his balls with huge force all over her thighs. Streamers of thick sticky fluid covered her legs as he pulsed again and again in her hand. Resting his head on her shoulder they stood still, afraid to move, his finger still buried inside her but immobile.

Footsteps crunched on gravel in the distance and they jerked apart quickly, the moment lost. He took out his handkerchief and wiped himself dry quickly before tucking his rapidly shrinking member away and restoring his modesty. He passed her the cloth and she wiped as much as possible from her legs, glad that her skirt had escaped the sticky fluid.

The footsteps came slowly closer and they embraced silently, chastely as another couple walked past, barely glancing at them.

Somewhere in the distance a whistle sounded, three short shrill notes sounded. It was the signal for the school party to return to the coach for the trip home.

Reluctantly they turned and walked hand in hand back towards the castle. As they neared it they let go of each other’s hands and watched the children climbing back onto the coach.

“I suppose we’d better get on board too” she said

“I guess so” he replied “come on, or they’ll go without us”

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Wicked Wednesday

Friday, 13 September 2013

Shelter on a stormy night

It was cold and wet outside, the rain pounding against the windows in waves as the wind drove it nearly sideways. Inside the cottage I was warm and cosy. A fire was burning in the hearth and the only sound was the crackle and pop of fresh logs being consumed by the ravenous flames. I stared into the fire, watching the flames dance across the wood, painting ethereal images on my retinas. There was a knock at the door and I leapt to answer, pulse racing already knowing who would be waiting there.
Wiping my nervous palms dry on my jeans I opened the door and stood aside allowing her to step out of the storm and into the warm sanctuary of the house and my arms. She was completely drenched and as we embraced water was dripping from her coat, forming a cold moat around us.
“Hi gorgeous” I finally managed to say as we broke for air.
“Let me help you out of those wet clothes”
She didn’t need any encouragement from me. Letting her coat fall to the floor she stepped towards the fire, leaving a trail of water as she went. Her silhouette against the flames demanded my full attention. With her generous bust, slender waist and full hips she was a riot of dangerous curves demanding to be explored. Her dress was soaked and clinging to her flesh like a second skin, hiding nothing from my hungry eyes. My body was way ahead of my conscious mind, reacting the way it always did when we met, a growing pressure in my jeans signalling intent and demanding freedom.

This Story Now forms part of a Published collection available on Amazon. To Continue reading you'll need to buy a copy of "A Taste of Erotica".

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Classroom Adventure

She stood at the front of the class watching over the young adults in her care. They were engrossed in today’s test, most had their head down and were writing frantically on the paper, a few were gazing out of the window, idly chewing the end of their pen as they considered what to write or perhaps just their next meal. Her phone buzzed in her pocket indicating a new message and she did her best to ignore it, trying to concentrate on the kids in front of her. It buzzed again. She wanted to ignore it but if it was from Him and she ignored it she’d be in trouble later. A quick peek at the screen wouldn’t hurt and it was nearly break time anyway. She slipped the phone surreptitiously from her pocket and glanced at the notifications nervously. There were two messages demanding her attention, both from the man who was her Lover and her Master.

The first read :
‘Your task for the afternoon is to remove your underwear and insert your ben-wa balls at break time and leave them in for the last lesson. Then wait on your desk after class.’

She flushed furiously. How could she possibly get away with that here in class? Surely that was just foolish, he couldn’t be serious. But her mind wandered back to a weekend last month when he’d challenged her before and she’d warn them in public without getting caught. Admittedly she had actually cum twice that time and in a very busy restaurant but no one had caught her. She felt her cheeks glowing red and her nipples stiffen at the memory. She glanced around the room guiltily to see if anyone had noticed her reaction but the class was oblivious to her mood so she read the second message.

‘You will of course have to show me before class resumes, I will be waiting for the picture’

Well that was normal and nothing she hadn’t done for him before. Still, the notion of sending him pictures always thrilled her: The thought of the reaction it would trigger in him and of his delicious cock swelling for her always left her unable to resist.

She jumped as the strident bell rang sounding the end of class. The Kids all looked up expectantly, all eyes focussed on her and preparing to leap from their seats at her signal.

 “Put your papers on my desk as you leave. Then you can go.”

They moved as one, the screech of chairs being pushed back on hard floors was deafening as they all stood and made a dash for the door. Within 30 seconds the room was silent and she was left to her thoughts.  Collating the haphazard heap of papers into a single neat pile took seconds and she neatly filed them in a drawer before dashing out of the room herself, pausing only to collect her small bag from under her desk before heading to the ladies toilets and some privacy.

She was relieved to see no one else was in the restroom when she got there so selecting the stall furthest from the door she locked the door and removed her already damp panties without any hesitation. Stepping out of them she balled them in her fist and tucked them into a corner of her bag making sure they were the opposite end to her keys. She’d made that mistake before and thrown them across the car park in front of colleagues, much to their amusement. Next she retrieved a small velvet bag that jingled faintly as she lifted it. The material was thick and was a very effective silencer that worked well enough for her to carry the balls with her without being noticed. Placing her hand between her thighs she verified what she already suspected – she didn’t need any lube today as she was already drenched and the balls would slip in easily. She sat on the edge of the toilet seat and spread her legs wide to make it easy. The balls slipped in easily and she sighed to herself as they settled inside her, partially filling her and taking her arousal up another level. The golden thread that joined them extended down in a loop and, leaving that protruding from her smooth damp lips to prove the presence of the balls, she took a quick picture with her phone and sent it to him.

