Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Shopping Together - Extended version

I've taken one of my older stories and extended it.
It's a hot little story of sex while shopping in a well known furniture store and you can read it on my new blog

Shopping Together on My other blog

Monday, 21 December 2015

My special Christmas story is LIVE here: Christmas Comes Early

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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

I'm in the process of relaunching my blog and starting to write again. The first new story is part of an advent calendar. My story will be unveiled on the 15th.

New stories will appear here:

Friday, 12 June 2015

Clean fun at the carwash

The tyres on the old Landrover thrummed noisily along the busy dual carriageway. Sally watched the faces of the drivers passing them, enjoying their disgust and grinning to herself. She knew that the car looked absurdly out of place on the busy road because it was caked in mud from the previous days cross country fun. It showed exactly what she'd been up to in it, or at least where she'd been; what she'd been doing was an entirely different matter.

Her passenger today was the same as yesterday, her boyfriend Pete. She knew that he was grinning too, the car had that effect on both of them. It wasn't fast and handled like a barge but it had taken them on some great adventures into the wildest corners of the country.

"You know" He said "We really should clean this mud off"

"Why? I like it dirty" She replied smirking

"I know" he grinned "but we're leaving a trail of mud and the other drivers don't look happy". He pointed at the driver gesticulating as he passed.

"How is that my problem?" She asked

"it's not, but I'd love to see if we can break the car wash" He said "Besides, we need to cross that off our list"

The car veered towards the verge as she turned to look at him.
"Ooh, Interesting" she said "keep talking"

He placed a hand on her knee, and began moving it upwards as he spoke.

"I know it was fun getting dirty yesterday" He said. "But it could be just as much fun getting clean today."

His hand slipped beneath the hem of her skirt and continued along her thigh as she weighed up the decision, and he felt a familiar stirring sensation in his lap as his body responded to the feel of her legs: It was a common reaction and he loved the way her toned legs felt whether they were under his hand, wrapped around his waist, or over his shoulders.

"I suppose it is somewhere we haven't tried before" She said sounding doubtful as his fingers neared the top of her leg. "We'd have to be quick though"
"I don't think that will be a problem" He replied. His fingers reached the top of her leg but instead of the usual lacy lingerie they found smooth skin.

"Surprise" She said. "I was planning to find somewhere fun to play today and you've made up my mind about where and when"

"Excellent" he grinned “There’s one just ahead”.

As they neared the carwash Sally felt the familiar rush of adrenaline. It had been a long time since her first attempt at sex in a public place and she'd developed a taste for the thrill of finding some new location to use. Of course there had been some spectacular failures along the way but more often than not the sheer excitement made up for any calamities and she hadn't actually been caught - yet. The moment she decided on a new venue her arousal would start to smolder, drenching her panties and igniting a need that could only be resolved one way. Today was no different, as soon as Pete had suggested it, she had felt the familiar ball of nerves start to swell in her stomach as the butterflies took flight. Sally wriggled in her seat, aware that if she'd been wearing any underwear it would already be damp and at the same time grateful for the leather seats, a decision she'd been thankful for more than once.  

As the Landrover stopped in front of the covered machinery of the car wash she turned to Pete. She was about to ask if he was going to pay when she noticed the obvious bulge in the front of his shorts.

"I won't ask you to walk then" She said "although it might be amusing to watch".

She winked as she dropped out of the door and headed to the kiosk to pay, returning a few minutes later armed with a code for the machine.

"I went for the longest program they have" She said "Only 8 minutes, but I think that should be enough this time. Now whip those shorts off and get ready while I drive in"