Walking back to her classroom she was conscious of the balls moving inside her. Each step caused a ripple of sensation to course through her and she walked slowly, placing each foot with care and clenching the balls tight so that they didn’t fall out of her. A few members of staff stopped to chat en route and she concentrated hard, trying to mask her arousal and appear interested in their words.

Finally she reached the sanctuary of her room and sat on her chair. If she didn’t move too much it would be fine and she’d get through the next hour without too much difficulty. A bell rang and kids started to stream back into the room, settling into their seats, filling the room with noise and activity. Thankfully it was another simple test so she didn’t have to teach however she did have to walk slowly around the room placing a test paper on each desk and making sure they were ready. She was convinced that if she relaxed the balls would drop to the floor in front of everyone or they would move noisily and someone would notice. By the time she was back at her desk she could feel a bead of perspiration running down her spine from the effort of clenching as she walked.

“You may begin” she said

The next hour seemed impossibly long as she tried to concentrate on watching the class and making sure that no one was cheating whilst trying not to move and to ignore the messages from her throbbing pussy as her arousal built inexorably.

Finally she heard the bell ring, signalling the end of the day and of her tortuous class. The kids streamed out noisily as she perched on the edge of her desk, motionless except for a growing smile as the balls echoed the vibrations of the massed footfalls. As the last student left the room she felt a trickle of fluid seep onto her inner thigh. She shivered as the slow trace of her arousal flowed down her thigh, cooling as it went.

There was a knock at the door and she looked up, startled to see him standing there already. He walked in, leaving the door wide open behind him, and stepped slowly to her desk.

“Are those shiny balls still snug in your tight little cunt?” he asked.

“Yes Sir, of course”

“Good girl” He replied.

He picked up a ruler from a desk and flexed it between his hands, taking a swipe into his palm, testing its strength and feel. Her mouth went dry at the thought of that ruler leaving stripes across her pert buttocks, here in her classroom. An involuntary shiver ran up her spine. He put the ruler back on a desk and removed his tie, tugging the silk slowly from his neck and letting it hang loosely from his hands as he approached her.

“Close your eyes” He instructed

She did as instructed and he wound the tie twice around her head, covering her eyes and fastening it tightly so she was effectively blindfold. Taking her hands in his he guided her.

“Turn around and lie on the desk. Press those hard little nipples of yours into the desk and hold onto the wood tightly. Don’t let go no matter what happens or I’ll use that ruler on you”

She gulped nervously. She suddenly felt very exposed laid over her desk with her arse pointing into the room as she remembered that the door was still wide open. She felt him lift the hem of her skirt and pull it up onto her back.

“Spread your legs as wide as you can, I want you flat on the desk and wide open for me.”

She shuffled her feet further apart and flattened herself, her head hung over one side of the desk while her arse and pussy were exposed completely the other side. Steps sounded behind her and she heard the door finally close. Ears straining to hear his movement she felt hands on her buttocks. They caressed her cheeks and explored her thighs inching ever closer to her exposed sex and the sodden cord that hung there. She felt tugging on the cord as he started to tease them from her.

“Clench them tightly little one, the longer you keep them inside the better for you”

She tried to keep them inside, clenching with all her might but her sodden pussy was unable to keep a grip on them and the first ball left her with an audible pop. Another few tugs and the second ball fell out, landing noisily on the table. The space inside her was instantly filled with a finger sliding deeply into her. She sighed, grinding herself onto the finger as it slid smoothly in and out of her lubricated slit. A second finger joined it and stretched her wider, the fingers parting inside her and stroking two sides of her pussy simultaneously causing her to squirm deliciously. The sound of a belt buckle and a zip being slowly released was followed by the clatter of the buckle hitting the floor as his jeans fell round his ankles and she felt the hot tip of a cock press against her thighs. Wasting little time she felt the hands disappear and his cock against the sodden lips of her pussy, pausing briefly before plunging deep inside her. She bit her lip in an effort to avoid crying out as he thrust into her slowly but firmly, pressing the sharp edge of the desk against her legs as she felt her first orgasm set her nerves alight. His hands grasped her hips firmly and uncharacteristically as he slowly built the pace of his thrusting.

“You look as though you’re struggling to keep quiet, Let me help you with that. Open your mouth”

She opened her mouth wide, struggling with the idea that this would help her stay quiet and heard the unmistakable sound of a zip in front of her. Before she could register her surprise her mouth was filled with a large cock. She recognised the taste of him instantly knowing that this was him and suddenly wondering who was pounding at her pussy. Pleasure filled her as the two men fucked her simultaneously, using her and driving all conscious thought from her as wave after wave of sensation raced through her body. The cock in her pussy seemed to swell significantly as his thrusting slowly to a staccato pace, his breathing sounded ragged as he moved spasmodically and with one final thrust she felt him spray his load of cum deep inside her. She felt him withdraw and hot fluid oozed from her, running down her thighs and pooling on the floor. Her mouth clamped tightly around his cock as it emptied the contents of his balls in her hungry mouth. Keeping her lips wrapped firmly around him she swallowed every drop, lapping the last traces from the tip before letting him withdraw.

She stayed in place, motionless while her body came down slowly from the heights of pleasure. Steps sounded behind her but she paid scant attention until finally she felt hands releasing the tie around her head and she blinked furiously at the sudden light.

“Good girl.” He said “I hope you enjoyed that”

He helped her to a sitting position, holding her in his arms and stroking her hair while she sat there in a post orgasmic daze, wondering about the identity of the second man but not sufficiently curious to ask.

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