Pete didn't need any encouragement. By the time the engine had rattled into life his shorts were round his ankles and his hand was wrapped around his cock, gently stroking himself to ensure he was ready for her. Sally eased the car in between the big rollers, entering the required code as she went and stopped in the centre of the building. As the machinery started to whirl into life around them she slipped from behind the wheel and moved towards Pete. She looked hungrily at him, watching his hand stroke himself for a few seconds, something that never failed to excite her. She was tempted to lean over, take him in her mouth and suck him dry but the desire burning between her thighs called for something else. She needed him inside her as soon as possible.
She straddled him easily, one knee rammed hard against the door lining and the other beside the gear lever. Their lips met as she slowly lowered herself towards his cock. Pete opened his mouth and their tongues met at the same moment the lips of her wet pussy touched the iron hard tip of his aroused cock. As the brushes started to beat against the windows of the car she felt his hot shaft slipping inside her, filling her perfectly. She smiled into the kiss, closing her eyes with pleasure. Water sprayed against the windows and nylon brushes beat a staccato rythym on the bodywork, making the car shudder and vibrate under them. The movement only served to amplify Sally's arousal as the whole car turned into a vibrating shell around her. She pressed herself onto Pete,  grinding her pussy onto his cock as fast as she could, soaking in the sensations, the rest of the world forgotten for the moment.

Pete's hands grasped her buttocks in a vain attempt to slow her movements. He knew he wouldn't last long this time as he was so completely aroused, his cock was swollen almost impossibly hard and every movement sent a current of pleasure coursing through him so intense it bordered on pain. Realising that slowing her urgent motion was impossible, he moved his left hand inside her dress and explored upwards, stopping only when he felt her firm nipple slip between his fingers. He pinched the swollen bud between his fingers, squeezing her breast against his palm. Her pace faltered momentarily as she sighed at his touch.He felt her nipple respond, stiffening between his fingers as he continued to massage her breast. 

His right hand slipped across her arse, his fingers following the beautifully rounded curve of and easing down the cleft between her buttocks until his index finger reached the puckered flesh at it's centre and began to circle it. He felt her tense as she anticipated his actions but her motion didn't slow, if anything she began to press harder and faster into his lap, eager to climax before the machinery stopped and betrayed them. Pete felt his orgasm building rapidly inside him, his balls contracted, tightening between his thighs as they squeezed themselves, ready to empty their contents. His finger pressed against the tightly clenched muscle of her arse. As his climax built he pressed harder against her and the tip of his finger slipped inside, making her freeze, eyes opening wide as her pussy clenched around him like a third hand gripping him tightly as she inched closer to climax.

That was enough to push him over the edge and he felt the pressure in his groin surge uncontrollably as his cock convulsed inside her, pulsing it's milky fluid again and again. At the same time he pressed his finger deeper inside her tight little hole, filling her with new sensations as she felt him in both places at the same time. Sally felt the throbbing of his cock inside her and timed a last few movements perfectly so that tip of his still hard member hit just the right spot inside her to trigger her own orgasm and she buried her face in the nape of his neck to smother her cries as she came in a shuddering motion on top of him.

Outside, the rollers withdrew from the car and hot air started to blow across the outside, driving the water from the windows. Sally eased herself off of Pete's lap and back behind the wheel of the car. She cast a glance at Pete as she started the engine and began to drive off, he was sat still with his eyes closed, his slowly deflating cock covered in their glistening juices. She wondered if she should remind him to pull up his shorts but decided she'd rather he didn't just yet and pulled out of the car wash and eased back into the traffic.

Where next, she wondered.

Monday, 16 February 2015


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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dancing in the dark

She moved across the dance floor, hips swaying hypnotically in time to the beat as she sought her target. The taut fabric of her dress clung like a second skin showing nothing yet revealing everything. Eyes followed her progress, heads turning as she passed, all wishing to be the focus of her emerald gaze but she was oblivious to them all. Only one person was of interest to her and until she found him no one could distract her.
She paused in the middle of a throng of dancers, eyes widening and a smile spreading wider. He was facing away and unaware of her presence but she knew: He was the one. The constantly moving crowd offered no resistance as she threaded her way through it, making her way to him. She leaned in and spoke in his ear just loud enough to be heard.
“I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Come with me. Now”
Not waiting for an answer she seized his hand and led him rapidly away from the dance floor and into the gloomy shadows that hugged the walls. The corners of the room were littered with a haphazard collection of tables and chairs, long deserted while their occupants gyrated on the dance floor. Leading him onwards she reached a suitable table and spun around to face him, pulling him in. His arms instinctively wrapped themselves around her and his lips met her upturned mouth. Focussed only on each other they kissed deeply, ravenously, both hungry for the other.
She pressed her hand firmly on his chest and pushed him back, breaking the kiss. He looked confused, wondering what he had done wrong until she placed her hands either side of his head and pulled him back until his ear was beside her mouth.
“I want to feel that talented tongue of yours. Now. Here” she said placing his hand against her crotch.
His eyes widened and his gaze darted around the room, scanning briefly for spectators. Satisfied there were none close enough to be of concern he placed his hands on her waist and lifted her onto the edge of the table before dropping to his knees between her legs. Running his hands up her calves he eased the material of her dress upwards and her legs apart, exposing the toned flesh that her dress had barely concealed. He kissed the inside of one knee tenderly as his hands continued their relentless progress along her thighs followed closely by his mouth. His pulse was thumping in his ears, nearly drowning the music as he neared the damp heat between her thighs.
The delicious scent of her arousal filled his senses and he paused, his mouth poised millimetres from contact, relishing the anticipation. She felt his hot breath on her most sensitive flesh and, unable to wait she grabbed the back of his head and pressed him against her. Wasting no time his tongue slipped easily into the entrance of her aroused pussy and he began to feast on her dripping flesh. Hungrily he devoured her. Each flick of his tongue across her swollen clit brought a fresh muscular ripple through her thighs. Her hips bucked, thrusting her pussy harder against his mouth and riding his tongue as it plunged deeper inside her. He kept her writhing, switching his focus between her clit and swollen lips, edging her closer and closer to climax until her thighs clasped tightly around his head and he tasted the orgasm as pleasure flowed through her.
He stood, lips glistening with her juices and leaned in to kiss her waiting mouth. She responded instantly, loving the taste of herself on him. Her feet pressed into the small of his back, drawing him firmly between her thighs but careful to leave a little space between them. Reaching between them she made short work of his belt buckle and eased the zip of his trousers down, exposing his achingly hard cock. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft and stroked it tenderly, enjoying the feeling of his silky smooth hard flesh, like warm polished marble. She imagined she could feel it throbbing in her grip and relaxed her grasp not wanting him to finish too quickly, she needed more from him yet.
Applying pressure with her feet she coaxed him forward, guiding the tip of his cock with her hand until she felt it's heat pressing against her dripping slit. Her lips parted, welcoming him readily as he eased inside, slowly filling her. Only when she felt his short cropped hairs against her smooth skin did she ease the pressure on his back and let him begin to thrust at his own pace.
Starting slowly, he rocked back and forth, enjoying the tight wet grip of her pussy around his throbbing cock as he moved. He closed his eyes, shutting out the distraction of the flashing lights as he immersed himself in the sensations of the moment. Pleasure filled him, radiating outwards from his groin.
Her hips rocked in time to his movements and her feet stayed firmly against his back as they thrust against each other. He filled her perfectly, just as she remembered, and this position, on the edge of the table let the tip of his cock reach the magic spot inside her. Each touch sent waves of ecstasy rippling through her, each sharper and more intense than the last. She felt the pressure building, nerves on fire as another climax grew inside her, slowly swelling like a balloon, increasing with each pistonlike thrust.
A cold ripple raced down his spine like ice sliding down his back and he felt his balls tighten, a sure sign that he was about to lose what little control he retained to his imminent orgasm. His pace accelerated and he thrust between her thighs with rapid abandon, feeling her muscles clench him tightly as she sought to match his timing. His pace faltered, cock swelling impossibly hard and a strangled gasp escaped his throat as his balls emptied themselves in a series of slow, hard pulses. She felt him cum deep inside her and it pushed her over the edge. The orgasm raced through her and she clenched everything around him, milking the last drops from him and making his knees almost buckle beneath him as his over sensitized cock was gripped tightly as if by a third hand.
He stood, forehead resting on her shoulder, unable or unwilling to move as he slowly deflated inside her. She looked around, checking to see if anyone had noticed their performance. The dancers were seemingly oblivious with no one obviously gazing their way. Placing her hands on his chest, she pushed him away, feeling him pull out of her followed by a trickle of their combined juices pooling on the edge of the table. As he stepped back and refastened his trousers she dropped to the floor and let her dress fall back into place.
"That", she said "was every bit as good as I remembered. I'll see you next week"
Without waiting for a response she winked, turned and walked back onto the dance floor in search of her friends, ignoring the slow dribble of warm fluid that leaked down her inner thigh as she went.

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